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Hi everyone! I have missed you!!!!

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I finally got the tribute to Merlin done and have posted it in the Bridge forums here...I hope you will take a look at means alot to me to have you all read about him. Please read it if you get time. It is a little long but the story is worth reading....he was such a special cat and it took me so long to get it all worded just right and typed up here.

So......what have I missed?????? Can anyone give me a summery (sp?) of the past 3 months of any important things going on with you all that I missed? I feel so bad for being gone for so long and what is even worse is that until probably October I won't have the chance to be online as much as I used to... (although it will be more than what it has been) there are just too many things going on this summer...working all the time...and summer activities and Amber is starting to walk, so demanding my full attention at home, and new kitties from a pregnant stray who ended up here, etc .... I just don't have much time online...but that will change once summer is over. I will have a little more time then.

I'd like to get to know you new members here...I used to be able to know everyone here....and all about them and their lives...but there are far too many members now to know them all personally. That is good though, that the site has grown so much!!!!

A big HELLO to all my friends here!!!!!!!!!!!
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I wish I could update you about what has been going on for the past three months but I can't. I too have been rather intermittent with visiting these boards with work and moving house hopefully for the last time in a long while.

I do remember a preview for a possible new layout for TCS...I don't know if you saw it but here's the link to the thread...

New TCS Layout Preview Thread

That's the biggest development that I remember, website wise anyhows.....if I've missed any I'm sorry. I will try to me more observant in future.
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Aww, thanks Mags!!! I appreciate it!
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You're welcome

I can see why you're Queen of the Boards. In the time I made one post, you made three.
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I'm so happy to see you posting. I'm going directly over to read your tribute. Welcome back girl. I missed ya!
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You have been missed, and it's soooo good to have you with us again! I will be going over to read Merlin's tribute too.
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Debby!!!! It's so nice to see you back in here - you are always missed by me So! Little Amber is walking--I bet that she is just darling. I just love this stage of life—when everything is so new and fascinating, like walking! I bet Amber will advance to running pretty'll have to post some pictures of her.

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Welcome back, Debby, we missed you!!!
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Hi Debby, its wonderful to have you back.

There are a lot of new people on the boards, with wonderful stories for all of us. You'll get to know them quickly. The busiest threads are all about people with new kittens to nurse, so you will be able to relate to all of that! And lots and lots of photos.

I have been really impressed by where all of the new people are from, this is a truly international community.

Which brings me to......we need to see photos of Amber! I first started visiting these boards around the time she was born. Its watching babies grow that really shows the passage of time.
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Welcome back, Debby! I'm really glad to see you.
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It's about time! Glad that you're back.
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I already said welcome back in the mod lounge, but I felt I should say it again. So, Welcome Back Debby!
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Glad to have you back!!! We have missed you a lot. Even though you have yur hands full, and can't visit much, it is always good to hear from you when you have the time.

Blob-O-Rama just for you!!!!!!!
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Well it's about time! This board has been seriously lacking since you have been gone. You want a 3 month recap? Hon- this board moves at lighting speed anymore. The days of rhymed recaps are long behind me!

Kimbulu ended up in the hospital with some sort of blood infection (not cat scratch) brought on by the feral kitties she was taking care of.

Deb25 is becoming the Queen of Caption This Puns as well as the chronic interviewee of the year! Anne's baby is due soon, they have decided to name him Guy. We come online with the new design for TCS in September. Lots of folks are rescuing now, kittens are everywhere. Mike and I lost sweet Bartee, he died at the vet's during a routine procedure. And well, I am just glad to see that you are back finally!
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Welcome back Debby!!!!! you have been missed!
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Hi Debby! I missed you too! (Even though I don't think I know you.) I think I have seen that sweet avatar of you since I joined in June though. So I must have read something from you!

Anyway, I'm Tammie. Devouted and doting mommy to Peaches (is it doting or dotting?) I have a dear sister named Debby who was more like my mother growing up. She's a wonderful person as I'm sure you are too!
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Hurray, Debby! I'm happy to see you back and posting. So when do we get to see Amber?
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I just can't believe it! Debby is back!!
I've missed you so much! So many things happening on Hissy said, it's too much to even write!

Hope you post pic's of Amber! I bet she's such a little darling walking around. Enjoy it now Hon...just wait until she starts RUNNING!

Glad to see you back and I'm heading over right now to read the Tribute to Merlin.
Hope to chat with you more!
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Well, look whose surfaced! Welcome back Debby! we missed ya!
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Hi Debby - I think I have had the most happen to me so far unfortunatly, my dogs got hit, my cat was at the vets for 5 days , my mum & dad split up, it has been so uneasy for me and everyone here has made my life so much better

, I'm glad to hear about Amber- and I'm really glad you are back! Look forward to seeing you around

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Yay!!! I'm glad you're back Debby. I've missed you! I'll be heading over to read Merlin's tribute in a few minutes.

And I'd love to see new Amber pictures as well. I can't believe she's walking already!
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Hi Debby! I'm looking forward to getting to know you.
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Hey Debby! Glad you are back!
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Photos of Amber please! She has changed alot I'm sure! It really felt empty here without you.
I tried to nurse a kitten back to health for 7 weeks he hung on trying to get better. I posted almost everyday to update his progress. He died with his very own fan club and I am sure he is visiting me by the way the other kittens are acting.
See the threads "Kitten stepped on!!!" and "Frankies Garden", both started by me.
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Hi Debby! So glad to see you back! Not much new on this end... I got a permanent position at work and Darrell changed jobs. We're both making a little more money and now we're moving to a smaller and cheaper place.

So how are you?
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Oh My I sounded like such a B!t(# in the last message!

I'm so sory! I wasn't trying to steal the lime light or anything

My apolgies everyone ....

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Debby - lovely to see you back. I know time is tight, but I really think you need to crack that all-important 10,000 posts and regain your crown - we can't have MA stealing your thunder as queen of the posts (!!!) LOL.

Seriously - it is lovely to have you back again, and the news (well, my news anyway); I've just started maternity leave, albeit still working, but from my home office - as junior is about a month away from being due. I've puffy ankles and am finding it hard to get around due to the weight and heat, but apart from that all looks fine.

I have a new digital camera, so baby pics will be in abundance as soon as young Aleksy or young Dominik (still deciding between the 2 names) makes an appearance.

Look after yourself, and hope to see an onslaught of posts very, very soon, together with pictures of little Amber.
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OMG!!! Yola!!! I can't wait to see pics of the baby!!!! And Hissy thank you for telling me Anne was naming the baby Guy! What a cute name!!! I have been so out of touch!

Thanks to all of you who said you missed me! I miss you all too!
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So Debby, whats new with you?
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