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Nefertiti Resurrected on The Discovery channel tonight..

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Anyone else watching this tonight??? I am..I am excited about it...Looks very interesting...Shalee even wants to see it..
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Thanks for reminding me! I really want to see that. I've seen the commercials all week and everytime they come on I say, "We have to watch that!"
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I'll be watching that one too! I just love anything Egyptian, it's so fascinating.
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i have been waiting for it to come on!
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I forgot that was tonite--thanks for reminding me!! My mom even said last night she really is looking forward to it.. And me, I'm a fan of anything mysterious and sensual which Nefertiti definately is
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I almost forgot that was on too! thanks for reminding me.
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I will be watching it until Sex and the City comes on. I love that show and can't miss an episode But then I will flip back to Nefertiti. You know that would be a great name for a cat...Nefertiti
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Blondecat, i love Sex in the City also. but I think that I'll watch it later tonight. it comes on at 11 also so I'm going to watch it then.i want to see all of Nefertiti I'm going to tape it so I have it! I love egyptian things!
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Hmmm Didn't know that it came on again later on tonight. I might have to watch it at 11 then. Thanks
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It is on at 9 and again at 11 I think.
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I saw some news clips on this earlier in the week. I love watching stuff like that. Guess I'll have to wait for it to be run again!
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Can I please ask what this is about?

Everyone sounds interested and I don't wanna miss out on the fun, it might be on here in a few weeks.

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If you miss it tonight, it will be run again on Tuesday evening.

Sam, check out: http://dsc.discovery.com/convergence...nefertiti.html Nefertiti was a powerful Egytian queen who was basically erased from the lineage of the Pharaohs because of the religious beliefs of her husband, Akhenaten. He was the first to introduce a monotheistic religion to the Egytians, and following his death both he and Nefertiti were removed from the wall carvings and all references in the official history and Egypt returned to the old religions. They were also the parents of Tutakhamun.
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I was very disappointed in this show. First of all, commercials every seven minutes or so!!! Secondly, they hyped it up so much as "Nefertiti has been found", but the show concludes with the fact that the scientific community doesn't accept that it is her, and that more proof from DNA (which the Egyptian government isn't allowing) is needed.

I want back the 2 hours of my life that the Discovery Channel stole from me watching this piece of cheese!
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Thanks for that Heidi.

Oh Sue! How disapointing maybe I wont watch it
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I just finished watching it. So do YOU think it's really her? That red-headed lady sure seems to think it is. But I guess you can be so hopeful for a certain result that the actual results will be whatever you want them to be. Personally, I thought it was similar but not "uncanny".

The whole Egyptian era was controlled by the priests so it's understandable why they were erased from history. I love the names they had.

Have you seen the movie "The Mummy"? and "The Mummy Returns"? I just love Nuksunamun and all those characters. If you have seen those movies, did you notice what the childrens names were at the end of the Nefertiti show? Pretty exciting eh? Makes me want to watch those movies all over again..

I just love love stories
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