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I use Tidy Cat for Multipe cats with the blue label. The boys want use anything but the clumping kind. I did try the regular Tidy Cat since the big bag was a lot cheaper but they used the bathroom outside of the litterbox. It's funny how they get used to something and doesn't want to change
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Premium Choice Extra Clumping Litter — works great completely unscented.

50 lbs bags for $10 sale price at Pet Club (California locations). Isn't that an amazing price??! They regularly put this on sale . . .maybe every couple weeks.. . so I know my kitties will never be without.
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I use arm and hammer with crystal, it is the best out of all I have tried.

I used fresh step first, then switched to tidy cats with crystals, then I tried pawpurr, and now arm and hammer with crystal and i will be sticking with that!
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Cat's Pride natural cat litter. No clumping, no deodorizer, no anti-bacterial, just plain old clay litter. I've never had problem with odors.
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we use "Everfresh with Activated Charcoal" -it's a low-track clumping litter in one box for our kitty that refuses to use the "Feline Pine" that we use in the other boxes.
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I use Tidy cats for multiple cats the scoopable kind.
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I also use Fresh Step Scoopable because of the Paw Points. They are supposed to have changed some of the items you can earn starting in July - now they have a window perch - that's what we're saving for now. We got the pet bed (which they'll be discontinuing the end of the year or until supplies run out) - but the girls mainly play in it/with it as they sleep in bed with us.
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Fresh Step Crystals
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I use Swheat Scoop. It's expensive (over $12.00 for a 14 pound bag), but Pet Club sells it for $7.99!!
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We use tidy cat multiple cat, and yeah we have a litter maid I loved it til it broke down, I think we just need to check the sensor, but it WAS fantastic.
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I use PetValue store brand, scented clumping litter.

We don't like any other kind.

We prefer furniture to many other kinds of litter.
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Originally posted by harrythecat
I use Swheat Scoop. It's expensive (over $12.00 for a 14 pound bag), but Pet Club sells it for $7.99!!
Petsmart sells it in 40 lb. bags for $21!
I love this lungs and my cats prefer it
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Thanks guys, I am doing an article on kitty litter. Finding out all sorts of things about it. By the time it gets to us (the cat lovers) it has been marked up 500%! I am talking the regular clay litter not the Green Products that are biodegradebable. I was just curious what type of litter you all use. Thanks again!
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Tidy Cats, Multiple Cats, Scoopable, Long Lasting Odor Control.
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I was using Yesterday's News, but our local Petstore has been having problems on ordering it. The suppliers aren't sending it!

So I tried Swheat Scoop and my boys didn't like it too much and it costs a lot.

Now I am back to using Feline Pine.
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i use scoop away clumping type, i was using arm and hammer super scoop, but the scoop away semed less dusty.
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Well, in the past I use plain old clay. Then I got the litter maid and had to have clumping litter. I will say, the litter maid works but you have to have very good clumping litter and a cat that isn't toooo big. I started out with these kitties with a newspaper one, don't remember the name but it was tracked everywhere. I can never remember which one I got last so just usually get the cheapest of the clumping. Right now am using Cat's Pride. Would like to try the Wheat one but can't get it here.

Really want to get the kitty toilet so I don't have to scoop anymore is so expensive. But with long term litter boxes, it may just be a savings in the long run.
Sorry for being so long winded Hissy.
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Nobody's said Exquisicat Clumping litter! I buy 40 pound cardboard containers at Petsmart for $8.99 and it works better than the tidy cats with my 8 cats in my opinion!! I wonder if Petsmart doesn't sell this everywhere? Hissy, I just don't understand why the companies mark it up sooooooooooooo much. The litter was an unexpected major expense when I moved out of my parents house and acctually had to start paying for the stuff!!!
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Pestell Easy Clean Clumping. I've used other clumping litters, too, and they are OK with everything I've used -- when they use it! They tend to prefer the big one with the grass border in dry weather. But it won't be staying dry for much longer, and in fact the traffic in the litter box has picked up lately.
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I use "Unscented Clumping Cat Litter" by "No Name". A 20kg bag costs us $6.99.
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The only litter I have used that I'm totally happy with is Kitty Litter brand clumping.

It comes in a big red and blue pail, and its is awesome! Low dust, less perfume than Maxx Scoop which I was using before, and it keeps all odors in control. I find it stays clumped when I scoop too- some brands I've tried fall apart. Kitties and I are happy with it
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we use Catsan - a bit pricey but worth it! I dont like the clumping stuff - the cats seem to 'clump' it about the floor! Tried that reclycled paper - no go and then the pine wood sort-that was even worse, none of them would use it at all. They would sit by the litter and meow, put a tentative paw in and then sit back and meow again! So we went back to Catsan.
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I used to use Fresh Step Crystals for Toes, Tailer doesn't like crystals so I'd get her regular Fresh Step.

I don't know what my parents use for them. I know that they go outside most of the time though.
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Scoop away here and boxes cleaned at least 3 times per day.
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Swheat Scoop

Nothing Better than flushable litter!!!!!!!!!

Safe for kittens too!
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I use Arm & Hammer. It cuts down on the smell and it doesn't seem to trail through the house as bad and the other brands I've tried.
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Pet Valu Clumping Unscented. Kittens love it!
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Originally posted by Jellybelly
I've been wanting to ask ya what do ya use!!! Thanks for posting this thread!!! I use the Tidy Cat multiple clay type also but I hate cleaning the litter box, I have one cat and I swear it seems as if I have 15. Has anyone here bought or used the LitterMaid? It is suppose to be automated and easily cleans. I'm thinking of getting it but didn't know how effective it was and it's a bit pricey so I was surfing e-bay but still it's expensive. Any advice?
Usually the cheap good-clumping formula that Wal-Mart carries, I have three Littermaids (bought the first one, the others came in through the catalog return part of our store) and I LOVE them. With 6 kitties, they keep it clean enough for me to only have 3 boxes, and I don't spend my free time scooping litter either !
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I dont know if it helps if i say what I use (since Im not from the States or Canada). I use "Simplicity Plus". I think its British.
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