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Do your cats get bottled or filtered water? We have a water cooler plus we buy bottlres so they get that Spoiled cats??lol
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My water is filtered - if I catch Jake giving them tap water, I tell him off and switch the water. Ain't they spoiled?
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Is tap water that bad for them?

I have one of those filtered pitchers. I guess I could start giving Zoey that.
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I give them filtered water all the time . Yes Sicycat there is a deseas (sp) the cats can get from tap water . I forgot what it is called though .
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Unfortunately, I give mine tap water. I don't recieve bottled water, even for myself.
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Tap water has a lot of stuff in it. I think the disease you are thinking of is Giardia PurrfectCatLove.
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Ivo gets bottled water. I was more concerned about her than me water-wise during the blackout last week.
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I have a whole house filtration system, but only because I can't stand the smell of chlorine in the public water system. All my cats drank tap water before I had the system installed about 4 years ago with no ill effect.

Giardia will get both people and animals sick. Most public water suppliers have to keep a level of purity in their systems, which includes the removal of Giardia (it is present in all rivers and lakes in the U.S.). It may be that the levels are so low that people don't get sick but cats, which are more sensitive, can get sick.

When my friend from Denver adopted Jake and Elwood last month, they both came down with Giardia once they moved to Denver. Their vet claims that most cats that he treats for Giardia are those that moved to Denver from other parts of the country. His theory is that there are Giardia strains everywhere, and most cats will develop a tolerance to them in their area. When moved, the new strains will cause them problems for a bit. Jake and Elwood were treated and have recovered quite nicely.
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I give Spike filtered water.
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I have well water, so...
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Filter water, I guess I figure if I won't drink our tap water I certainly can't expect them to.
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Filtered, from our water cooler.

During the blackout, it was so hot in my house that I went to a convenience store and bought a bag of ice cubes for Socks and Skipper, and I put them in a bowl and just let them melt so that they would have really cold water. Socks really liked to put her feet in and to crunch the ice in her mouth. I hope that wouldn't hurt her teeth? She seems to be fine.
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I have a really good filter in my new fridge. My family drinks this water, so of course kitty does also.
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Yikes! I guess I'm a bad mommy.... my kitties get tap water just like I do.
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We have one of those coolers/cisterns for Spring Water, that is what we and the cats all drink. I don't let them drink from the tap (although they do try and sneak in there when I'm not looking!).
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I have a Pur filter on my faucet. . . . the cats get the filtered water

I recently tried using a special cat dish with a built in filter & pump (like a fountain). My vet encouraged it to get George to drink more water for his urinary tract problems.

He really didn't care for it all that much. . . . preferred the big bowl. . . . and it was a pain to keep clean. It's packed away.

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i give my 2 boys filterd water, distilled water, my vet said it can help keep down UTI infections, tap water has alot of stuff in it.
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Marshmallow gets filtered water... I drink tap.
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Hubby got a filtration system installed in the house just for the kitties. It's true that the strains of bacteria change region to region. This is why you will get sick drinking the water in Mexico, but the people there don't.
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I drink tap water, and so does Luna. I have a Brita water filter, and I do drink from that occasionally, but it's so much easier just to go the the faucet, LOL. I usually only use that during meals, so I can pour more water without having to get up.
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I have always served tap water, with no ill effects. We don't do anything special for ourselves, either. Actually, our water here tastes fine.

Not long ago, though, I read somewhere (can't remember where at the moment) that tap water should be allowed to sit for several hours, to allow the chemicals and whatnot to escape, since they are irritating to a kitty's sensitive nose. Made sense. Also, explained why it happened so often that I'd put fresh water down for them, and they'd look and sniff and then look at me as much as to say, "Well, what did you do THAT for???"

So, now I leave the water to stand in a large jug, and pour from that for them. They seem quite happy with the arrangement.

They do take a sip now and then from the faucet or the toilet (if somebody leaves the lid up ) I've even caught Fawn drinking from the basin of soapy water, when I'm washing my face. Go figure! (She likes to supervise.)
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my two kids get tap water.. our tap water is pretty safe to drink right from the tap...on hotter days..they get iced water....
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I have well water. But if I was on the public water system the cats and myself would get bottled water.
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They used to get tap water but now they are getting filtered water in their kitty fountain that also has a filter and cools the water.
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We have a well also, so mine get tap water, but they HAVE to have it out of the water/ice in the fridge door. If you run it out of the tap they look at you like you're trying to poision them.....its the same water ..........yeah, they're spoiled !
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Nakita gets the same water as us...Brita filtered from the tap, or bottled water if we have some.
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My kitties are spoiled too. They get filtered water from the fridge.
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Water is not actually a problem here in NZ, I drink bottled water and the cats get tap.

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My "kid" Patches and my half"kid" Tiger drink tap water.... They even drink it out of the sinks and the toilet
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NZ water is the best!!!
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