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HELLO...introduction..and new kitten...

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We just got a BABY monday afternoon. It's wed.morning. The lady who had the litter, bottlefed them from 2-3wks. The mom was a stray who
gave birth in a tractor at a tractor company. So when the tractor was bought,the babies were found. The mom was not located after that.
So anyway he is aprox.5wks. This lady said they were eating dry kitten food already that was softend with water. He only sucks at it(but it get eaten). He is very playful,and also likes human contact.
I chose him because I was hoping a bottlefed baby would bond with humans easier. I am going to post more about him in the other forum.
We had to get rid of our dog after two yrs of trying to work with her. She does not like children even though we had her since she was 6wks. She has snarled,snaped at,and growled at my 6yr old way too much. I am having a baby and dont trust her with the baby either. My son has never had problems with cats and I decided a cat would be better for my boys(and all of us)than a dog. This way the kitten can grow up with my baby too. Cats scratch&stuff usualy if they're mistreated. Well,they dont bite and get dominant issues like dogs(as far as I know)...even when allowed to sleep in ou bed and given freedom. I have to be strict with the dog bcus if shes allowed too much freedom,she gets mean. My son knows not to mistreat cats,and Im sure this will work out much better!
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Best of luck to you with your new kitty! Have you decided on a name for him? Please post pictures if you can, we love to see each other's cats!

Welcome to the forum!
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I took 3pic's. 2 of him he is playing on the computer desk. the other is on my bed,hiding behind a pillow,trying to play again.
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here he is again
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Here he is AGAIN! AWWWW...isn't he cute?
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awwwwwwwwwwwww what a cutie!!!!
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Patrick is so cute and so tiny!
My cat Samantha is also black and white and she gets along great with my kids.
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He is just the cutest thing in the world!!
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He is a little doll baby! Welcome to the boards!
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Hello- Cute Kitty! Samantha's a cool name also check out my siggy to see why!

Have Fun here & Welcome!!!!
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aRE MALE CATS JUST AS GOOD WITH CHILDREN AS FEMALES? oops...caps lock..anyway I actualy preffer female cats. For somr reason I never liked males. I still dont,and still dont know why I chose patrick,other than for the reason that my husband likes males. I have been really angry with myself for getting a male,instead of a female like I knew i should have done. I really hope I dont regret geting him. I truely Do love cats,and more than I like dogs too.
Patrick is a handful!! My past cats(females)were less demanding and more affectionate. Patrick Meeows constantly,and is behind the keybourd trying to attack my fingers. He will bite at my feet when hes hungry,so I have to make sure his food is ready before he is(he is still weaning,and only eating mushy food). He makes a HUGE mess eating,and isn't very clean with the litterbox. I hope to get through the kitten stage. Why does he meewoww so much?? I have never had a cat meewow as much as he does...I have to figure out what he wants,just like you do with a newborn baby. So far it's usualy because he's either hungry,or just tired.
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Well, in my breed, Don Hairless cats, there is no difference between males and females all cats are lovely, sweet and have prefect nature So I have males and females and adore all of them!
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We have had "PAtrick" for a week now. And its been rocky,but we have finaly started making progress ..yayyy!!! I never knew how much attention he would need/demand. (but thats ok)I dont remember if I mentioned that I raised kittens before..well I did so with the help of their mother so I geuss SHE really did all the work
I still wonder sometimes if this little bottlefed baby acts the way he does because his previous owner(lady who bottlefed him)might have OVER spoiled him. And what I mean by this is maybe she gave in to him everytime he demanded anything(agressively),etc..not just his regular needs I mean....
When He first came into our home he had already started eating moistend hard food(hard food softend by water)...Well,he refused and only eccepted canned. He would literaly hollar(still does that,but I'm teaching him he'l get attention when hes a littler quieter)and mewwow whenever he was hunry,but also bite my toes to get me to hurry up if He didn't get it. I started preparing his food before he started demanding it,to prevent him from getting deeper into the habit of biting my toes(this was NOT playful biting)and calling HIM to get it instead of him callnig ME to feed him. He has stopped the biting mostly. He'l almost do it,then turn away as if he remembers he should not.
He also had diareah and would not go in the litterbox everytime. He insisted on peeping on the carpet in the diningroom. I underestimated his intelligence at first. For some reason decided to try puttin him in his litterbox ,and after he would jump out(when I knew he had to go)I would put him BACK in it 3-4x,THEn he would GO !! Amazing!!
We took him to the vet yesterday for his first check up & worming. Vet says he's not quite 6wks yet,but he can eat solid food FINE> HE said offer him hard food,and if he refuses,let him refuse. HE said he WILL eat his food eventualy when hungry(that he wont starve himself) and when he sees I wont "give in" to his demands. HE is very agressive&VERY verbal the Vet said it seems cute now,but wont be cute when he's 8lbs,and to calm that temper down. (patrcik was yowling&thrashing his paws around through the carrier trying to get out angrily)He even said keep him in a crate(with litterbox)to confine him till he HAS to use the box,and not the rug. He HATES being in the carrier. Patrick sleeps in a roomy wire dog crate durnig his naptimes,and I keep him in it with a litterbox on one side when i am not home,or can't watch him. Well,today a new day,and puttin the litterbox(that was formerly in the back room)in my bathroom thats closer to the diningroom...he has been going in his box,yaayyy!!!!! The more he goes in his box(without being told/shown)the more freedom he gets. When he starts acting up(pottywise),I put him in the crate with his litterbox,and he is LEARNING from that. He is also nibbling the hard food. I am softening it a LITTLE to get him to eat it(couldn't help it),but won't make it mushy(like he preffers) anymore. He is a healthy 5-6wk old(10ounce),and Doc says bring him back in 2-3wks for his first shots. He is a feisty little kitty for being so small,but I love him and he has improved So much!!
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I'm glad to hear that things are getting better with Patrick. Hopefully things will continue to improve. Kittens sure can be a handful And welcome to the Cat Site! Those pictures you posted were so cute.
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Welcome to you and your sweet little kitty! Glad to hear things are improving.
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welcome to the site, i dont think it matters to much about male or female, i have 2 males and they are really good, all kittens are handfuls, no matter what sex they are, good luck and enjoy the forums
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