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I had my BIG interview today...needing some good vibes here!

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Today was my big interview for my Training Program. I was so nervous, but thankfully I had just finished a meeting with the new boss right before that. So, at least I had already felt comfortable before we even started. I was hoping that it was just going to be Larry and I during this interview, but he asked my Store Manager Nicki to sit in. It took almost an hour and I swear it was the longest hour of my life! He asked all sorts of questions and I think I did good. He did stump me on 2 questions, but I think I BS'd my way through them good enough.

I am disappointed though. When I signed up to do this, I was told that I was going...point blank. Now, things have changed and I'm starting to doubt myself. There were 18 people that applied for this training session and it was narrowed down to 7. Larry said he had 2 interviews yesterday, 2 today and 3 at the end of this week. He then dropped the bomb shell on me....out of those 7, he is only picking 2 people. I know 100% that the other guy from my store will not be accepted. He's only worked with the company for 6 months and can barely count change back with out screwing up. But, I still have 5 others to worry about and I don't know their work histories. It kind of makes me mad that now I may not go if he feels I'm not ready especially since I was told from the start that I was going (I just had to go through all the motions like everyone else). I'm going to be really hurt if I don't make the cut. I gave up a great job to do this and what happens if I'm not "good enough" to go. I'm stuck doing the same kind of job as the Training Program, only with half the pay. Apparently, I'll be good enough for this store but not for the rest of the company. I know I shouldn't think like that, but I'm trying to prepare myself in case if I get the bad news. Larry said that he'd let us know with in the next week or so.

There is a part of me that thinks that I aced this and I'll be off to the Program in October. Larry told me things that I just didn't think he would have told EVERYONE else. He talked about salaries (which usually they don't do during interviews), relocating if I am selected to go and helping me find housing. I was shocked about the salaries. If I go to the Program I'll be making $14.25 per hour for 17 weeks. Then if I graduate and go to a store where I am an Asst. Manager, I'll be making $32,000. Every year after that I will be a 4 to 5% increase with a good evaluation. Store Managers (depending on location and size of store) start out making between $40 to $50,000 per year. Here's the shocker...The District Managers start out making a whopping $90,000 per year!! That's A LOT of dough! But, with each of those jobs there is much more responiblity and more head ache. But dang...that's a ton of money to make with out having to have a College Degree and several years of schooling.

Well enough about me raving about the pay and etc. I'll keep everyone posted on the big news. In the meantime, could you guys send some good vibes and thoughts my way? Today when I was reading the paper, I checked out the "Wishing Well" thingie next to the Crossword puzzle. It's coded with numbers and letters. Mine spelled out "Your worth improve"...what in the world does that mean? Do you think it means I need improving or do you think I'm just being paranoid about it all?
Thanks everyone for listening to me worrying about all of this. I just needed to get all of this off my chest. Many thanks!
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Shell sending all of the good vibes I can your way
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Go, Shell, go!
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More good vibes here!
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((((((((((((((GOOOOOD LUUUUUCK WIIIIIBESSSS))))))))))))))))))

I see that I have misunderstood this whole thing. I thought you were being promoted, and had to do a lot of training...but it´s not certain yet??? Then what for those who don´t pass, have they given up their jobs for nothing, and are left with no job???
Is it then not certain that you will be moving?

But, Shell, I am sure you will pass! And $ 90.000 - wow, that is worth a lot of training and head ache! When you start getting that salery you will come and visit me and then invite me back to the US to visit you!
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Shell, Best wishes! You deserve it and I'm sure you'll do fine!
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hey shell, dun worry too much..from the looks of it, u did fine... just relax.. sending u good luck vibes from singapore....
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Sure...With that kind of money, I could easily afford that! That would be SOOOOO much fun!!!!

Sess, you got that impression too about the job? I went into this thing being told that I was going to the Program and wouldn't have a problem at all. Now all of a sudden, things have changed & I have a chance of not going. That worries me a lot. I know I can do it and I think I've got a great chance of making the cut...but what if he doesn't think I'm ready? I'm stuck here until the next training session and start the process all over again.

