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Need "editor" help......

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The site editors are BB Code and Rich Text Editor.

Which one do you use?


I would like to use one type of editor.

BB Code would be my 1st choice but I can't figure out it's  text colors. 

When I click the color icon, the highlighted  text turns pink followed by a code that I do not understand.

I attempted to figure out how to change pink to another color with no luck.

Is a color code for BB that most people  know?

Where do I find it?


I like the fact that in BB editor , I know how to use basic smiley codes that we used on TCS1.




On the other hand, for this message I am using the Rich Text Editor.

With this editor  I can click text color and the color boxes pop up so I can click my text color  choice.


But there is a problem....

the smileys can't be used unless I pop up the whole menu and search for the one I want. 

I just don't have time for that and often I simply give up. :(


Am I missing something?

If so, please explain.

Thanks in advance for your feedback. 

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You summed up the difference pretty well there. I use the BB Code Editor, too, so if I want to have colored text, I use the codes or color names from this list of HTML Color Names

If you click the color icon, you get the tags, and just have to delete the number for pink after the = sign and put in a number or color name from the list. You can copy and paste the exotic ones from the list.

You can also type the tags, i.e., [COLOR=] [/COLOR], with the code or color name after the =, and the text in between the tags.
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That is exactly what I needed to know.....
I book marked the codes.
Thanks Tricia. rock.gif
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If you really want to get fancy with your colors, there is a list of colors here All you need to do is copy the hex number and replace the pink xxxxxx number in your post.

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