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Cat proofing your furniture!

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Do you keep covers (sheets, etc.) on yoiur couch or chairs to cat proof them from accidents, etc.?     I don't think too many people  have ever seen what our furniture looks like.  We always cover the family room couch and chairs with sheets.  Prevents cat puke accidents, or whatever.   Just got a couple of new and inexpensive sheets to replace the old worn ones.    Sometimes it's just a treat to take the sheets off and remember what our furniture looks like!

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We used to do that with our leather chairs. They were covered with layers of blankets and sheets for a couple of years so the cats wouldn't scratch them. Eventually we got sick of not being able to use our comfy chairs properly, so just left them uncovered. The leather has suffered (the cats don't sit there scratching on purpose, just their claws leave marks) but they're old now anyway so we don't care.
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Our leather furniture has held up pretty well, though I have folded blankets thrown over the backs of the sofas to keep the number of scratches down. One sofa is directly beside the cat tree and serves as a landing pad.laughing02.gif
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Apart from a throw on our bed,no we don't,we have leather sofas and have been pretty lucky and the cats haven't scratched them.x

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We have my BFs brothers old leather couches. There was already a few scratches in the arms from his cat. I've never seen Riley scratch the furniture, but since it's already old we wouldn't care. We'll by buying all new furniture when we buy a house, so I'm sure I'll be more cautious then 

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Nope. Sometimes I do put a throw on the back of the sofa so that Wessie doesn't accidentally stick his claws in it, though.
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I cover my couch, but Lola has had seizures on it. The blankets on the couch catch the blunt of the urine leakage when she has a seizure, saving my couch (which is just a cheap secondhand one) & making my life easier.
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Tabby has pretty much wrecked our living room furniture with her scratching. We had had double-sided sticky tape on the areas that she really like to scratch on, but she just went to other areas. The front of the living room chair is quite bad now. It's a shame, too, because the furniture, although older, was in good condition. She loves upholstery for scratching and we've tried the tape, we've tried sprays, we've tried "No!" and moving her to sisal, to carpet, to other things. We keep her claws clipped (and Molli's too, although Molli tends to just scratch the carpet right inside the bedroom door.) But Tabby has it in her mind that she's going to scratch the upholstered furniture and although, we stop her when we're home, we're not home 24/7. It's a shame. I won't buy new furniture for the living room either because.......well, what's the use?

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I cover the dark brown love seat and chair. The love seat is one of her favorite spots and her fur sticks out like a sore thumb on the brown and it is impossible to get it all off.
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No, but Trout is easy on our microfibre furniture. She DESTROYED the two leather things we had though. Eff.

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