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Does your kitty????????

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I thought we should start a thread where we ask questions about what your kitty does and what my kitty does and what everyones kittys do.

I'll start:

Does your kitty guard her mouseys?

When Maple gets a new mousey she takes it into the bedroom, puts it up on the bed and guards. She waits until another kitty comes in then she'll play but if the other trys to even jump on the bed she growls and gets all bent out of shape, it's so funny. Everyone else chews their mouseys up and they end up thrown out, not Maple she has like 15 and every night we put them to bed and every morning we wake them up and spread them out on the bed for another day of FUN!!!!!
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hmmmm I hope the "mouseys" are toys!
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No, I really enjoy the smelly, sticky, stiff dead animals in my palace of slumber.
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Yes Sasha carries the mice around and hides them in shoes and guards them from getting out!

ok my turn...

Does your kitty lick the bottom of the shower after you get out?
This is one of Sterling favorite passtimes!
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my 2 boys has so many little silly things they do, to many to mention,maybe 1 or 2 stripey sits in the sink and waits for a drip to drip then he swats it, this goes on for a long time, blackie lays out on his back and shakes his back feet, several times its so funny to watch if im feeling low, all i have to do is watch them for a while and i will be smiling in no time.
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Originally posted by 55Dali
No, I really enjoy the smelly, sticky, stiff dead animals in my palace of slumber.
Well you never know!
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LOL!!!!! Yeah the sticky smelling kinds are good, right? More appealing in the realness of it all

My Mango who I have lost forever because she ran away or was stolen because she was really a beautiful black cat, and on the move I lost her pics
anyway, she would always lick me whenever I put on cocobutter lotion. Jb licks my feet and calfs when I get out the shower, then he rubs his fur on my legs! I just shaved!!!

does your cat prefer moist treats or hard treats? Mine loves the Whiskers Lickin shrimp and tuna flavored ones that are hard. I just tasted it, it tastes pretty good, similar in taste to the ocean flavored meow mix
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Originally posted by Coco Maui
Does your kitty lick the bottom of the shower after you get out?
This is one of Sterling favorite passtimes!
YES, Buddy does that everytime, the other two every now and then.

Does your cat give orders?
I don't mean "asks nicely" but actually "demands" you do something?
Like play with a particular toy or fill their feeding bowl.
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Do you get the "Mommy, I'm starving" song-and-dance? Its difficult to get the cat food out and then put the bowl down, with fuzzy bodies twining through your legs. You can't convince them that, if Mommy trips and breaks her ankle, they won't get fed until we get back from the ER.
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My Polly is a master of the I'm STARVING dance, she practically performs an entire ballet by the time the bowl hits the floor,and has accomponying vocals as well... ANY of you have a cat that wants to actually shower or bathe with you?
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What is it with those Whiska Likins shrimp/tuna tarter control treats. I am afraid to run out of them, I don't know what he would do.
Whenever I go to Wal Mart I stock up. I buy the large bottle of them and I buy 5-8 at a time. I try not to give him over the suggested amount on the bottle, but he sure does beg for them. He sits on the little stool where I give him his treats and meows, if I ignore him, he comes running at me - up my body and meows in my face and then back to the stool. I don't have to speak cat to know what he is saying.
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Fluffy won't shower or bathe with us.

Do any of your cats bite? Ouch!
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Cloud dancer who weigh's 19 pounds will jump on my bed and sit's on my chest and loudly let's me know his dish is empty! I keep telling him I can't feed him,when he is sitting on me! Grayski allways follows me into the bathroom and jump's into the sink and waits intill I wash my hands and bats at the water and drinks the water as it is running all him! He is so silly!
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Yeah there is something addictive about the Whiskers Shrimp/Tuna treats, I buy a whole bunch also and he just goes bonkers!!! And it's a good way to get him inside when he is out late night, just shake it and he comes running in from afar!!
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One of my kitties, Trixie loves to come in for a steam bath when anyone is showering...if you close the door without letting her in she will slide her arm under the door and yowl. Trixie grooms herself while sitting in her "sauna".

Has a kitty ever saved a life? My Sonny Boy sleeps on my pillow every night, and one night my husband who has type one diabetes, had such low blood sugar that he started convulsing and basicly slipping into a coma. Sonny let out a very loud yowl which woke me up, and allowed me to see what was going on and give him the Glucagon injection. PS my Hubby rescued Sonny (he was 4 wks old, and alone on a roadway) on the day of the Loma Prieta Earth Quake.
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Bleu tries to hatch his toys. He gets them positioned just right, then lays over them. Bleu sits it in the bathroom sink and waits for me to come by and turn the faucet on to a trickle. His most favorite spot is my sock drawer. Bleu also likes to chase the mouse pointer around on my laptop. He's so fascinated by it!

