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It's time

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Well, it looks like it will be a long night. My Emmi has started breathing heavy and has been restless. So we will be up with her to see if she has her kittens. We are pretty excited and nervous for her. If anyone wants to peek in on her they can go to the website and look at the kitty cam. I am sure I will be on and off of here all night..
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This is so exciting Sandie! Congradulations!

How's she doing? How many little Munchkins do you have now?

I visited your site but couldn't see the video for some reason.
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Well, I will give an update for everyone. She had 3 kittens all together. It "looks" like so far 2 females and one male. 2 of them seem to have the short legs so far. I have a cream, and 2 blue and white bi colors. I would upload a picture, but I dont know where I would put it. Mom and babies are doing very well right now and seem to be very happy. Let me know where to put a pic and I will...
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I've been watching the "litter Cam" (what a cool idea!) all afternoon! I am so excited for you!!

Hugs to the little mom and the new wee ones!

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I am glad you are enjoying the kitty cam. My husband and I wanted to be able to give people an idea of what it is like. It is a very fun experience. Mom has no objections to us holding the babies, so I am having a ball. Everyone here will be able to see them grow to at least 3 months..
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Oh! I just saw your hand! *grin* Oh thank you for sharing this experience!

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Okay, I can get the webcam now - but it's all dark. Guess you guys went to get some sleep... I'll check in later.

You know, I can actually set this forum to show pictures (if you give it the URL). Do you think I should?
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Congratulations Sandie!

I'm too late to see the webcam but I look forward to seeing all the pics!

Best wishes to the parents (and grandparents!)

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Yes, we turn the lights off for her about 10pm Eastern time. She is usually in there caring for her 3 little ones. I have a good picture of all 3 babies nursing on mom. So if you guys would like to see her, I would be more than happy to show them off. They are so tiny!!
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Okay - I really want to see them! I turned the image code on for this forum. The only reason why I haven't done so earlier is that if people post photos that are too large, it might create some problems with the tables in the templates. I figure we can give it a try. If there are problems, I can always turn it off again.

To post a photo you need to upload it somewhere on the web. Then use the image tag. That one is easy it's {img} at the beginning of the url and them {/img} at the end. Like all forum code, you need to put the tages in square brackets so it would work.

Let's give it a try.

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Okay - it works!

What a handsome couple they are Sandie! Now, if you can upload some pics to your site, you can post them here as well!

If you can't upload them to your site, send them to me by email and I'll upload them to one of my web accounts.
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I am going to e mail the picture I have to you. I don't know when my husband will get around to uploading them to the site. They are only 18 hours old when I took the pic. They are just so neat to have around!!
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They're so sweet! Looking at them I really envy you breeders! There's nothing like that - a mom and her suckling kittens. The picture of contentment!

Gotta go now. I'll post more later.
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It is so sweet to watch them! As soon as they start fussing, Mom goes running back to them. I am so lucky she lets me pick them up and cuddle them. I am just dying to see what they will look like!!
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Oh they are so cute!!! That cream colored one is especially sweet! I wish i could afford to buy one, but there would be no way to get it here, even if I could.

I get the magazine, "Animals Exotic and Small" and they had a big article about munchkin cats, and I kinda wish I had one.
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Maybe one of these days we can get you one. I am sure we could work something out. I will be here in CT for the next few years. Anything is possible!! Yes, they are very cute and fun too. It helps once you have seen them in action. Sorry I have not been posting much, my 6 year old was kind enough to share her germs, so I have been in bed trying to get over this cold!! Thank you for all the wondeful comments and for taking the time to look at these guys!!
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I hope you get to feeling better!!
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