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feeling overwhelmed

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Or maybe I am just tired. I was up all night with Fern. She was leaking stool most of the night and slept fitfully at my side. I ended up sitting on the floor with my back to the couch and my legs outstretched. Soon the kittens decided to investigate my legs, and they fell asleep curled up in the center. That is where I spent the night, and now this morning, I am so stiff and sore I feel like I have been riding my horse for a week straight.

This morning when Shredder came in, he was stiff and sore and I picked him up and saw he had been in a battle. So he is now confined in a cage (which he hates) He finally quit snarling like a tiger and I gave him some Rescue Remedy opened up his wound, cleaned it and he is exhausted and finally asleep.

Mike and I had a heart-to-heart over breakfast this morning and we were talking about how the rescuing is different down here in the lower 48's than it was in Alaska. Mostly, up there our rescue entailed abused and neglected large breed dogs (mainly huskies, rotties, newfies and german shepherds) There were SOME cats and kittens but they just trickled in. Here, they come in STREAMS. I neutered Kabota at what I thought would be his 6 month birthday, he and his brother Shredder, but I must of goofed, because Massey is the spitting image of Kabota. He has the same soft fur, the same soft meow, the exact markings, so Mike and I agree that for now we are responsible for this family in the world. I would love to be able to keep each one of these kittens, especially because they all favor the dad, and the mom is so mellow as well. These guys would make great companions. Feeding them isn't the problem, the problem is the vet bills, the shots, the emergencys, all that just eats away at our already pretty limited income. Mike asked me how many cats this makes, and I told him I am not counting anymore- it just plain scares me! I did ask God to stop bringing the needy my way for awhile, and I hope he honors my request. I wish I had an on-off switch like my mom who can see an animal in rough shape show up at her doorstep and slam the door then sleep the sleep of the dead that night. But I can't, and I never could and I just wish I had the resources available to help them all. If I ever hit the lottery- that is where most of the money will be going, to make a sanctuary so these animals can have a good place, great vet care and lots of love.

The vet said the bacterial infection should be gone in a few days, but would you please pray for Fern if you have a minute? She is in so much discomfort, and she is such a good mom to these babies. Just pray that the antibiotics kick in soon so she can finally have some peace. At least she is litterbox trained now.

Thanks for being here guys, I am just so very very tired.
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Consider Fern prayed for. Maybe you should look more into becoming non-profit, Hissy, because it seems like the needy keep finding their way to you.
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prayers coming from Maryland
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Hissy; I wish I could take Fern and the babies. If MO. were not so far from Oregon; I would be there in a New York Minute to help however I could. I know it's not much, but I could maybe swing $20. a month o help you and Mike with the vet bills. My prayers will be with you. If you PM me your mailing address I will see what I can do. I may be able to put the "Touch" on some friends of mine as well. . . .

Darlene and her 6 =^.".^='s
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Oh Hissy, you have every right to be exhausted, you have taken on so much, and every day just seems to pile more on your already full plate!

They say God never gives you more than you can handle...but I think even He's pushing the envelope a bit here!

You give so freely of yourself, and still keep such a beautiful attitude. I have so much respect and admiration for you!

I'm stiil seriously considering taking one of the kittens, but I have a situation here which I haven't shared with anyone at the site yet, and need to see what happens. It involves Cagney, and hopefully will be remedied very soon.

Keep smiling, stay strong, and remember...so many of us here LOVE you!

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I am so sorry you are feeling so exhausted. It sure is understandable with everything you have taken on. Those animals are so lucky to have you. I hope you can get a break and get some rest soon. Take care.
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Hissy, you're a good person and you can't just switch that on and off... I can see how you can get so overwhelmed with all the animals that need help.

Is there a good no-kill shelter nearby? I know you want to help all those animals yourself, but sometimes that is just too much for one person. A few weeks ago a momma dog and five puppies showed up in my yard. As I was in bed and hubby was loaded with work, I realized this one doggy family is not for me to rescue and had them taken to the local shelter. I'm not happy with that decision - I wish I could take care of them and make sure they all go to good homes - but sometimes that is just not possible.

I also think you should look into getting a rescue group status. That should at least save some money and may also get you volunteers and contributions.

My prayers are with you and yours. You and Mike are real and I am so proud to have e-met you!
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It costs $45.00 per cat to put an animal in the no-kill shelter, dog, cat, kitten, whatever!!! Plus the place is really run-down. At least the one near me.Plus there was a scandel a few years ago where this no-kill was busted for selling their cats out the back door for research. GRRRR! So even though they are under new management, I still don't quite trust them. I will start making some long-distance phone calls after the 4th to find others and talk to them to find out their protocol. I also have been in touch with a local chapter of Cat Champions, and she is supposed to get back with me,but not till after the holiday. It is a new day, I have had sleep, and am not so blue this morning. (Sorry blue no offense meant!) I took mom off the amoxy drops- found out the side effects could be diarrhea! And I have her on a homopathic cure called GSE. (Grapefruit Seed Extract) I had great results with it and my horse when he was ill, so now it is my cat's turn. Mike just got up and asked me to go to breakfast, so I better run-
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Hissy - I am sorry that you are having a rough patch.
Truly hope that Fern will feel better soon. Sometimes, everything comes at once and that is hard to take. You are a real champion in our books here! Every animal that has come your way has had a better life because of you and Mike. I am proud of you knowing that you cannot close the door. God bless you and your efforts!!!
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Hissy....my prayers are with you and Fern ....I hope all is well!
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