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I Hate Her!!!!!!

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My sister has long been the absolute worst human being that ever drew breath, but she has sunk to a new low. Her ex lover recently died of cancer leaving behind 8 cats, from a show quality Himmie, to a bedraggled dsh rescued from the sewer. She was the quintessential crazy cat lady, and a dear person. I cannot imagine how she ever got involved with my disgusting sister. Anyway, Suz, my sister promised Claire that she would care for her cats upon her death, so she was left money and personal property to compensate her, but unfortunately it was not specified what the bequest was for. Suz went to her home, took everything of value, threw out the rest, instead of donating it to charity as requested, and loaded the cats. As soon as she was out of sight of Claire's family, she dropped the cats off at a rescue organization. It is a no kill org, and apparently the arrangements had already been made before Claire even died. They were all rehomed immediately. They had been waiting for her to die! The Himmie went back to GA with Suz, probably to be sold back to the breeder. How can anyone be so completely heartless?! She lives rent free, does not work, Claire had been paying her household bills to leave her free to help during her illness, and has a nice car that she talked my daughter in to buying her with part of an inheritance. She thinks the whole world owes her, and everything she does is right. She cannot open her mouth except to lie and speak badly of others. There is going to be a special place in hell for her, I just know it! She is the most horrible, abusive, lying, filthy, and smelly person that ever lived. She ruined our family to where the ones of us that are left do not even speak, and we must live at least 2 states away to keep her out of our lives. I haven't spoken to her in 2 years, and it has been great. Thanks for letting me vent, I really needed to get it off my chest.
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wow, sounds like your sister takes the cake. I don't have any words of wisdom, or special insight, but I'm glad this place is here so you can get it off your chest.

I feel awful that Claires wishes did not get fulfilled.
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The bright spot to this post, if there is indeed one, is the cats have been rehomed, and although they will be missing each other and their owner, hopefully their new homes will compensate by a lot of love. I honestly am glad your sister did not take over these cats' care, because it sounds to me like that would of been a nightmare for those cats.
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If it makes you feel any better, I have an older sister in the same class as yours. After 20 years of her not speaking to our brother (for no good reason), she suddenly decided to reconcile with him.
The same year, she went down to Florida (she lives in NYC) where he had moved years ago, and visited my nephew and his wife and baby for a week. (This seemed quite strange to me, since she didn't know my nephew at all, since she didn't speak to his parents while he was growing up. They had met briefly in NY when my brother brought them all up here to visit our mother.) After her trip to Florida, she came back to NY and filed a report with Florida Social Services saying that my nephew and his wife were sexually abusing their child! Fortunately, a series of events which included the fact that the child happened to have a pediatrician visit the day before the complaint was made, resulted in them investigating the allegation BEFORE automatically removing the child from the home.After about 6 weeks, they closed the file as a completely unwarranted complaint.

It was my mother's belief at the time that my sister did this in order to discredit my nephew and his family in her eyes. My mother has some money in the bank from a medical malpractice lawsuit, and it was her belief that my sister was concerned that she would leave some of this $$ to her new great-grand-child, so she decided to make a pre-emptive strike. We aren't talking about a fortune, but my sister is totally obsessed with money [it sounds like yours is as well] even though she is already retired with a good pension, and has no dependants or debts to worry about. She's just a horrible, self-centered person.I havent spoken to her in a long time, having decided that her nastiness did me no good, but she actually lives fairly close to me. I still worry about seeing her in the street, since I might just throttle her if I did.

I'm glad at least, that the kittees got new homes. I was afraid the story was heading to a really tragic end.
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Sounds like Sis has ice for blood running through her veins. That really sucks!
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Rebecca- I'm sorry to hear about your sis and how she didn't take care of those cats, Good on you for letting it off your chest , it always makes me feel better when I talk here at TCS- I'm sorry hon!

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Your sister sounds a lot like my mother in law. She really does not like anyone except herself. And is the most bitter person I have ever encountered in my life. Which is why we don't have anything to do with her.
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Unfortunately, we can't choose our family. That is why I have always referred to my friends as "The Family I Chose". My family is full of folks like your sister, sad to say. I don't have contact with many of my family members.

I am sorry to hear that she showed such disregard for Claire's wishes. But I agree that the cats are better off rehomed than living with her!

Go ahead and vent, we're here for you!
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Krazy kat
I also understand where you are coming from. My sister was given a credit card from my mother because my mom thought with sis being broke and having a child that she might need it for an emergency.
Well, sis decided that she needed to buy xmas presents and go on a shopping spree with it. needless to say, she ran up a $5000 bill on moms card and when mom called her to see why she did this, sis told her that she'd call the police and report mom for harassing her if she didn't stop calling her. So mom had to go and get a loan(which she is still paying off,) to pay back AM express so she didn't get socked with interest and over the limit fees and all the other fees. I stopped talking to my sister right then and there. I just recently started to email her to check on my neices but that's about all.
I can't believe we are even in the same gene pool! I'd NEVER do that to my mom! We've had our tiffs but hey, she is my mom and no matter what I love her.
But like the others said, at least the cats have good homes now. that's all that matters isn't it??? poop on your sister, she sounds like mine.
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