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Best mat to prevent litter tracking?

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I am looking for a good mat to prevent litter tracking. I need something that's big enough that my cats won't just walk around it, and something I can easily wash either with the hose or in the utility sink.
The mats I've tried before were either too small, or they were not really washable to clean the litter out of the mat, or if one of my cats using the litterbox missed the box and hit the mat instead...

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This is the best one I've found. It cost more that I wanted to pay for a litter mat, but not too bad considering I've probably spent five times that amount trying other things that didn't work. You can cut it to the size you need. I just use the whole things because my cats tend to perch on the edge of the box and jump as far as they can to miss the mat. rolleyes.gif
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The  best litter mat we found isn't actually a litter mat but a plain old "utility mat" (similar to kitchen or bath mats but not as fancy...more for a laundry room or garage) sold in the household section of a department store (Kohl's, with a sale and coupon...but I'm sure Wal-mart and Target have similar ones.)  It was much cheaper than litter mats at PetSmart and easier to wash.  (I was left scratching my head at how to wash some of the ones sold as litter mats.)  They come in different sizes and ours is just right for extra area around the litter boxes we use.  It gets worn out some with washing and the occasional cat scratch, but I'll probably only have to replace them every few years and they were cheap.

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