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Swollen Paws

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We adopted a 6 month old kitten from a shelter about 3 months ago, and up until a couple weeks ago she has been a ball of fire, running playing eating everything in site.  The other morning we woke to find her with her two front paws badly swollen, and causing her pain.  We checked closely for cuts, bug bites, broken claws and finding nothing we took her to the vet.


He rechecked for everything that we looked for then he took X-Rays, which didn't show anything abnormal.  So...... he took blood samples and gave her  a shot of strong antibotics and pills to take home. 


The next morning I called for bloodwork results, everything looks fine he says.  The vet wanted to see her again to change her antibotics the following day, kitten was a much better swelling was reduced and kitten was playful.  But.......the  day after that, both front paws AND the left back paw were very swollen to a point that the kitten could not walk. 


So....... back to the vet again now all four paws are badly swollen, he hasn't a clue and suggest we go back to original antibotics since they SEEMED to work the first day,  Old antibotics don't work....... meantime kitten has to be hand fed, placed in the catbox in hopes she will use it. 


Frustrated yep........ Back to the vet AGAIN, this time to an advanced internal medicine clinc, Very expensive........ Same result,  They dont have a clue...........!!!!  Their suggestion a course of diagnostic tests that would cost over a thousand bucks not including treatment if the did find the cause. 


We are not trying to be cheap here, you can see how many times we have have taken her to the vet and we have no pet insurance.


The kitten is eating when hand fed, going to the bathroom, according to the vets her heart and kidneys are Ok, she has a low grade fever and her paws feel hot.


Does Anyone out there have experience with a cat with swollen paws which was not caused by cuts, bug bites, broken claws or other obvious physical causes.  Please

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Has he given an anti-inflamatory?  A pain killer? 

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WELCOME TO TCS!!!!!!! I am really, really sorry about this condition. I think it could possibly be allergies OR an auto-immune issue going on. I am really surprised that an INternal vet specialist could not give you some answer's.... sigh.gif So sorry and I will try to find some more information for you or other threads here on site with kitties that might have had the same problem. cross.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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I am going to dig up some older threads for you to read on other kitties that have had swollen paws. Maybe some information might be helpful and you could ask you vet. Please don't reply to these thread though - they are only for you to get some information off of. They are no longer active threads and are informational only and might be helpful to you. There is a condition discussed in these threads: Feline eosinophilic complex, or EGC. Swollen paws is a symptom of this and it is treated allopathically. Again, I am confused as to how a specialist did not mention this to you - if this is not an allergy to, let's say, the litter or some other environmental allergen - and the vet's can't figure this out confused.gif Then I would recommend a Holistic vet. A Holistic vet will be able to help your kitten with this condition and it won't cost you mega bucks to run all sorts of specialized tests. If you do decide to try an opinion from a Holistic vet, make sure you bring ALL copies of all tests that were done. Best of luck to you and your kitten hugs.gifrub.gif
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Thank you so much for your links, as i think my sons cat has pillow foot. he has the same symptoms and his paws look just like all the pictures. we took him to the vet yesterday, and the vet gave him a cortisone shot, thinking its allergies causing it. we go back to the vet in a week for a follow up and i am definitely going to bring this up to him. Hopefully our poor kitty will get some relief from this soon. thank you so much!!

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