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Cars that run on French Fry oil

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Just heard Daryl Hannah on a morning radio show talk about her car that runs on the oil used to cook french fries. You can actually take any car that uses diesel fuel and use the fry oil instead. It is the cleanest burning fuel available right now; of course it will be replaced when the hydrogen engine comes (whose only byproduct is clean, drinkable water). For older diesel vehicles, you just need to put in a different hose and add a small heater so that the oil doesn't coagulate. She also said that restaraunts actually pay you to take the oil off of their hands. I don't plan on trying this out, but it's still cool.
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I heard about that a few months ago. It was first introduced here when a guy started up a business selling toy boats that put-putted around a little pool, running only on vegetable oil. Since then, a few people have said they run their cars on used oil and the exhaust smells yummy! LOL
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I wonder if everyone used these cars if the U.S.A. would smell like a big french (ahem - Freedom) fry?
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We have several of these french-fry trucks in our university's motor pool! I think it is a wonderful idea...and it will continue to be the best fuel -- even better than hydrogen, because the oil is made from waste, whereas hydrogen production (rather than the hydrogen itself) will ultimately cause its own environmental and/or energy problems. From what I have heard, the people who know about hydrogen as a fuel say that when it comes to mass production of hydrogen, there can be lots of potential problems.

For now, I drive a Toyota Prius. It is a gas/electric hybrid which gets around 50 mpg and is a super low emmissions vehicle.
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Hey lotsocats, I heard hybrids are awesome to drive. WOuld you recommend one? I just got my car in March, it's a Geo, so I get pretty good gas mileage. I don't plan on buying another one any time soon, but I thought a hybrid would be a good car to have.

I never heard of cars running on French (freedom? ) fry oil before.
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Wow! Just think...McDonald's could be the main supplier for the US!
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I love mc dee french fries! So I would use the oil for my car,i would think I was eating there all the time!
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We rented a hybrid toyota prius and it was electric and got 50 mpg, awesom, and a good looking car too. It does require gas, but it uses teeny amounts to convert to electric, and it recharges as you drive. We drove all over the place and it still had gas but when you return a rental it had to be gassed up and was only $13. We fell in love with this wonderful car!!!
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Wow, that's amazing!!! French fries are actually good for something besides expanding your thighs!
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I love my Prius. I've had it for about 2.5 years and it runs like a dream. It is larger inside than my old Carolla was and is much more comfortable. It is fun to go into stealth mode (when it is running only on electricity) because no one can hear you coming. I scare people in parking lots all the time when in stealth mode -- they are just walking along in the middle of the lane and suddenly realize that there has been a car on their butts the whole time! I need to get a little bicycle bell to ring at people so they will scoot out of the way!

Anyway, I recommend the Prius to anyone who is planning on buying a new car. The only down-sides are that the trunk is a bit small (but not bad) and that if you live in a rural area (like I do) you will have to take it to a larger city when it needs servicing (such as the 30,000 mile service) because the smaller Toyota service departments aren't trained in this kind of technology. But, any place can do the routine oil changes, etc.
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