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Silly pet nicknames, etc.

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Sometimes I think if someone happened to be listening to or watching me with my kitties, they might have me put in the loony bin!

I love to make them talk and say things like "Daddy, will you put your hand on my tummy and move it around please?". Or sometimes I talk to my husband thru them and say things like "Daddy made a biiiiig mess in the kitchen and he thinks Mommy is going to clean it up, but he is wrong!"

When Bunnie gets into a good rhythm with her "patty-cake" kneading on my tummy, I like to say "Left, Left, Left Right Left..." and she stays in perfect rhythm, it makes me laugh thinking of her in a little soldiers hat just marching along!

We think Jake looks like a kangaroo, he has a pouchy tummy and he even has fat kitty "buns"! He is such a nerd!

When the cats hear the toilet flush they come a-runnin! They looooove to watch the water swirl down, they think it is the most intriguing thing in the world! And I can't get Jake to stop jumping into the shower every morning before I turn in on. He KNOWS he's going to get wet but he just can't stop himself from jumpin in there! Then when I turn it on he scrambles around in there until he can get his footing and he's off like a shot!

I call them the stupidest names, I don't know where these names come from but I call them: Putsy Taps, Tappington (may from the patty-cake thing), squeakers, fuzz panties, Cottonfoot McGillicuddy (Bunny has little tufts of long fur on the bottoms of her feet), Squatsy, Keet keet, etc. The list goes on and on! Anyway, just wanted to share some silly kitty stuff!

Anyone else have silly kitty nicknames to share?
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that sounds just like hubby and me. We make them dance and talk and they all have funny nick names
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Willow was named by the vet who rescued her but when she is bold or silly I call her willomena Bumble. It comes from the time she ate a bumble bee and was alergic and her lips went purple and swollen and she started being sick and had the runs from the other end!
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Zoey is my Boo Boo
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I love the Shambling Mound, Fur Pig, they're all hilarious, hahahahaha!!! Great names, and you sound like a very smart and creative person!
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Great nicknames everyone! And Sicy, I just finished reading the thread with all the photoshop images! I cried I was laughing so hard! Thanks for the great fun!
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I call my cat (Roxy Gogo) Rogan Littlefoot. In fact he now answers to Rogan better than Roxy OR Gogo or even RoRo.. No one knows what to call him.
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Mr. Underfoot is Love Bug, or BooBoo, or Stop That! (he's into things a lot)

Sylvestra is Silly

Felixia is Pookie

Oreo is Mr.Cat

Tiger Lily is Mama Kitty (she had a litter before I could trap her to get her spayed - she was very hard to catch!)
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Oscar is also known as Oscardoodle
Sammycat AKA Sumocat or Babycat depending on my mood:
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Let's see, I call my Snoopy: "Mr. Snoopis T. Gundy", or "Mr. Gundy", or "Snudley Snuptchualbaum" or I tell him, "Your the Special"

I call Shane: "Sha nah nah dah boon dah", or "Sha Nai Nai".

& I call Stanley: "Boom Boom Baganley" or just "Boom Boom Boy".
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Well, they have many names, but the main ones are:

Trent is Boo Bear or Bubba

Ophelia is Baby Doll or Little Girl
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Let me see:

Toes has:

Toeser, Toeser Hoser, Sir Toeser Hoser, Hosehead, Turkeybutt, Toesy Woesy, Mow-mow (actually all cats are Mow-mows to me), and Mr. Butt-in-Face

Tailer's name was orignally Tail and Tailer was the nickname, but she won't respond to Tail anymore:

Tail, Tailer, Tailer Sailor, Ms. Tailer Sailor, Ms. Tailer, Mow-mow, Bathroom Guardian, Too-Smart-For-Her-Own-Good (and she is), and Cute Butt (because it is too)

Both Toes and Tailer respond to their names the -er versions of their names and the rhyming -er versions.
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Peaches & Cream = Peaches, Peachy, sweet Peach, sweet cheeks, poofball, lovey, sissy, cuddles or baby.
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Loki is Baby Boy, Honey....
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My late husband was great at giving Dottie and Bleu nicknames.

Dottie - "Hot shottie they call her Dottie." Queen *itch, Pooh, Grouchy Girl, pootie-butt, Dottie Sue, Dot-Dot-Dash.

Bleu - Big Fat White Guy, Bleu-dog, stretch limo, road-kill, lover, sissy-boy.

My nicknames for Penny and Duffy are

Miss Penny, wild-thing, colon with fur, blinker, winker, one-eyed Susan, girly-girl.

Duffy - baby, MacDuff, Duff, little boy, sweet thing.
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we call Rocky, cocky Rocky because he just has that "walk" goin on if ya know what I mean, and Fluffy gets called Fluffers now..
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Cocky Rocky, that's too funny. I know what you mean about "that walk." Bleu walks like that -- like he's a "big" cat, as in King of the Jungle.
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Sesame chiken is sesame,big un, scaredy cat and papa cat.
Squirrel is squirrely girl, elbow baby (because of the birth defect) or mama
Mooshu Pork is moo, moomoo, big head (she had the BIGGEST head when she was born) or porker
Polly Wanna Cracker is polly, polly boo,the bottomless pit, and big mouth baby, she's the most vocal one of the whole bunch.
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jmvito--too funny! I had a cat named Penny and a cat named Duffy at the same time too!
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Originally posted by annabelle33
I call my cat (Roxy Gogo) Rogan Littlefoot. In fact he now answers to Rogan better than Roxy OR Gogo or even RoRo.. No one knows what to call him.
ROTFL!! I'm glad someone else in the world calls their kitty GoGo besides me, LOL!

