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This made me feel good

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My internet had been playing up for several weeks and I called my ISP and they sent a man over. Both my furbabies were sitting on the desk and the first thing he said was "awwwww" and I said sorry, because I didnt know if he was bothered and the first thing he said to me "I love cats!!!" - that made me feel great! Nice to have a man come in to fix something and say this!
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Awwww! Kellye that warmed my heart! So Sweet!
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that is really nice . I had a Telephone guy one time at my house and he also like cats , he endet up taking one of the stray kittens we had left from a litter of 5 home .
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That is nice. The guy that came and helped me when my car broke down last sunday did something similar. He Ooo'd and Ahh'd over Henrietta and Miss Hissy in their pet carriers. And he is even allergic to cats! He told me a cute story about how a cat picked him once and even though he was allergic, he couldn't refuse!
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The guy that came to service my grandma's oxygen tank always brought kitty treats. He would come close to his lunch time so he could have time to play with the cats. He loves cats, but could not have one at the time.
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When I lived in Chicago all the cable guys they sent to my place LOVED cats. They'd sit and play with Toes for a little while because Toes always tried to help them. It always made Toes' day because he got to be a real man-cat for a couple of hours.
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that is nice. a few years ago, when we moved to michigan, we were staying in the hotel where my s/o was working. my cat, tara, was adjusting to her new environment. one of the maintenance men had to come in to fix something, and he managed to coax her out from under the bed. he was such a nice man, i knew it from that minute.
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