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Oh no

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Last night was the first night I let the cats roam the house when we went to bed. We had chicken for dinner, rotisserie, and I put the bones in the garbage after dinner. This morning I saw that someone got in to the garbage and pulled the bones out and ate parts of them I know it can kill dogs because chicken bones splinter, so is it the same for cats? I feel terrible! Im so worried that while Im at work, one of them is dying from the chicken bone I have a lid on my can, so Im not even sure how they got in there or who did it! I feel really rotten that Ive only had them about a week and Ive already screwed up.
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Just Keep an eye on them and at the slightest sign of distress call the Vet. I am sure they'll be fine!!
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Cats eat birds in the wild and are better able to digest bones than dogs. Dogs also seem to gulp their food so it isn't chewed very well. Keep a close eye on the kitties and if they are eliminating normally it should be OK. If they have problems it will be in the next two days.
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Thank you!! Thats a relief!
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My cats have done this before and I haven't had any problems.I don't feed it to them,they got into the grabage.
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While I'm sure they'll be OK, I just learned that when chicken bone is cooked, it causes them to splinter.

Just wanted to let you know.

How are they acting right now?
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