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I give up....
It's your liscence plate....
It could be anything...

you're actually C3PO's long lost relative...
That's it right?
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I didn't write this, but I have adopted it!

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Thanks for the Gazelle info, Shell. I just use the elliptical trainer at the gym, and haven't been doing that much lately. We don't really have space for exercise equipment at home other than free weights, but that does look pretty neat. Maybe they'll get one at our gym. Hopefully reading about the rest of you sweating will re-inspire me?
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Monday - chest and biceps

Tuesday - legs and abs and shoulders

wed - off

Thursday - back and triceps

Friday - lats and abs

sat and sun - off

Taking creatine and whey powder daily

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Originally posted by kev
Monday - chest and biceps

Tuesday - legs and abs and shoulders

wed - off

Thursday - back and triceps

Friday - lats and abs

sat and sun - off

Taking creatine and whey powder daily

Hey kev, my fiancee is also on whey powder and creatine... how's it working for you?
He's been on it for 4 weeks now and he's been doing a pretty intense weight and cardio programme... He hasn't lost any weight, but what we think is that he can't be working out so much and not gaining any muscle... so we conclude that he's most likely putting on bulk and loosing fat but staying the same weight...

How bout you?
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Suraya, a tape measure & photograph are much better gauges of body fat than a scale, especially if you're working out regularly - muscle weighs more than fat, so you can actually become leaner while not losing weight, or even while gaining weight.
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In reference to the creatine - this is used to make the muscle work that little bit harder and when its energy is getting depleted - it gives / allows a little more blood into the area being worked. It also allows a few extra forced reps when the going gets hard.
Whey protein is basically protein. Most people, male or female get their daily amount of protein through meat and what they eat. If you body build as I try and have been since christmas, then you need extra protein and this enables fuel to be added to the body. I weat approx 8 times a day - on average eating every two to three hours - this can be rice, chicken and fish. If not eating things i drink protein whey.
I have grown larger over the last 8 months - I had a 36 inch chest and am night on 46, I am about 6 feet tall so can distribute the weight easily.
Never train with an injury - my left shoulder has played me up something rotten today - I can pop it in and out at will- the rotator cuff is damaged again- so training is off for a few days!
Best wishes

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Went to gym....
Cardio 45minutes...

*sniff snifff
waaaa haaa haaaa
I can't beeeleeeeeve i've PUT ON 5lb!

It's coming OFF!
Even if i have to rent a bacon shaver, it's coming OFF by monday!
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Did weights today :Monday.... and then some cardio
Woke up and I was 115lb...

Need to loose 10lb by Friday.
I think i'll just eat leaves from now till then...
back to the gym later for more cardio

ai yai yai....
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house cleaning 45 min

wash JB 10 min

wash son 10 min

cook food 30 min

gardening 1 hr

will never rely on scale (which was created by an egotistical man!), but will see if I can fit into slacks I wore before pregnancy
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sew hungwy
lost another pound...
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I am wondering...how tall are you? You weigh 115 and need to lose another 10 lbs.?
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I've been so lazy the past few days...I didn't exercize at all!

Today I got back on track...doing the Gazelle thing.

Only went 15 minutes and burned 150 calories.

Good news...I lost 2 pounds!
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I'm 5'5".
But i have a very very small frame...
Wait wait...
I know, what you're thinking...
I'm not anorexic.

Actually loosing ten pounds is just a vague goal i set myself, that i pretty much know i won't attain.

I may be light, but most of what is on my frame is flab. No muscle.
So more than loosing weight, what i am more concerned about is turning my flab into muscle. I don't mind if i put on weight and loose inches as muscle is about 7 times heavier than fat...

So right now my gym routine is tailored to increase my muscle mass and reduce my overall body fat, which MAY result in me being heavier than i was, or the same weight at the end of the day. But in either case i'll have more muscle
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Well, as of last week on Weight Watchers, I have lost a total of 10 pounds. Tomorrow is my weigh in day. I joined a gym called Curves a little over a week ago, and I have gone almost every day since last Friday. I really enjoy the workout.
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Excellent Job, Deb! Keep up the great work!
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Hey there Shell...
How's it coming with the Release Pogramme?
Me and Rajesh are Picking up two bottles of Xenadrine on Friday...
Can't wait.
It's supposed to be quite a serious fat buster.

And good work on the 2lb...
I wish i had a gazelle...
I love the name...

The gazelle....
makes it all sound so graceful
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Thanks Shell. Actually, it's been a breeze, and I am really enjoying how much better I feel. The working out is fun too. (Never thought I would hear myself say THAT!) The place I joined is exactly the perfect workout for me.
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Congratulations Deb and Shell!!!! I saw the Gazelle at Academy but it still looks a bit unusual. I'm thinking of investing in a treadmill since I don't have the 'time' to drive to a gym but plenty of time to run in place and stare out into the yard

I did fit into my slacks!! Whooopeeee!! I do believe in tape measure as a rule of thumb!

Yzma, I always found that doing weights and aerobics in addition to running also helped as far as adding muscle, I had the same thing also. My dad got me into weight lifting and my mom got me into aerobics which both got the muscle, so did swimming and playing tennis. Awww I miss those days of activity, can't wait for my son to get older and get back into them!!
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Jake and I joined the gym yesterday! Yay!

That means we start seriously working out, especially me, myself and I!!!!!!


Not saying my weight here, but I need to lose A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just to let ya'll know about my Gazelle. I got it dirt cheap! It's not a fancy as the ones you see in the InfoCommericals, but it's the same idea. Mine doesn't have the heart monitor and it only allows up to 250 pounds of weight on there. The new one's allow up to 350..I think.

I got mine for Christmas last year. I told my parents I wanted it for Christmas, so they gave me a check and told me to buy it. Merry Christmas to me, huh? Anyway, I got it at Alco (it's a discount store like WalMart, but cheaper stuff) for $99. I do know that you can get them online at walmart.com for close to the same price, but you'll have to add the shipping.

Just thought I'd let you guys know in case if you were looking to buy one. It's great exercise! It's not hard on your knees and ankles, like a treadmill. That's one reason why I like it so much.
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YAY! I just weighed myself and I'm down 5 pounds! I've been walking ALOT more with the new job, so I'm sure that's helping a ton!

I'm so tired tonight...I just don't think I can even exercise 2 minutes with out pooping out. Will make a point to work out tomorrow!
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Picked up a new sport - lacrosse (playing this time, not watching) We practise (hubby and I) every day for at least 1 hour. Right now there is alot of running after the ball as I miss it often.
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I have put on 15 pounds!!!!!!
That's an average of one pound per day i was on holiday!!!

Can you hear me screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeming!!!!???

I'm so upset!!!


ooooo hoooo hoooooo hoooo hooo
a hooo hooo hooo

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What did you eat in Kiwiland????
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I have been keeping up with this thread, although I have not posted. I joined a women's gym called Curves about a month ago. I just had my first monthly measure in, and I have lost 22 inches and 10 total pounds, 3 of which was body fat.

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22 inches - dang that is GREAT Deb!

I have joined a gym and I have a personal trainer, and am also doing body pump, which i LOVE!
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That is absolutely AWESOME Deb!!! Way to go! I'm so proud of you!

Suraya, that's a bummer about gaining. But I'm sure you'll take it off just as quickly as you put it on! I've got faith in ya Girl!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
What did you eat in Kiwiland????
I ate everything.... EVERYTHING i could get my hands on.. I think it was body's was of reacting to the cold...
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Did you have fish and chips? I love fish and chips!
And, did you have vegemite?

where did you stay in chch?
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