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This has been a REALLY bad day today!!

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Remember I posted about getting a purebred abyssinian a month ago? and then I said I returned it because it had a contagious disease (intestinal parasite) called "GIARDIA"? Well, She WAS exposed to one of my other cats but they never touched or used the same litterbox even. I only had that cat 4 days.

Well today (sorry for the gross details) I was sitting out on our deck enjoying a cup of Java, when I noticed my cat Lily (the one exposed to the sick cat a month ago) take a dump right on our lawn! I thought that was really strange because she usually waits to go in her litterbox inside. I casually strolled over to look at it and noticed it looked suspiciously similiar to Holly's poo. (the one with Giardia), with a sinking feeling I rushed Lily's "sample" off to the vet and sure enough it tested positive for "Giardia". The vet thinks she probably got it from drinking stagnant water outside and NOT from her brief exposure a month ago to the other cat that had it.

So, despite my efforts of preventing my other cats from getting it, by returning the sick cat, One of my cats got it anyway!!! Wah, Wah, and to top it off, Lily turns into "Rosemary's Baby" when she is forced into something or restrained. Pilling is out of the question, so I have to sprinkle a powder over her dry food for the next week and throw out her litter and disinfect daily. BOOO!!

Has anyone else on this board had to deal with Giardia? If so what did you do and how did it turn out?
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Oh, poor kitty and poor you!

Now, I am NOT advocating you try this with your cat, but it is an interesting giardia story. Many years ago, my dad, his brother and a couple of buddies were out roughing it in the mountains. For some reason, they thought it would be a good idea to drink straight out of the streams. Well, the other two guys got giardia, but Dad and Van didn't. They couldn't figure it out since they had drank the same water all week. The only difference, and their doctors confirmed this was the thing that prevented it, was that Dad an Van chewed tobacco. Apparently the small amount of tobacco juice that they swallowed was enough to kill the bacteria.

Strange, huh?
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like that story on the internet this morning!! A man asked his son to bring over a cud? of chewing tobbacco and he gave it to his Beagle to get rid of WORMS!!! Apparently the medication I was given at the vet is a wormer called Pancret. Maybe I SHOULD try the tobbacco juice?!
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I'm sorry you're having all this trouble! And poor kitty... it's hard when they're sick. I hope kitty gets better quickly!
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