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You know what guys, I have an idea that's a bit illegal, however, I've already decided to share it :laughing:
Guess what's the price of a pirated CD in Bulgaria?????
No, no there's no misunderstanding - it's just $2!!!
So I can send you all a CD for your birthdays hee hee!!!
I think it's a great idea what do you say?
Cat and Cleo thanks for the warm words
Love you so much!!!!
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Dear Billie,

Awwwwww...you're so cute!

Thanks for the info...you only left out one thing....the link! :laughing2:laughing2

Love ya.... :angel2:
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OH Cat, there's no link really dearest!!!
I just though that if you wanted some CD really badly I could buy it and send it to you as it's so awafully cheap here!!!
(Well, not for me but for you I guess it's a shame)
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Did you get your CD yet? I sent it last Monday, should be there by now...
I'm anxious to hear if you liked it, hated it, or turned it into a kitty toy? :laughing2:

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Cleo calling Debby...come in Debby...

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Oh Billie! :laughing2 :laughing2:laughing2:laughing2

I just read that!!! :LOL: :LOL::LOL:

OMG.....HOW FUNNY! Geeez...next time I won't be so dense...(I hope):laughing2 :laughing2

Well, at least someone gets 'em cheap!
I'll get that out soon hon, I haven't had the time even to download any good music or to put anything I have here on cd. I'll be getting back with ya!

Take care, Love &
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Ok, heres my laundry list of questions :confused3:

Debby, did you ever get the c.d?

Airprincess, did you figure out the burner yet? Its a bit daunting, but fun once you get started, mine pretty much holds your hand and walk you right through it. almost.

Catarina, have you started yours yet? I had a heck of a time when I started picking songs, but once I started, I had a hard time stopping, I'm working on the second list now! :laughing:

Billie, I'm still working on a way to make you a cassette, might go to boyfriends house and do it there...but he doesnt care for my musical taste all that much...he prefers Tool, and the harder rock.
Maybe I'll put him to work in the jungle, er, yard while I record it! :

Sorry if I sound pushy, but i love this idea and don't wanna see it die!

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Yes! I got your cd finally! My hubby had picked up the mail, and had taken it to work with him, and left it there....after a few days of nagging, he brought it home, and I have listened to it several times!
I honestly LOVE it!
Barely Breathing was one of my favorite songs already...so I was so excited to see it was on there! I LOVE that song!
I also love Runaway Train and Far Behind. If I Only Wanted To is a good one too!! They were ALL good! But those were the best!
I really loved the cover and the back!!! What cute pictures! You did such a great job! I'm afraid when I get mine burned, it won't have any fancy cover like that, I will be lucky if this lady I know with the burner will do it for me, let alone made me a nice cover! But I will at least try to get the music out to you, even if it isn't very much to look at!
Thanks so much Cleo!!!!!!!!!
Billie.....I could very easily make you a cassette of my cd....all I have to do is play it in my stereo...and record it off onto the casette part. I do have a copy of my favorites, but It is just a matter of finding someone to burn copies of it for me, since my step-daughters x-boyfriend did the original for me, now they are no longer together, so I have to find someone else to do it!
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I was getting worried that maybe you hated the cd and were just too kind to say so! :laughing2:

Glad you liked it, and Barely Breathing is definately one of my very Faves too!
Wish Duncan Sheik would do something else, and isnt going to be a 1 hit wonder.

I had so much fun making the covers, still practicing on 'em though, they need work, but I'm glad you liked them
I had good subjects to work with!

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"Barely Breathing" is awesome!!!!! I could listen to it over and over and over...and thanks to your CD..I CAN!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
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Debby, Cleo thanx!
I could also send you a casette with my favourite songs, how's that?
Only I'm going to need a 900 minutes cassete to have place for all of them :LOL:
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Or ten 90 min cassettes? But that might make for expensive shipping costs! :laughing2:

I'll get busy on your cassette Billie...this is fun!

