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Yes, make sure the ringworm is cleared up before she comes into your home! Trust me, you don't want to deal with that in your house!

I'm sure she'll make a wonderful pet after she's cleared up, though.
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will your vet charge you a housing fee?
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When I was a lad we had a black and white kitty named Priscilla. She was my sister's cat but liked me (and the rest of the family) much better. It ended up with Prissy sleeping with (on)my mom, dad feeding her in the morning (when he got up at O'dark thirty), and me feeding her in the evening and cleaning her litter. Other than me, mom and dad she wasn't a friendly kitty, but she especially disliked women.

Anyhoo, Prissy died back in '96 and I don't have any photos of her. But my new babies daddy is a pretty (pretty big too) Tux so here is his picture:
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No, my vet won't charge me a housing fee nor medicine fee because I haven't yet "officially" adopted her. And even if I had, they probably wouldn't charge me. My vet is very understanding - I pay his electric bill each month!

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Originally posted by hissy
Some orphaned skunk babies I took care of-

Hissy, I just saw this picture! Those are some pretty funny looking cats!
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Now, this is a flat face. A close up of my Stanley.
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Hope, Stanley looks so regal in that picture!

"Yeah, I'm gorgeous. I know it!"
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Originally posted by valanhb
Hope, Stanley looks so regal in that picture!

"Yeah, I'm gorgeous. I know it!"
Or "Bite Me" -- LOL!

What A Great Picture, Hope!

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Oh my stanly diddums! soooo cute!
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Heres my adopted kitty Ryelee

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soory the pic is sideways! i didn't know how to turn them around on imagestation!

this is Mickey, hes a year and a half year old tuxedo cat hes such a sweet boy, except when hes being naughty, splashing all the water out of his water bowl! grrr!

thats a photo oh himself behind him...

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Mickey is one handsome dude!
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Here is a picture of the feral cat that I am trying to befriend. I first saw him/her (not sure yet) when he was a kitten digging in the neighbors trash can. Now he comes to my house for cat food in the morning and early evening every day. He is too shy still to eat while I am out front but he is getting braver by the day.
His facial marking look like the dude with the mask in Phantom of the Opera. You really can't see iit in his pics yet since he won't come close to me.
Here is his picture from yesterday:

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Originally posted by RHbarb
Or,we will just never speak to you again!!! LOL
After a lot of thought, we made a decision yesterday that we weren't going to adopt this little Tuxedo girl. She will need at least a month of treatments and quarantine before the ringworm is cleared. I already have one quarantine going on in the house and it will get really complicated to set up a second one.

The good news is that the vet already has a number of folks that want to adopt her. All are good homes. I will go to a shelter and adopt one who would not be as lucky as this little girl. Please speak to me again!

So many cats, not enough homes.....
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More lovely black & whites - thanks for posting these!

Amy, of course we'll speak to you! I'm glad the little tux will have a good home.
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Here I sit laughing and chuckling and bawling my eyes out over all these gorgeous, wonderful, cute, silly, pretty, handsome, eternally lovely little people -- especially the ones that particularly remind me of my little Drama Queen, Samantha, pictured here with her sister Suzy, playing with gift wrapping...
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...and here, chasing the cursor on the monitor...
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...and here posing on top of the toaster...
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...that last is my all-time favourite, though we don't have too many of her, because we didn't have the digital at that point and getting pics scanned was a pain. There's another of Sam with sister Suzy on the thread about baby pictures of older cats. I know I should be able to put a link to it here, but haven't figured out how, so these will have to do.

What lovely sweet critters the tuxes are!
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To add a link to the post, highlight the title of the thread, right click, click on copy shortcut, then paste it into your post.

Hope this helps...
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This is Joseph my Selkirk Rex cat
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I'm glad she will be adopted.
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Here's a picture of Hattie out behind our garage. She is my indoor/outdoor kitty. Fortunately, she sticks pretty close to our back yard. She has been an indoor/outdoor kitty since we got her. Hattie pretty well adopted our daughter, Alida, before the neighbors moved. Lucky for us, the neighbors thought that Alida was the one who should have Hattie when they moved

She doesn't get nearly the attention that my Brits get from other people, as she isn't an exotic looking cat...just a normal Tuxedo baby, but, if truth be told, she probably has the best personality. She is a true cuddle bug that likes to be picked up, cuddled with, kissed on! She loves it so much that she drools all over!

Cindy W.
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Here's some pics of my 2 black/white cats!
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Here's another pic of Zebra and Pepper wrestling- they LOVE to wrestle. They are NOT related at all but look and act so much alike!
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Single picture of Pepper. She INSISTS on being on my lap almost all the time! She also is very playful and mischievous..
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It's obvious why I've named her Zebra! She's the "oldest" of the gang and is a GREAT mom to the other 3 cats and she's my baby!
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Oh God, they are all SOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!

Here's a recent pic of Tuxedo and Gary. What a little lover our Tuxedo has turned out to be!!!!
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More b&w pics! They are so adorable! Thank you all so much for posting! :
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