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Some more pics of the cats and I !!!!

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Hello Everyone, Please tell me if you are getting sick of my pics!

Here's a picture that was taken before school today!

Here's one of my pretty girl muffy and me!
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I love your hair! You have a very sweet kitty too!
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Here are some pictures of my shaved boy yogi with his jacket! these make me go Awwwwww! He's so cute!lol not biased or anything!

Yogi on the heater in the lounge!
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Awwwww Yogi is so cute! He looks a little teed off!

You are adorable Sam!
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Thanks Teresa, Most people my age hate curly hair over here, but I like it, it's really kinda wavey! the dark color you can see in my hair is the original color and the light is the 'new' color. Muffin is a sweety but gets very grubby!

Hey Kellye, Yogi does look p'od in the first pic he was meowing angrily at me ( That's why his mouth is open) and in the 2nd pic he wouldn't even look at the camera, don't ya love his little jacket? , it has dogs on it and was made for a small dog... but it's a big tight on poor yogi! .. , Thanks so much Kellye!

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Oh! and I forgot to mention.. you must look at yogi's tummy you can see his little pink flab hanging down

Sooooooo Cute!
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Very cute!!
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We just took our neuter to have him put in a lion cut. We just found a new groomer that will do cats. He was very good while there and all the girls were impressed that he gave kisses while they shaved his tummy. He loves people and gives hugs when you pick him up. His name is Jake!
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Sam, you are very pretty! Such nice eyes, and I love your hair!

Pretty kitties, too!
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Thank you!

Jake is beautiful Teresa!
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Sam I also love your hair. And you cats are so cute, I love the pictures of Yogi in the jacket.
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Ha,Ha! I can't get over the jacket , I came home from school and just laughed my head off completely!!!!!!
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I loooove ALL your pics! I for one, can never see too many pics. You look just beautiful, your hair color is so pretty. I wish my hair was naturally wavy, mine is crispy frizzy instead, and even blowdrying will only help a little.

I feel bad, but I had such a good laugh at poor Yogi. That expression is priceless!

Teresa, Jake's pic.
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SAM! You are a beautiful girl! And you personality fits your looks! You cats a darling. Love that lion cut!
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I wish my hair looked like yours when it was dry (mine's wavy like that when it's wet and then dries straight as a board), Sam.

Love the pictures!
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LOL I agree that Yogi looks upset. If I were you I'd keep all scissors away from him, he might get even.
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Those are great pictures Sam!
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Sam it is good to be able to put a face with the name. You are a very pretty girl Great pictures, Love the way Yogi looks in the jacket too cute
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I never get tired of seeing the cute pictures everyone posts! It brightens my day!
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Thanks everyone!!!!!!!

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I don't know who's cuter, you or yogi!!

I too love seeing the pics, keep em coming!
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OMG That pic in the jumper is so funny
I'm still laughing to myself. They are very cute pics sam.
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Yogi looks p.oed I think the color of the sweater clashes

Sam you are a cutie pie!!!!! Don't think about those people, they are just jealous with your hair being wavy. My husband's country, the people, always tried to make me straighten my hair like theirs, they hate the fact that their's can't curl up and get puffy and pretty!!!! Bah humbug I ain't a Bangladeshi, I'm a Texan!!!
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JellyBelly is right, those folks that mock you are just jealous. You look cool to me !

As a born and bred UK-er, I just don't get the shaved cat it for showing, or fashion ???
No offence intended...just asking !

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Shaving the kitties is so they can cool down and give US a break from all the grooming they require. It reduces the risk of hair balls and the amount of shed hairs found around the house. It also lets them lick that itchy spot that was so covered with hair they couldn't quite reach it! LOL
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Sam, I think you are adorable. If you lived out here in Hollywood, they'd probably want to put you in the movies.
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You and your cats are adorable.
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More pictures please.
I love those cats with the lion cut, if I had a Persian I would have it clipped like that, it is soooo cute.

Sam you remind me of Oxsana Beilul(sp) the ice skater, when she was around your age.
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Thanks everyone, to be quite honest sometimes my hair can be a pain but so many people compliment me for it so I love it!

Sonia we got Yogi shaved because he was badly matted, he is not an inside cat(his choice) and with the rain gets a bit matted but now he's a new man with the cut!!!!!!!

Wow, in the movies, That's really cool!

Don't worry you'll be getting more pics!LOL

Thanks again everyone!
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