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Anyone ever worked at McDonalds?

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Just wondering...I am not babysitting anymore so am not getting my weekly cash for groceries....I may go apply there for part time,,,we can't afford to wait a week for someone else to call for an interview, and I do believe McDonalds hires "almost anyone"'d you like it if you worked there? I know, I am 31 years old, but i am going to apply for the assistant manager position..I don't have any experience I know, but I am a hard worker when I do work....we need the anyway..just wondering...anyone work there before?
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When I was in high school, I worked there for One Whole Week...the manager hated my guts -- I was forced to quit and I took up baby sitting instead!

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I have done babysitting, but it ties me down, and I cannot do the things I need to do during the day......babysitting is no option for me now..did you like it though even though your manager hated you??..i mean, was it really stressful? hot? anything??
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It was OK... I remember it being a lot of work. Lots of cleaning when orders weren't being taken.... The one thing I hated was working the drive through and the cooks getting behind filling the orders—I had to park people... Half the people I had to "Park" were mad as *BLEEP* and took it out on me...that was kind of depressing... Then again, I was only 17 years old--Now that I am 36, I would probably get fired for "Snappin' Back" at the MEAN people, LOL!

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Eeeew, I'm sorry for pointing out the negative stuff. Really, I think it would have been fun if the moral of the staff was better. I think it hinges on the management and how they treat their employees..

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i never worked at mcdonalds but i worked at taco bell for years, and i'll say it was SO freaking stressful. It seemed like I always had 26 things to do and 5 minutes to do it, customers would cuss me out like 5 times a day, I had to call the police several times for crazy people.. I got paid nothing to work my butt off constantly..

But then I know mcdonalds has seperate drive thru people and counter people and kitchen people so it seems a little better. My friend worked there for a while and she loved it, all she did was stand in the drive thru box and take orders. My other friend in college was a manager at mcdonalds and she liked it tho she said it was stressful.

I say give it a shot, fast food is really good for some people, especially in a management capacity. If you don't mind hard work and a little bit of hectic-ness at times it could really turn into something. I know people that have went from a min wage worker to asst mgr to store mgr to office. And even store mgrs make a hefty salary.
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My best friend is a manager at our local McD's. She doesn't exactly LOVE her job, but its tolerable. Good luck!
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What's the worst? You can't stand it and decide the stress is not worth the money - quit! If you do land the job, because you need the money, I sure hope it works out.

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The fast food business is very stressful. But some people like it so I guess it depends!

One job I really liked was as a cashier at a grocery store. It's fun interacting with people and I didn't find the business very stressful at all. Some of the pay pretty well too. Especially the ones that are unionized.

In this day and age though, jobs are difficult to find right now. So sometimes we have to do what we have to do! And if you take a job at McDonalds, that doesn't mean you have to stay.

Good luck!
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That was my first job. They hire managerial positions from within the company first then they would look elsewhere. I was one of the first "girls" hired in Orange County to work at McDonalds. Prior to the "girls" working there, the group I was hired with had 5 girls total, there were just older women working there.

Working the grill was always the part I hated, and I loved working the counter and the registers. On Friday night, Ed Ruby the owner of the franchised store would have Counter Competitions. He would pair up the crew, one boy, and one girl on each side of the register and tell us to hustle those buns! If we brought in the most money for the shift, then we got a nice bonus in our check. I loved those competitions and we were always so busy.

I worked for them for 2 years and then moved on to something that didn't require me to be on my feet quite so much.
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I worked there for 2 days once in college. It was hard I thought! You had to watch like 14 videos to learn everything -- like how to pack items in the bags in the proper order.

The floor was totally grease all the time and we had to mop it.

Then, to top it off, it was inventory taking time and we had to count EVERYTHING in the entire place one night at like 1 AM -- including thousands of salt packets and ketchup packets.

It was too much for me so I quit. Of course I was pretty young and immature then too.
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I like to keep busy so I think I will like it..I think my downfall will be not being able to hear...I have a hearing deficiency in my right ear, sooo..we will see...I am having to take all 4 of my kids with me to fill out the application since I have no babysitter....thanks for all the replies everyone!
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Good luck! Keep us posted.
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I worked in a small-town McD when I was in college, then again when I moved to the city without a $ to my name. A lot depends on the atmosphere in the restaurant, but you can affect that yourself to some degree - cheerfulness can be contagious.

