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I thought I would introduce myself. My husband and I have three cats: Merv (12 years old), Louis (3 years old) and Murray (2 years old). There are all little devils that I couldn't live without!
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welcome to the site!!
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Welcome lambchop! Where do you hail from?
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Welcome to the site! We would love to see pictures of your furry family, pups included.

Enjoy your time here!
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Thanks for the warm welcome.

We all reside happily in Michigan. I have included a picture of Murray (the orange fuzzy one) and Louis (the tiger kitty). These are "my" cats. Although, Louis has been a traitor lately and gone to my husband's side. Merv is his cat, and my arch-nemesis because he's loved more than me in our small family! But secretly we get along just fine
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I have a similar problem... if my boyfreind is home, my kittens want nothing to do with me. Last night I tried something.. I thought maybe it was because he was always on the big couch and figured maybe they wanted to spead out a little and that was why they'd always go to him. Last night I took the big couch and guess what.... I was kittenless again! All 3 of them sunggled on the little couch!

Welcome to the site! Hope to hear more about your babies..
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Welcome! That's such a cute picture of your cats!
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Welcome and Enjoy!
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What a great and sweet photo! I sure wish my cats cuddled like that

:flash: Welcome! :flash:
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Hi there and welcome to the site. I love the photo you have included showing your cats.

I don't have a similar problem - all the cats come to me and none of them want to sit with my DH They prefer me to sit on because I will sit still and not move them about all the time, whereas my husband fidgets and they give up.
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WELCOME you will love it here
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Hello and Welcome, Lambchop!

I'm also a newbie and this is a very warm and friendly site. People to chat with kitties to see, things to learn and places to go. I love it here!


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welcome to TCS
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Hi Lambchop - Must say love the username

Cute kitty picture! Welcome to the forum!
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