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So far, no one is willing to take that drive to San Diego with me. Not even if I pay them to come along, treat them to lunch ect ect. No one wants to make that drive. I would take the train down there, but they won't let me bring an animal back on the train.
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wow that really stinks!! i cant believe how people are, if i wasnt so many miles away i would take you, sorry about this. did you talk to the shelter that has the cat and tell them your situation, maybe they can work out something for ya,, sorry again, i know you want the kitty bad and it would be getting a good home to, keep trying...
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What about a retired show cat?
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Drat! (that no one will take you there).
I'd still call them. Maybe they can think of a creative way for you to get the cat. . .

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I couldn't get anyone to ride down there with me, and the shelter will not deliver any cats, which I can understand.

So, I hope everyone won't hate me, but I ended up buying the Bengal kitten from the shop. So far he is fitting in very well with my other cats and the dog. Even my tempermental Siamese, who I was worried about hasn't tried to hurt the kitten, at all. The kitten is precious, and I'm naming him Simmons after Gene Simmons of Kiss. I have pedigree papers for him, but I'm giving him my own name.

I can see how playful Bangels are, though. All he wants to do is play. His fur is as soft as mink.
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Wow. You got him already? And you already let him around your other cats? I've never had more than one cat but I thought you were supposed to keep them seperated for awhile and slowly introduce them. If I spent that much on a cat I think I would!!
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I thought I'd give it a try and see how everyone reacted, if there had been any problems I would have seperated him. There were no problems what so ever. No growling, no hissing, nothing. The 6 year old Siamese is curious and is watching the kitten's every move, but he is making no threatening actions around him. He even went up and smelled the kittens butt a couple of times then when the kitten turned around my Siamese cat Shane walked away. I am amazed.

The kitten has already been sitting on my shoulder and a combination of my neck shoulder and head, so that I've had to keep my head tilted. He's very affectionate, and very playful. Now the little stinker is behind my desk, grabbing at the mouse cord.
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Pics please!!
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I posted some pictures in The Fur Pictures Only section. I think he's a little beauty, and he's such a little lover.
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I'm not mad at you Hope- No Reason to be- I was just wondering why you would spend so much on a kitten when you can get one from a breeder for a fraction of the price.

Anywho I'm not one to judge, Congrats on the new kitten Hope.

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I'm sure no one is mad at you...you have a right to spend your money however you want...but I guess I just don't understand spending 1200 on a kitten. Not unless you are really rich. That would have fed and fixed an awful lot of cats. That is an awful lot of money. But at least the kitty has a good home now.
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