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Rescue groups

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Is there anybody here who is active in a rescue group that visits pounds and takes out a breed or species to be saved? I know there are all sorts of groups, for all types of dogs and cats. Sadly, some shelters refuse to work with these groups by calling them if one of their specialty is brought in, or even letting them be taken with exceptions to the rules.

I made a run for beagle rescue once. There was a handicapped lady on my street who was having trouble caring for her two young beagles. I knew her other dogs, a purebred shi-zu and a husky, were put down when she couldn't care for them. I didn't want that to happen to these guys.The woman told me she would give up the dogs if I could find them homes. I asked a guy I knew who did other hound rescues and he got me in contact with a lady from beagle rescue. She told me she'd take them, but they had to be driven to her 60 miles away. I volunteered, in my car, no cage. When I met her, she had a cage, and I watched the little tippy tails wag as she drove away. They both got good homes, but not together.
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The only member I know that does breed specific rescue is Pat and Alix. Other than that, I know of noone
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I helped with Greyhound rescue for a few years.....got out of it when I lost both of mine to bone cancer (too heartbreaking to continue). I still have access to rescue groups all over the country for that breed.

Surfing the net for shelters, there are all types of rescue groups that specialize in certain breeds. Do a search for "no-kill shelters" and you will find many of them.
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I found this site that might help with breed specfic rescues

Good Luck
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