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Oh no how scary!! They have to be able to do something I'm sure!

**** good vibes ****
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em... just a favour... could someone bump tis thread for me till i get some info please?
it's quite hard for us to get to the internet cafe here
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Consider it done Hon!
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Maybe you could PM Hissy or Sandie...they usually don't visit the Lounge very often. Or you could post about Mythie in the Health forum?

God guys..I just feel horrible about what is happening. I've never hear of this before. I can't imagine how hard it is for you being away from her too...it just makes me want to cry!
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I'm so sorry to hear this.
I just checked your thread minutes ago to see if there were any updates. Your latest news saddens me.

I think the word you are looking for is necrosis.

I have a medical dictionary at work.
It has many definitions (almost an entire page) depending on the actual diagnosis/site.

For example:
The sum of the morphological changes indicative of cell death and caused by the progressive degradative action of enzymes; it may affect groups of cells or part of a structure or an organ.

Perhaps she had damage to her intestines from the blockage?? This is just a thought.

My prayers are with you & poor Mythie.


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Oh Yzma! I am so sorry. Healing thoughts going your way.
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Oh, I've just got a huge knot in my stomach now...hugs to you, furiously sending healing vibes.
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If you could give me a little more info, I may be able to shed some light on some of it for you. Necrosis is used to describe death of tissue.
Because of her situation, I can only imagine there was some damage to the intestine, or if she wasn't eating during the ordeal she may have developed Hepatic Lipidosis, or cholangiohepatitis.
You are more than welcome to post any additional info here, or e mail me, my e mail is available. I hope all goes well for her!!
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really sorry about this!!
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Oh my, I am so sorry to hear about Mythie's health problems. I don't understand why the vet didn't explain things to you a bit better. I hope you get some good news soon and am anxiously awaiting an update.
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Poor things!

I'll be praying for your Mythie girl to get better soon.

Please take care.
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Yzma, I'm so sorry Mythie's ill!

Sending LOTS of healing vibes & prayers for Mythie!
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Suruya I cross posted some of this scenario with your cat on this other board and here is what one vet tech who specializes in emergency medicine for cats said: But your information you are leaving here is sketchy at best and if she knew the details that would help her to be able to help you: I knew that is sounded grave, I was hoping I was wrong.

Ok, could be any of the following:

Acute hepatic necrosis: caused by drug toxicity or other toxin, infectious disease, chemicals, hypoxia (oxygen pressure in blood).....need to immediately rule out potential drugs and toxins.....treatment includes IV fluids, antiemetics, meds for hepatoencephalopathy, and blood transfusion if coagulation disorders lead to grave condition. Need to treat agressively.

Hepatitis (granulomatous): caused by bacterial infection, viral, parasitic, protozoal of fungal disease (may want to rule out FIP)....needle aspiration, ultrasound-guided biopsy and/or culture on fluid/tissue drawn to differentiate......treatment includes IV fluids + potassium, antiemetics....but this is a multi-systemic disease so complications can develop and must treat those complications agressively.

Hepatic abcess: caused by bacteria, usually from the GI tract, or other infection of other organs........need to rule out pancreatic abcess, intestinal perforation, biliary tract obstruction, trauma or diabetes-related condition......ultrasound and/or US-guided biopsy to help confirm, +/- blood culturing........treatment includes IV fluids, agressive antibiotics, antiemetics....surgical removal and drainage may be necessary. Need to treat agressively.

Leptospirosis: caused by bacterial, contaminated water, contaminated urine of infected animals, infected meat, exposure to rodents, wildlife, livestock......need to consider ELISA, blood or urine culture.....needle biopsy also potential diagnostic......Treatment includes IV fluids, agressive antibiotics, possible diuretics.

Keep in mind these are very brief tips, not knowing the actual diagnosis, current treatment approach, diagnostics approached, etc. In all diseases mentioned, agressive care is imperative, and most likely, an ultrasound and/or guided biopsy is going to be needed to confirm. (unless the vet already obtained an abdominocentisis and did a cytology on it or blood culture). Also, all the conditions can carry complications, so, with severe necrosis, coagulation disorders, septicemia, these can complicate the matter and prohibit worsening problems. Don't want to give false hope here, with the exception of abcess, these can be poor prognoses. Agressive treatment may help regenerate the liver, but need to find the underlying cause in order to treat the most effective.

