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wanted to put up a few pics to let everyone know, that even a guy can spoil his cats, see what you think here are a few...
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this on e doesnt show her collor real well, but she is showing us her alls
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I will show you one more of SUma to show off her coloring....I just joined last week and love the site...leme know what you think, Steve
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Your kitties are just lovely

Men that love cats are A++++++ in my book!!!!!
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Originally posted by Matty & Suma
leme know what you think, Steve
I think they are appropriately spoiled....beautiful babies you got there Steve!
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Matty is gorgeous!! They are rightfully spoiled Thanks for sharing the pictures
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All kitties should be spoiled! You have two adorable babies!
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Steve, I already told you I want Matty! She's gorgeous!

Not that there's anything wrong with Suma, either! She's beautiful!
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Hi there,
I noticed you are from Rifle, CO. I lived there when I was a kid. My big sister was a Rifle "Bear"!

Small world, eh?

P.S. You have beautiful cats!
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Beautiful kitties!!! They look wonderfully pampered, you're a good furdad!!
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Gorgeous kitties! Is Suma a Siamese?
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Your babies sure are pretty kities
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Absolutely Beautiful!
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Yes, I believe Suma is at least 75% siamese, after she turned a year, she really darkened up, and she defintley chatters like a siamese, talk all the time....her favorite thing is belly and back rubs
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It's great to see a guy who loves and spoils cats!

AND ur cats are ADORABLE!
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A man who loves cats is a good man indeed! Of course you've spoiled your kitties, they always know how to wrap Daddy's around their little dewclaws. Pretty girls always know how to do that.
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Beautiful furrkids!
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Matty's colouring is wonderful! Adorable!

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Pretty Kitties !
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WELCOME to the site!!! your furbabies are pretty!
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They are adorable!
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WOW they are really pretty!
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Beautiful babies, Steve! Men know how to properly spoil cats when they like them. My Dad has spoiled Toes so much that he won't just come in the house on his own anymore, my Dad has to carry him in.
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