The crappy part of it is that I changed my job because I was told I was accepted to go the program (which now I don't know if I have been accepted). I was in the Pharmacy for 5 years and earlier this month, I changed my job to become a Support Manager of our store. A support Manager and a Assistant Manager are the same thing...except for the AM is salaried and has slightly more rank than a SM. So, if I don't get accepted I'm still expected to do a Asst.Manager's job but with less pay, hourly wages (not salaried) and have the Support Manager Title. It's just not fair to me. It's the same job per say, but the pay is half. Right now I make $8.80 as a SM, but as a Asst.Manager I'd be making $16 per hour.

Thanks everyone for the vibes!
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Originally posted by Shell
A support Manager and a Assistant Manager are the same thing...except for the AM is salaried and has slightly more rank than a SM. So, if I don't get accepted I'm still expected to do a Asst.Manager's job but with less pay, hourly wages (not salaried) and have the Support Manager Title. It's just not fair to me. It's the same job per say, but the pay is half. Right now I make $8.80 as a SM, but as a Asst.Manager I'd be making $16 per hour.
That is so frustrating and unfair!
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Shell, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you! I hope you get it!
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Sending good vibes and a little witchy magick your way! Best of luck, you deserve it, hon!!!
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I'm praying that you get the job. . . . and the long interview is a very good sign. . . . However. . . . if you do find that you are not selected. . . . . the entire process (training, competing for a position, etc.) is a wonderful experience. Successful interviews take practice. It's also helpful to make them believe that you have a better offer elsewhere. . . so you are in demand. . . although it may not work in this case. . . they seem to have you over a barrel. What a crumby thing to do to people. . . . lead them on like that. . . making them leave their secure jobs!

And by the sound of the job that you left (with the new hire quitting on your last day). . . they would probably welcome you back with open arms & with a big pay raise!!

I once got the itch to change positions at the hospital that I work for. I took what I thought to be a better job. . . and four months later was being offered a new position in my old dept. for more $$$. I drove myself nuts for a while. . . but it was well worth it in the end. Everything happens for a reason.

P.S. Have you thought about health care?
The hospital that I work for has an inpatient and outpatient pharmacy. . . not sure what they pay. . . . nursing is an excellent field to go into also . . . . some places will train you.

I started out as a medical secretary. . . . was trained on the job. . . . and am now an academic assistant. . . making twice as much $ as when I started.

Good luck!

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Good Luck Shell! You can do it!
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Shell! I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you. The way you described it, it seemed that the spot in training was yours! Sending positive get the job vibes your way!
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Good luck vibes coming your way.
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Good luck!
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I am sure you will get the job, sending those positive vibes out to you!

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Shell you are to good and special not to get it! don't worry your pretty head about it!
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Shell, look at it this way, you won't get stupid people calling you when you are off, and if you get overtime heck that alone is worth it. If I knew this a year ago, I'd have NEVER taken the managers job. I thought if I didn't I'd be demoted to a crew chief. (which NOW I am told is illegal darn it!) and loose my benefits. well let me tell you, manager is another word for sucker! I average $15 dollars an hour but if you actually take that by what I work hourly, it averages to what I made as an asst only without overtime and less headaches.
I'll never make that mistake again!
anyway, you'll make it, you are a great person and intelligent as they come! don't worry girl, you're in!
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Thanks everyone for the good luck vibes! I still haven't heard anything but I'm sure I will next week.

