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sent my info
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I'm in!! Can't wait!
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Sent mine in too!
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We are really racking up the names now! Keep them coming!!!!
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I'm passing this round because poor Whisker's Mom has only gotten one card while the rest of the stuff sits on my coffee table at home because I have a hard time getting to the post office with my new work hours. E-cards really are no substitute.

I am shipping out another cool card, though, and stuff for Whiskers before Sept. though.
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I'll try again....although I might have to drop out of it in October....unless my penpal doesn't mind just emails. I might have to have surgery then, or a bit later, but I don't know, and my sister is having a baby in October, so it could be kind of hectic. But I'll try! I wasn't going to but I decided that I can do it at least once a month. I'll try to be a better one....Sorry Sam! I have a package here for you that I am going to send next week after I get paid as I have absolutely no money right now, and the last package I sent last week to Indonesia cost me $21!!!!! So Sam, you can expect something in September ok?
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That's great! Many of us are out of work right now so email is just fine! Thanks for joining our team!
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Ericka and 22angel, I'm in the same boat! I've got a package for my penpal just waiting to be sent. Hopefully next week I can get it off to Todd.
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I'm finally sending Hissy's package off today!!!

** bad Kass **

But it's the thought that counts, right?

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Okay, I'll join up, but mostly emails will go out and I'll send snail mail when I can.
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I will be sending out your new pen pals on the third! Any scragglers that would like to join better hurry! I should start sorting in two days!
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