The poster said kitty had swallowed something, was it a drug, pill or ? Also, where was the lump located, abdominally or elsewhere?

Of course, like you, not knowing the level of care, would advise to find the most experienced vet in the area, even a consult if necessary....time is going to be of the essense here, very agressive treatment approach!!
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Yzma, I'm so sorry to hear about all of this!!! You must be sick with worry.

Many positive vibes going out to you & please update us when you get a chance!
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I am so sorry to hear about your poor baby, I really hope your baby get better. sending Healthy kitty vibes with all my heart.
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Bump for Suraya
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Thanks so much shell for bumping for me, and hissy for all that information. The vet hasn't mentioned her liver yet... But i'm taking notes from your post and i'll be asking them tonight when i call.

I've been able to piece a bit more together and this is what i've got:

They suspect that she may have gotten a scratch or some sort of cut near her bum maybe while playing or fighting. And becuase that area of any cat is never very clean, it got infected and turned into an abcess which made it almost impossible for her to go to the toilet.

Now this means that whatever is in her tummy is most probably just food. But because of the abcess it was just too painful to use the toilet. And it wound up looking like she had swallowed something.

So yesterday they removed the abcess in the morning. She's still eating and drinking, but you have to coax her a bit first... Because it took so long for them to figure out exactly what was going on, the infected area is quite large , but they're cleaning the area twice a day and treating her quite agressively with antibiotics.

Our vet is probably the best vet around so we know they're doing all they can. What matters now is how able she is to fight the infection. When i spoke to the vet last night, she didn't say that Mythie would definetly make it, but she didn't say that she wouldn't either. I know it's fifty fifty now but she's a fighter. And she has to make it.
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Suraya...SHE GONNA MAKE IT! Positive thoughts Hon! We're all pulling for her and this board has some power behind it. I'm praying that she makes a full and speedy recovery. At least now, you have some idea what the cause is and have a better chance at treating it.

Many prayers to Mythie! And many hugs to you!
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Mythie....we're praying for you sweetie. Fight hard and you'll be all better soon.
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More healing vibes from California!
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And from Pennsylvania
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More from Pennsylvania. You can do it, Mythie!!!
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I just got off the phone with the vet a while ago and she told me exactly what has happened.

They've removed all the infected areas.
This includes the skin tissue and everything so the poor little mite is all bandaged up and under the bandage is just muscle tissue!

Poor baby.

The vet did say that she's a bit more active today.
Still eating, but still very uncomfortable and still in pain...

DANG I wish this holiday would hurry up and be over and done with!
I can't wait to see her again.

Thanks so much guys.
I can really feel you guys pulling for her and every little bit counts.

Hugs to all of you...

Not sure when i'll be able to check back on the net... It's so cold here.. brrrrrr
it's expected to snow tomorrow... hopefully we can get back and i'll be able to get to the internet cafe to update this thread tomorrow or day after
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Hi ask the vet about a pain patch - maybe that could help your baby deal with it better.

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Sweet Mythie, We're pulling for you! Just keep eating and you'll feel better soon.
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There's nothing worse than being away when your precious kitty is at the vets. I am still praying & thinking of Mythie. I hope you are home soon to be with her. I'm sure you have not been able to think about anything else but her.

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Hey Guys...
Well i have some good news.
Mythie is better.
She's more active and has a healthy appetite.

The vets are still cleaning the wound twice a day and the infection has stopped spreading...
The vet mentioned that because the area affected is SO large they may have to perform a skin graft...

Has any one had any experience with skin grafts on cats?

The last time i spoke to the vet was saturday, as yesterday we didn't get home in time to call

Luckily we've just moved into a hotel which has internet acess so i'll be able to update you after we speak to the vet later.

I've also got a lady who is going to the vet everyday to give mythie an hours worth of reiki, it's costing us 120$ per hour but it's worth it...

I can't wait to see her when we get back.

More Later.
Thanks guys...
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I'm sorry, I don't know anything about skin grafts. Keeping you and Mythie in my thoughts, ((((major healing vibes))))
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I am sooooooo relieved for you. . . . that your baby is doing better.
I've been so worried about her.

I don't know too much about skin grafts. . . . where would the vet take the skin from?

I find it amazing that you found someone to do Reiki on Mythie.
That's awesome!! You are such a good mommy.

Have a safe trip back

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