The small-town store was good - it was very hard work and I went home every day tired & with sore feet, but I loved interacting with customers and I thrive on working hard & being active - I can't stand just sitting around doing nothing, so it was good for me - you have to clean when you're not helping customers. I preferred the counter & drive-through to the grill, but I'm a klutz and kept burning myself. A lot of times if you're very sweet to the grouchy customers they'll turn around & apologize for being grouchy, too. I love that. I was promoted to mgr. pretty quickly, so that was nice, too.

I didn't like the second store in the city, though. Most of my coworkers did as little work as possible, and were very sloppy and dirty. Even the store mgr. was lazy! I worked there 2 days before I found a different job. Try visiting the restaurant where you're thinking of working and observe the employees - you should get a feel for the attitude of the place pretty quickly. Is the store clean?
Are the employees grumbling under their breath, or even out loud? If it's bad, try a different restaurant.

The nice thing about McD is that they don't hold it against you for leaving quickly...and it doesn't look bad on a resume if you don't work there long. People understand. When times are tough, you have to take what work you can find.
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I didn't work at McD's, I worked at Burger King for a summer in college. Actually, I had fun at that job. Like a lot of people have said, I think a lot of it depends on the attitude of the manager and mine was awesome.

Hubby worked at a McD's for a long time when he was in high school and he enjoyed the experience as well.
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I've never worked there, but I have an interview there at 3:30 today... I thought it was cool that this topic was up today.
I applied Tuesday at 10AM, they called Tuesday night at 5PM, and I had my interview arranged yesterday.
If we both get in, we can vent about it to each other.
Good luck to you.

PS: You probably know this, but you can fill out and print your application online. I did that so I didn't have to worry about my handwriting being messy (I'm a lefty with horrible handwriting...).
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I worked in fast food in high school and managed for 8 years. I always really enjoyed it, but management is a minimum 50 hour work week, and for assistants, those are mostly nights and LOTS of weekends. As you well know, most fast food chains are open until 11:00 or midnight, and the close after that takes a good hour at least, depending on how busy you are prior to close.
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My niece just spent a year working at McD's. She liked it because she is a teen, and the store she worked at was a teen gathering place, so she could see her friends all the time. It was hard work, as in lots of menial cleaning and stuff.

Her big complaint was that they would schedule her for hours, and then if the store was not very busy, they would send her homw. I don't know if that was policy, or just her shift managers, but she found it frustrating. You should ask about minimum guaranteed hours, because you will need to make enough for child care.

I worked as a grocery store cashier, and as a waitress in a greasy spoon. Both were hard work (as in, on your feet all day and tiring) but I loved it. I liked being busy all of the time.
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The only food service job I ever did was working for Bruggers Bagels my freshman year of college. I actually loved it, it was a really fun job. The people I worked with were so much fun, we all hated the manager so it gave us something else to bond over. I really enjoyed meeting people every day and seeing repeat customers.
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I worked the fryer at a Jack in the Box, when I was 17. I did not like it.

Is there a Walgreen's near you? They are ALWAYS hiring. I hated the place but that's MY temperament. If you can get on in cosmetics or get them to train in the photo dept, the pay is better. I just hate being stuck behind a cash register.
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Kathy, I wish you the best of luck Hon! My MickeyD's is awful here, but I've been to several that are much cleaner & more friendly. I do think a lot of it has to do with the location and the Management.

Another place that is always looking for people is WalMart. I've been there for 10 years and I love it. But I also live in a small town so it could be awful in a city. I'll find that out soon when I'm off to Management Training in September! I know that at Walmart the cashier are one of the highest paid hourly associates. I'm not sure how big of a city that you live it, but in Beatrice (a near by town with about 10,000 people) they start out at $7.50 an hour and after 90 days you get a raise.

I wish you the best and keep us posted on what happens!
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Hey Shell! What dept? I worked for Wally for 6 years.
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