OK..here's my names for my boys - LOL!!!
GoGo is my CeeCee Translation "my sweetie"
Spot is my PotHead Translation: 'my Spot head" (Spot's my Moo, too)
Peanut is my BooBoo - Tanslation: "my baby"
Rocko is my KeeKee - Translation: "my kitty"

Of course, you guys didn't need the translations!!
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Kim..... you forgot to post what *I* call Peanut!
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Originally posted by nicolette
Kim..... you forgot to post what *I* call Peanut!
ROTFL!! I almost put that in but I was afraid it was too, shall we say, phallic for the board, LMAO!!!!!

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Yes, you may be right Kim!!
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oh boy, I am the worst for doing this....and I keep editing in more as I remember them <G>

Patrick is bubbie, bubber, bubberlicious, cutie-PIE, and when he's in trouble, he's Patrick...my maiden name..my married name

Ophelia (which is actually a nickname, her real name is LadyHawke) is also chooch, and choochie and I almost forgot her latest...lala and lala girl , oh and wolfie girl (because she is a cold, severe looking brown tabby, face is truly wolf like, she is stunningly gorgeous!)
Alix (a nickname, her real name is Killashandra) is also alix p. curl, and babydoll
Joshua (don't ask his real name) is poobers, poober-mans and joshua-poobers
Larissa (her real name!) is fluff-doodle, huggy-kissy girl
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These nicknames are all so funny and cute!

I call Harry: Harry, baby boy, little baby boy, little bittle baby boy, harry the cat, harrythecat.org, best cat in the world, crazy nut, crunchy nut, and crunch.

I've only had Maggie 6 months, and I call her Maggie, Mags, Maggie May, Mag-Mag, and Maggie Magee.

I love calling them and definitely use a sing-song voice when I say their names. Non pet lovers just would never understand!
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Fred is Fredlump, smelly cat, and Ifyoudontstopit,Iamkillingyou.

Georgia is cutie-pie, Georgiakins, and Georgedammitgetdown.

Pearl is Pearlykins, Precious girl, baby girl, and hairball. It used to Pearl girl until the Tampax Pearl commercial.
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These names are so descriptive and creative! Keep them coming!
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i am so glad i am not the only one that does this, my husband and i talk to blackie and stripey jsut like babies, we call blackie bird, hes such a cat bird, now he answers to bird, and we call stripey the baby, we say hes the baby of the family, we have no idea if he is the youngest of the two, they are litter matesyes but who was born first i dont know, but hes the smallest of the 2, i guess that swhy hes the baby, just plain simple over our kitties, but i also talk like that with my sisters cats and my mom and dads dog, so maybe im jsut simple over animals in general, ya think i do think they are just great creations.....
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TTMom, isn't that something, you had a Penny and Duffy. My sister's cat's name is Dottie same as my Dottie. Duffy's name started out as Uncle Sam because he was found on July 4. Then it went to Sammie, then Gizmo, then Yoda, then Bailey, and now Duffy. I got the name Duffy from an old Columbo movie. There's a Sergeant Duffy on the movie every now and again. Somehow Duffy just clicked in my mind and it stuck to the cat.

Other cat names I've used have been Patrick, Welby, Socco, Whispy, Tiger, Pickles, Tom, Sugar, Snowman, Baxter, Spyder, Raggs, Quincy, Lucky, Coco, Elvis, and Tripod.

I did't have Tripod but a few hours. I found him on the steps of my office building early one winter morning. Poor little thing. I picked him up to bring him inside, and he smelled just awful! It didn't take too long to figure out that his right front leg was missing at the shoulder and the wound was wide open, and full of maggots. I took him to the vet at 9:00 when they opened. Unfortunately we put him to sleep. The vet didn't think he would live through the surgery because he was so young and frail, and I didn't have any money to pay the vet. I cried all the back to work and most of that day. I felt so bad for him. But, for a few hours he was lavished with love and food, and given a most appropriate name. Tripod.
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Ivo has a lot (I don't think she knows what her name is anymore):
Big bear, baby bear, shugie bear, bear, shuge, boo, boog, bug, boo-boo-be-do, baby girl, Ivo-Ivo-bo-bivo, Ivester. My neighbor likes to call her Miss Thing.

My favorite cat nickname is what my Dad calls his cat Pumpkin (and it's all in love): furry-rat-face-stinky-kitty-butt. When he adopted her, she did have a rat face, and changing her diet caused a really stinky kitty butt! Besides that she's Pump, Lump, Yump, Yumkin and Lumpkin.

Dad's RB cat Wanda was know as Wanda-Banda-Banana-Bana-Banda, Tick Tock cat (from how she wagged her tail) and Old Broad.

The cat I grew up with, Loppy, was known as Lop and Plunker (I have no idea where that one came from).
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