Dottie loves to chase light reflections! I made a couple of mirror and crystal window charms and every morning spin them so they reflect sunlight; it's her favorite activity. Dottie is very bossy. She's the one that hollers when she wants me to do something for her. Dottie panics if she thinks I'm in distress. When I soak in the whirlpool tub she's fine until I start the jets. Then she comes running with a panicked look in her face. If I have friends here and I get to cracking up with laughter, she comes running with that panicked look. Once she sees that I'm fine, off she goes.

Penny's favorite activity is the trackball toy. She loves to spin that ping pong ball until she makes herself dizzy. Her other favorite thing is to get behind the VCR tray and push the entertainment center drawers open to get behind them for sleeping. I can always tell when she's been in there cuz the drawers are all pushed out.

Duffy is so young, everything is a game to him. I bought him a 12-pack of furry little mice; he's in kitty-heaven!

Both Bleu and Dotty like to lick the shower when I'm done. I make it a point to leave it open for them. They all love the bathtub! It's funny to hear them scooting back and forth in there. Sounds like a herd of elephants stomping about.
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speaking of drawers, the last house we stayed in, had a dresser drawer, for some reason JB loved to go in there and sleep. Well this one time, I couldn't find him, I couldn't figure out where he was and I had opened the drawer that I knew I had left open by accident and I didn't see him in there. So then I'm panicking because already my neighbor's cats were stolen so I started wondering if my JB was stolen. So I bothered my neighbors asking them if they had seen him, my landlord came out and helped us look for him with our flashlights. Then I had this terrible sense that he was still inside the house. So I went back and opened the drawer underneath the one I left opened, and sure enough he was there and didn't want to come out!!! He knew he was in for a spanking but I ended up hugging him till he squirmed out because I was so scared of losing him. So we don't leave the drawers opened, but since my son loves the cabinet doors, I leave those opened or the closet door cracked open and a few times JB has gone in there and was stuck in there, but he doesn't seem to mind being in there, I guess the darkness he likes?

Does anyone's cat likes to be pushed/slid across the floor? Since we have hardwood, he loves sliding across it so we lay him on his side and push him and he slides all the way down the hallway and comes back for more!
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btw, jm, your furbabies are soooo cute!!
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Otis Blue is a drawer hider, he has even learned to open them himself and get in, thankfully he hasn't learned to close them so he is easy to find. Willow on the other hand loves to push herself down the stairs on her back. It is just the funniest thing to watch. I must try to get a photo of it someday.
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Thanks, JellyBelly. I do love my purrbabies. They don't necessiarily like to be slid across the floor, though Mattie-the dog does attempt to push them so with her nose. Dottie does like to sit on the kitchen rug and be pulled around on it. She also rocks herself on the Bentwood. Bleu loves riding the swivel rocker around and around.
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My Sammycat does a really cute thing with his feet when asking for his cookies. He will put one foot on the counter and the other foot he will do a rub across his face kind of thing. It is sooo cute and I can't tell him no when he does it. Gee maybe that's why he is so chunky

Oscar will climb to the top of the window just to hear the spring in the slide make that funny sound. It will get on my nerves cause he will do this for what seems like hours Does anyones kitty go nuts on the windows
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Whose kitties like to play 'chase' where you run around and try to avoid getting your ankles nipped at and then the cat runs from you to avoid getting caught? mine loves that!!!! I'm always end up jumping on the couch and then he figures out to jump up there to nip my ankles and then runs off again!!! Very funny!!!! And my son gets a kick out of seeing us run which I guess is why he's in a hurry to learn the walking!!
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grayski loves to hide under my bed and when someone walks by he jumps out and bites ankles!
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How about baskets? or shoe boxes?

My Kornflake, whom is a very large kitty, will squeeze and literally stuff himself into the smallest of both. He'll cirle around and stuff his tail down then wiggle in his rear and smash himself down and in. It's so sweet, so of course there are baskets and boxes all over the house for their pleasure. When I bought the 12-disc changer for the Lincoln, they loved the box so much. I think because it has like a shelf in it so I turned it upside down and cut an opening in the side so they could have a little hideout and there is always one of the six-pack in there. A plus I covered it and it makes for a cute decoration in the bedroom.

No matter how big or small the kittys are always into a new box/basket....
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