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Hi all! :angel2::angel4:'s

I've been trying to keep up with posts and so many other things in my life. I've been waiting for my new cd burner ...the other one was damaged UGH...so, now a short wait I feel like I'm really going in circles sometimes. Well, just letting you know I'm trying you guys. Okay? It's too great of an idea to let go!

Love &
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Okay, ladies, it's music time!

Billie, please send me your name and address via either a private or an electronic-mail message and I'll send you an audio-cassette tape of (some of) my favorite music. I'd love to get one from you, too; so I'll send you my address presently.

Catarina, likewise for you — except the medium will be a compact disk. Send me your name and address, as I shall be sending you mine!


This next edition of tunes will be different from the first one, by the way. Audio Galaxy is wonderful, but the "personal touch" is what makes for fond memories.

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Howdy! Here is the play list for the disk/tape I'm sending you two:

1. Henry Carey — God Save the King/Queen. This is a purely-whimsical selection on my part. I just like it!

2. Björk Guðmundsdóttir — Army of Me. It's difficult to choose one song from this era's greatest musical genius, but here it is nonetheless.

3. Fats Waller and His Rhythm — Your Feet's Too Big. Well, are they? Fats was a wonderful entertainer and a brilliant stride pianist. His life was short but his talent was huge.

4. Jack Off Jill — Fear of Dying. This "all girl" band will blow you away, if you appreciate rock and roll. It's a pity they've disbanded, but riot grrrls don't get sponsorship in corporate America.

5. Martha Argerich — (Chopin) Polonaise No. 6 in A flat, Op. 53. This cut is from a 1965 recording session. Martha, an Argentinian, is as brilliant now as she was back then in her early 20s.

6. Sade Adu — The Sweetest Taboo. Beautiful voice, classy presence: Totally-talented Sade needs no further introduction.

7. Ottorino Respighi — Bernardo Gianoncelli, detto Il Bernadello: Bergamasca. I just love Respighi's music. What can I say?

8. Tom Jones — What's New Pussycat. The Clive Donner film What's New Pussycat is my personal cinematic icon of the pre-war 1960s. Jones' song brings many pleasant memories to the surface — for me, anyway.

9. The Moonglows — Sincerely. This 1954 classic is a wonderful example of brilliant bass-line emphasis.

10. Frankie Trumbauer and His Orchestra, featuring Bix Beiderbecke — Singin' the Blues. This is simply a classic jazz-music song. Beiderbecke's cornet talks to us!

11. Antonio Carlos Jobim — Girl From Epanema. Want to relax and feel happy? Here you go.

12. The Rockin' Rebels — Wild Weekend. This 1950s-style song hit the charts in the early 1960s. It's an exemplar of a bygone era.

13. Cat Power — Salty Dog. Chan Marshall (Cat Power) is a lovely person whose music captivates "live" audiences. She stole my heart, I can tell you!

14. The Dells — Oh What a Night. Here's another wonderful example of low-register emphasis.

15. The Beatles — The Fool on the Hill. This is my theme song, which I adopted whilst in the Republic of Viet Nam during the war. I still hold it true today. It fits me like a glove.

16. Erik Satie — Gymnopédie. Satie was a marvelous character who hated music critics with a passion, an admirable quality! This is an orchestrated version of three similar piano pieces.

17. Status Quo — Picutes of Matchstick Men. This song reminds me of the wartime 1960s, when I was overseas and had to imagine what life was like back in "civilization." It's rather a timeless song, however, in spite of my personal recollections.

18. The Chordettes — Lollipop. The gals who made Sheboygan famous cranked out this tune in 1958. It's just a good finger-snapping and happy little ditty.

19. The Shirelles — Dedicated to the One I Love. One of my all-time favorite songs. To me, it's musical perfection.

20. The Doors — When the Music's Over. When it's over, folks, please do turn out the lights.

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Can't wait - I'll get this one printed!!
I'll post my list as soon as the casette is ready and anyone who wants to get it please PM me your addresses.
I thought about it a lot and finally decided to put a song from each of my favourite albums - sounds like a good idea to me.
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