Barb, today was one of those days for me too. Needless to say, it was Sh***y! The pressures of being new and trying to learn everything, plus trying to make everyone happy was just too much for me. First of all, last night I was told to send some merchandise to another store. I TOLD them I didn't know how to do it and I got the reply from another Support Manager "It's easy...don't worry about it.". Well...apparently I didn't do something right and I had the gal who usually does this stuff crawl all over me first thing this morning. I apologied as much as I possibly could, but at that point she was too pissed and let me have it anyway. Meanwhile, I have 4 different people coming up to me warning me that I really ticked her off. Right after I got the riot act, another associate came up to me. She said "GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!" very sarcastic like. I said Good morning to her to but in a very nice way. She proceeded to come face to face to me, tapped my name badge and said "You know...your badge says Support Manager. That means YOU are supposed to tell ME Good Morning first!!!!!". I was in shock that she'd even say that out loud. I just mumbled in shock "Well I'm sorry Edna". She gets this snide look on her face and says "I'm just kidding". At that point I was boiling...I looked her in the face and said "What Ever!" & stormed off. Within 5 feet from her, I broke down crying. I got out of there as quickly as I could because I didn't want to give her the satisfaction of seeing me cry. I sat in the bathroom for 10 minutes bawling my eyes out and thinking that this job is not for me. I finally cleaned myself up a bit and smoked a couple cigarettes (had to have something to calm me down). After 15 minutes, I was back downstairs with a better attitude and decided that I'm not going to let these people bully me. I am a Support Manager and I've earned that title. And damnit, they are not going to get me down! Thankfully, the rest of the day went pretty smooth. I chatted with another Support Manager and she told me that my home store will be the hardest store I will ever work at. We've got associates that have worked here for 21 years and they are set in their ways. Those are the ones who are the most cruel and give you the hardest time. By leaving this place and going to another store, I will have an advantage. I will know how to deal with b*tchy employees and people will respect me from the minute I step into the new store. These people here see me as their equal or lesser...not a respected Manager. When I go to another store, they will have only known me as Management, so they have to respect me to a certain degree. I respect each individual...I wish I could get that back in return.

Well, sorry for the rant and rave. Just had a real crappy day, but I'm not letting it get me down. I will overcome this and I will show them all when I sign their pay checks someday!
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Chin up Shell.

Everyone feels like this in a new position and right now your overwhelmed with all the new responsibilites. Plus, you will never please everyone all the time, but you will have to deal with them. If someone is going to come down your throat for a mistake during your orientation, don't let them. If you don't know how to do something seek out a person to teach you.

Rob faced this whole scenerio when he made it into management. Right now he's the Quality Manager for 2 wood furniture plants and they expect him to be perfect. People will expect you to do everything right the first time as a manager. So, you have to learn to find the answers by seeking out people you can learn from. If you don't understand how to do something, ask question until you do understand. If someone tells you don't worry it's easy, ask them to show you the correct procedure and take notes if necessary.

Your best resource are the people on the floor. Find out who knows the procedures like the back of their hand and ask questions until your comfortable. Use people's knowledge to supplement your own, since many things won't be handed to will have to seek the answers out yourself.

There will also be many people who will be loud and in your face. Don't back down and always be professional. These agressive people want you to cave, don't let their emotions influence your own! Your smart and talented Shell, hold your head high and keep looking forward.

Every day is a new beginning, learn from the past to take you through to the future.

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Thanks Kass for all the great words of wisdom and encouragement. It really mean a lot to me! As for seeking others help, I'm constantly asking questions. As for last night though, the gal that told me to do it was another Support Manager and she didn't have time to explain it because she was already over her hours for the day. So, I asked my Store Manager to help me and she showed me how to do it. Honest to God, I did it right. I know I did it right, but apparently it wasn't up to standards with the Claims gal. She never did explain to me what I did wrong, she was just too ticked to even make complete sentences to me while she was screaming. From what I was told, the figures that I came up with were $100 short of what her figures were. To me that isn't that much, considering the totals were in the several thousand dollar range. But apparently, it was "Pick on the new Gal" day. I'm hoping that I can talk with her tomorrow and get things straightened out. I'm hoping she's cooled off by then.

Thanks again Kass. I knew I was going to have to grown some thick skin, but I was naive when it came to everyone accepting me right away. Now I've learned the hard way and thats sometimes the best way to learn. I'm definitely not going to let it get me down...this will make me stronger and a better Manager.
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Shell- you will be fine because you are strong. Some days will be harder then others (as I am learning in my new job), but think of yourself as on a learning curve. You are bound to make mistakes. The important thing is that you learn by them!
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Long interviews are a good sign - if they didn't like you, you would have been dismissed from the interview earlier.

I missed out of a management training program in one of my early jobs - similar job possibility as yours. I reached out to another career and am now making at least 2 times what I could have ever earned in the other position. You're a smart woman. Good will eventually come out of whatever happens here!
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