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Helping Ferals - Socialization, Trapping and Low-cost or Free Spay/Neuter Resources!

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Welcome to the TCS Feral Colonies Forum! There are many great resources out there to help us help ferals (cats that have "gone wild" or were born in the wild). It is often just a question of locating them. We've compiled a list of resources. If you know of others, please add them.

The difference between a feral and a stray

Feral Cat Info & Help Resources

Alley Cat Allies "As the foremost experts on feral cats, Alley Cat Allies promotes nonlethal control for feral and stray cats with trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs that effectively reduce their population by sterilization - not euthanasia." This info center provides Fact Sheets, How To Guides, Articles, etc. on subjects such as feeding, providing shelter, trapping, taming and socializing, etc. Contact Alley Cat Allies to help find someone to assist you trap feral cats in your area Ferals Care Links

Don't forget to check and -- both have links to many more helpful sites!

The Cat Site Feral Colonies Forum: The Process of Trapping and Socializing a Feral - as it's happening!

Trapping Information & Resources

The Cat Site Feral Colonies Forum: Trapping Wild Cats and Kittens Safe and effective trapping hints and ideas.

To locate humane traps, in most cases you can make arrangements to borrow one from a local Vet or no-kill shelter. If you encounter a large colony, you may want to seek assistance from a local organization or Alley Cat Allies.

Hard to trap cats:

To purchase a trap, visit Humane Cat Trap Links

Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Resources

Extensive links on

Friends of Animals

Love That Cat Store - Low Cost or Free Spay-Neuter Resources
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Animal Protective Foundations subsidizes "Pet Pals", an organization that goes from community to community in large mobile home to spay and neuter cats and dogs as well as test for FIV and give rabies shots for low-income families. Their phone # is 518-374-3944, and they are based in Scotia, NY
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Does anyone know of any inexpensive/free spay/neuter programs in Ontario, Canada?
I have a barn cat that I just got who is pregnant, and I would like to spay/neuter the babies and her before finding new homes for the babies... But that's a lot of money for all of them, so any help would be much appreciated!
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I can find out from the Animal Foundation here in NY's capital District if they have or know of a similar program in Ontario. You might want to look in the Business White Pages or under animal shelters in the yellow pages.

But I will get back to you by tomorrow afternoon about this.

Good luck
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RescueKitty2: Try this org:

Animal Crusaders of Ontario
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: (416) 438-4636
Referral to low cost vets

At Save Samoa, we have put together a pretty comprehansive listings of low cost spay/neuter resources where you can find services in your area on the Spay/Neuter Resource page. We also have quite a few resources for Feral Care/Rescue and organizations who may be able to help. We have US and International resources listed.
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Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone knows of a TRN program in Ontario Canada? Or someone who could help me with it?

I have some stray cats and the one is urinating on everyone's homes.....people are getting really first I was just going to try to catch the cat and take it to the Humane Society (it probably would have been's feral) but then a really nice girl told me about TNR and I would much rather save it's life!!!

If anyone could help me it would be very much appreciated!!!

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Please check out the work we are doing here:
The name we have listed at the site is different from our real name due to search listing reasons (so people can find us in searches based on topic) there.
Our name is: Mount Arlington Animal and Nature Coalition.
We also stand for nature protection and are opposed to urban sprawl, the true reason for species endangerment and many other problems (feral cats are NOT the culprit!).
If you need more info, i can write it but am extremely swamped at the moment...

Thank you,
MAANC President
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Originally Posted by rescuekitty2
Does anyone know of any inexpensive/free spay/neuter programs in Ontario, Canada?
I have a barn cat that I just got who is pregnant, and I would like to spay/neuter the babies and her before finding new homes for the babies... But that's a lot of money for all of them, so any help would be much appreciated!
try contacting, they should refer you ok... thank you for your efforts!
MAANC President
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This thread from Hissy has LOTS of good info!
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In utah there is a program called THe Big Fix. It is a big green van that goes around utah fixing and vacinating dogs and cats for real cheap.
They even have a Feline family plan where they will fix the momma and babies all for $90.
You can also request a trap where you can trap the wild cats or feral cats and take them in and they will fix them and vaccinat them and clip their ear (so people know that it is feral) for 10-35 dollers.
Anyway if anyone lives in Utah the site is
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Cats Protection

