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I can't say I have a preference. I've had mostly females, but not really by design. It just happened that way! Even when we thought we were getting a female and a male (Suzy and Sam), "Samuel" turned out to be Samantha. (That was funny! We never even thought to look when we picked up the kittens, then a few days later when we took them to the vet, she examined Suzy first and when she turned to "Samuel"s little butt, she grinned and said, "Samuel, eh?", grabbed the two by the tails, swung them around to us and said, "Don't think so! See? Both the same!")

But I digress! Our attempt to have a little boy was foiled. We had had two males previously (though never a kitten) that we took in when their human developed allergies. Other than them, and a stray many years ago who didn't stay, everyone has been a girl.

Nibs was Daddy's Boy and very affectionate with Rob, but less so with other people. Chicken with whiskers. Gryphon was very mushy and a great lap cat, unless it was really warm. His coat was pretty thick, so he was less cuddly in the summer.

They were great fellows.

As for the girls, Suzy is like Zoey. She DOES NOT WANT to be picked up, thank you very much, and will endure it only briefly at the best of times, with muttered protest. Shasta also was not big on being picked up, but was somewhat more gracious about it. On the other hand, she could be very mushy, and was a wonderful lap cat.

Fawn has ants in her pants. She's too much of a busy-body to stay still for much mushing, although she does cuddle with her Dad briefly. Stritches are good, but she's likely to bolt off after God alone knows what at the drop of a hat. Cindy is mushy. She's not into long mush sessions yet, but is definitely mellowing, and will be a splendid lap cat before too long, I think. She's only 2.

Bottom line, I really can't choose by gender. They're all individuals, and I've had cuddlies of both genders. Other characteristics don't seem to be determining factors, either.
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I agree with you Fran. They are all individuals and their personalities are formed in their first months I believe. My two feral trapped girls were a challenge. Now 2 yrs, Holly has become a real lover and very posessive, and will bat everyone else away from me. Tinka (trapped at same time) has only been handled about 3 times in her 2 years when needed for vet visits. Can't touch her, but she will sniff your hand. Two male Siamese boys are lovers and chubby and will collapse over your shoulder. Big 17 lb Princess girl will kiss you in the mouth and eat your eyelashes and give a massage thats great. Chrissie girl Siamese mix you have to let just sit by you, no manhandling and she will hold up her face for kisses. I just love their very different personalities. All eight of my furrpurrsons can figure out how to do just about anything they set their mind to. I can't believe how people can call them "dumb animals."
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Out of our six, we have an even number of males to females at 3:3.

The males are "my" cats and the females seem to be my husbands cats in terms of affection given to us. Although one of our females sleeps on my head...

So, I voted males. But I really love both. Each has their own distinct personality, being male or female, just makes them more special.
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Me I think cats are wonderful & adorable little terrors no matter what gender. I find either can easily worm there way into my heart.
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I have both & love both. The personalities seem to vary by individual cat more than by gender. The only difference I've noticed is that the females don't seem to get along with the other females as well. I've never had trouble with a male spraying, thankfully! (But I've never had a male that wasn't neutered by 8 months at most.)
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I voted for females. Even though many people say males are more affectionate, I find Nakita and my past cat Kissa to be very warm and affectionate.

I think personality plays a big part.

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I don't really have a preferance. I have one male and one female. Tibby my female is such a lap cat if I'm one the computer she'll be on my lap sleeping. At night she likes to sleep right next to my face. Corkscrew my male loves to be the center of attention, but he isn't very affectionate. He doesn't sit on my lap, but at night he will sleep at the foot of the bed. He enjoys being close to me.
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I think personality is the most important thing, rather than gender. Of my clan, 9 are boys and 6 are girls. They are all a friendly bunch! Jules (boy) is the most loving kitty I have ever met, followed by Phoenix (girl). They, of course, are all spoiled rotten!
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i have both male and female, and both have thier pros and cons, mickey my boy wont sit on my lap but he purrs all the time when i pat him, but charli my girl will come to sit on my lap and enjoys cuddles when it suits HER. other times she is aloof and ignores me..i prefer boys though because i like big cats, and boys tend to be bigger....more to cuddle!
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Originally posted by Shell
Honestly, I don't see a difference in their personalities or who is more calm and etc. I think a lot of it has to do with the cats...they all are unique and have different quirks.

I have had male cats that are nervous and female ones that are nervous, same with out going, I chose neither a cat is a cat and I love them all!
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I have one of each and love them both!!
Males tend to be more "needy" - like most men
Females are a little more independent (my experience).

I once thought that males had the tendency to spray and mark their territory. I caught my female cat spraying things in my garage over the years. . . . and in the basement. She christened my son's golf bag, my car tires, the lawn mower, etc. . . .

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I put that it doesn't matter, because it's really up to the individual cat's personality.

I have a male & female. Trent is my little lover-boy, and like Laurie said, he is very needy. Ophelia is more independent, but she is definitely Daddy's Girl and snuggles him a lot, demands his attention no matter what he's doing. So while I don't get as many cuddles from her, Earl does.

Sicy, you're making good progress with Zoey! It took me 3 years for Ophelia to let me kiss her, and I've had her since she was about 6 weeks old.
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I think it depends on the cat, and probably the breeder you got him or her from. My Snoopy (Male Blue Point Siamese) is the sweetest most loving and most affectionate boy around. He even hugs me, by putting his "arms" around my neck, and head bunts for days. He would be happiest if I never put him down for the rest of his life. He'd rather snuggle and love, than eat.

My Shane, (Male, Seal Point Siamese) is only loving when he gets his own way, or when he gets to join me in the bathroom, which for some reason means an awful lot to him. Other times he can get irritated if I try to pet and love him. Although he does like to get on my lap.

My little Male Persian Stanley, absolutely can't stand to be held. He likes to be petted, but never does he like me to hold him, nor will he get in my lap. He is a happy greeter for me, when I get home from work, and it's cute to watch him run early to me, when I call his name. However, I would say Stanley is the most independant of my cats.
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Hope, I mean, too cute!!!
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Our boy Simon is fairly affectionate (for a Ragdoll), but he is no lap cat--never has been. He does, however, want to be in the same room as someone. (He's lying next to my computer monitor right now. ). And he loves having me massage him all over his cheeks, chin, the back of his neck and his back.

We brought home his younger half-sister a week ago; so far, she is WAY more affectionate at 4-months-old than her brother was. I'm hoping that, with much love and affection from us, she will retain her sweetness streak. I've always wanted a lap kitty; so far, she is exactly that.
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