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Guys I think I have a problem

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Since Fern has arrived with her kittens, she has big bouts of diarrhea light brown, no blood. I know she must be wormy, but with her still nursing her young ones, worming her was not an option. Tonight, she was laying on her back and I was rubbing her tummy and she started growling for the first time since she has been here. Suddenly a stream of liquid stool comes out of her rectum. I took a warm cloth to wipe her and she tried to bite me, growling and hissing. So I picked her up and another gush came out. I am waiting for the vet to call back, but if you read this post would you please just pray that he is timely in his calling and that this will just turn out to be a bad case of parasites, though this mama kitty looks really sickly. Skin and bones, yet eats like a horse. If anyone knows what this might be, I would appreciate you passing on the information.
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Oh Hissy!

I wish I had some of the good health advice to give like some of our resident experts here. All I can do is feel bad for Fern and hope the vet gets back to you real soon.
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I'm pretty sure being skinny and eating a lot is a sign of worms, but I don't really know about the diarrhea. There's also a pretty good chance that if the mom has it, the kittens will too.
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he is reasonably sure that Fern has a bacterial infection in her gut. I told her how she is acting, eating lots, drinking an ocean of fluids and so now she is getting amoxy drops along with her kittens, plus she gets kaopectae qid. She isn't to thrilled about the kaopectae and it has been a long time since I have had to take any, but as I remember it kind of reminded me of barrium, all chalky and yucky. So she is esconed upstairs with her kittens now, and they are finally getting the hang of the litterbox. Yippee!! I know, my life is really sad when I get excited about a kitten figuring out the litterbox as a high point of my day! LOL
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Just want to say I hope Fern will be feeling better soon. Good luck with her.
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Hissy; I am so glad the vet got back to you. I hope everything goes well with Fern and her family,that "You didn't ask for; but couldn't refuse. . . . . . " May God bless you in other ways for the many kindnesses you show to his "Helpless Creature"
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