National Helpline : 08702 099 099 (calls charged at national rate currently at time of posting 29/7/06 ,approx 30p for 10 min)

E-Mail :

Fax : 08707 708 265

Website :

Registered charity number : 203644

Always check out any charity : check theirs out here

Donations : Freephone (No charge-U.K) 0800 917 2287
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I don't know about your local/municipal animal services, but the toronto animal services has a $40/$60 male/femal clinic as well as other low cost vet services - never used them but it maybe worth looking into.
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Hello RescueKitty2,
Here's a link I stumbled over a few days ago, and forgot to mention it, earlier.
Don't know what part of Ontario you're in, but link seems to cover a lot of it.
The price for the Toronto animal services doesn't match the current price on its website, so it may have gone down, lately. HOpe this helps:
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I know of one Vet in the London, Ontario area that does low cost.

Wellington-Baseline Animal Hospital
Address : 317 Wellington Road, London, ON N6C 4P1
Telephone : 519-680-1951

I have used them and they are very good.

There is also...

Staples Animal Hospital
Address: 377 Commissioners Road West, London, Ontario
Phone: 519-472-9301

But they require the animals to be fully vaccinated prior to the surgery, from what I understand. But the vaccinations are cheap there.
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LDG I got lost in your signature - very good information thank you.

My oldest daughter has recently become a cat magnet via her neighbors moving out forclosures loss of jobs ect . .. and well having cats attracts more cats some how or another This information hopefully will help us be able to sterilize and vaccinate the abandon and dumped cats she has found herself feeding.

Un-fixed cats reproduce so rapidly that it takes only a very short time for things to get out of control and that is where she is presently at. .. getting one a pay day fixed isn't cutting it and she tried to handle it alone to long before saying any thing. The sadness of foreclosures is only deepened by the abandon pats left behind - which is how my eldest ended up with so many cats so quickly.

Discounted service may allow us to be able to pitch in Financially as a family and help her get her "fur - brood" fixed more rapidly then they can reproduce . . . . .
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provides subsidized spaying for cats to low income individuals
in the Windsor/Essex County Ontario area
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Central New York Resources!

I know the first two have low-cost spay/neuter programs, and the third I haven't had much contact with but any resource is better than none.
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BOY! We sure need this option in Illinois! Have never heard of this type of thing! It's a GREAT IDEA!
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A few more GTA low cost

Low Cost Vet (around $100-150)
Mississauga Veterinary Spay-Neuter Clinic
5120 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON, L4W 4J7
(905) 282-0002

OSPCA Spay Neuter Clinic (Newmarket but cheap - around $50 which anyone is the GTA knows is a bargain!)
905-898-6112 (Newmarket) or 705-734-9882 (Barrie)
16586 Woodbine Ave, Newmarket, ON, L3Y 4W1
91A Patterson Road, Barrie, ON, L3Y 4W1

There is also Toronto Animal Services previously mentioned for Toronto Residents only
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First Coast No More Homeless Pets. Low/no cost spay/neuter.
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For people living in Atlanta, I found this great resource! A spay/neuter and vaccination for a feral is only $20, and they provide you with the trap for free (you just need to pay a deposit which you get back when you return the trap)
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Just wanted to share with you some info on spaying & neutering. First Coast No More Homeless Pets in Jacksonville FL has a LOW COST/NO COST Spay & Neuter program. They also participate in the Trap-Neuter-Release for feral cats. For more info go to
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For people in Parkersburg, WV and surrounding areas:

This group does free spay/neuter for ferals and strays . They do not have a facility to house cats and kittens so they do no take them in. The just provide the traps and you do your own trapping and delivering to the surgery site and then you keep the the cat until it can be released. They are a wonderful bunch and I have taken two of my ferals there already, with the kittens scheduled to be neutered this coming weekend.
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