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Abby is crazy

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I swear Abby is the craziest cat ever Her 2 new favorite spots in my house are in my bathroom-- the tub itself and inside my sink. She fits perfectly in the sink, just curled around in an oval like the shape of it. Shes so funny! I'll have to get a picture of her doing it. She also likes the bathtub upstairs, but that has an explanation at least.. it has a hanging chain from the faucet to where the plug hooks (old clawfoot tub) and she likes to play with the chain.

I spent bucoo bucks on toys and cat equiptment (a condo, a little nest thing etc) and she chooses my tub and sink I just cant figure it out!
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My kitty loves to play in the bath tub too! Her favorite thing is to take a small, lightweight ball in there and just bat it around for awhile. The smooth, round porcelain makes a great surface for doing that. Give it a try and then at least your kitty will still be playing with a toy you bought her or him!
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Before using the kitty loo Loki always jumps into the tub first and then goes to use the Litter box straightaway. Go figure
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