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Loosing Hair

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To make a long story short, my sugar cat (diabetic) is loosing hair on her (if facing her) left side. Now, with that said, let me fill you in just a little. As some of you know, I rescued a cat several months ago and nursed her back to health only for her to get pregnant on me before I could find her a home. Since Angel (resuce cat) has had her babies she jumps on my female cats (including Cloey) for no reason, they can be minding their own business and if Angel "sees" them she will pounce on them. Okay, now, when we are gone during the day Angel and her babie stay closed up in my son's room. When we get home in the afternoons, we let them out to play, well, as soon as they come out Cloey wants outside on my patio. That is fine with me, she doesn't leave my backyard but she goes to this one spot against the house and is always laying on her left side (the side loosing hair). When Angel and babie are put up for the night she comes back in. This works good. My question is 1) is she loosing the hair due to stress from Angel 2)loosing hair from laying on concrete so much 3) both of the above. I know it's not fleas cause she will break out around her neck and head with scaby things plus she is on Advantage.

I do know that many years back when we had two labs, their elbows would always get like no hair, the vet said it was from them laying on the concrete so that's why it got me thinking about her laying on the concrete.

I only have two kittens left and Angel and I actually think I have found a home for all three on a farm and they will all be gone Friday. He needs some cats to keep the mice away and Angel would be wonderful for this and she used to bring me all kinds a prey she collected.

Anyway, back to the subject of Cloey. Any ideas or suggestions?

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It could be due to diabetic . Is she on some medication for that ? I know a lady and she has a Poodle and he is diabetic and on medication . He is losing all his hair too due to the medication , also he is losing his eyeside due to diabetic .
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Oh yea, she has been on insulin for almost 2 years now. Her BG is fine (I check that at home myself). This didn't start until she started going outside and Angel started attacking her so much.

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It could be something she's coming into contact with outside (allergy), or she could be over grooming from stress. If possible, I would have the vet run a chemistry panel along with a T4 to check her thyroid as well.
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