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Does anyone use tanning salons?

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I've been a long time tanner and I was curious if anyone else here chooses to buy their tan.
I've been having some issues this time (I had stopped tanning for 6 months because I didn't have much time for it. I felt like I was just donating my money every month!). Maybe someone could give me ideas or suggestions. It seems like I can't tan in a specific spot. Mainly, its not because it can't tan it's the fact that that spot never gets any rays. Yes, I'm talking about the boobie flop. Since I'm big chested, I can't tan my sides of my chest! I've been laying in funky positions and everything like that, but no luck. I've even searched the Internet for Tanning Bras. No such luck! Maybe I could make some serious cash by inventing one of those. It'd have to be like a strapless bra, but completely clear and with some support. Hell, I even thought about using wide Scotch Tape! Not sure if that'd work though!

Any ideas? I know this sounds strange and please forgive my weird post! I even asked the Manager of the Salon and she told me to just lay in a position that would tan those spots. Easy for her to say...she's maybe an A cup!
Thanks in advance!
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LOL That's great! heheheh I don't use the tanning salon....I hardly ever tan, I always burn, so I don't even bother lol. I figure I'm gonna end up with skin cancer sooner or later (b/c I'm fair skinned, been burned to a crisp too many times to count, and cancer runs in our family), so I'm not going to up my chances by going to the tanner. I don't even hardly use the self tanner I bought last year (for something, I'm not sure what ) So I'm content to look rather ill in the winter and most of the summer. I wish being pale like in the Victorian Era was in fashion again! lol Sorry no help with the boob tanning Good luck tho!
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LOL! Shell...know that feeling! That why I opt for the bathing suit tan line. I don't think there is a crafty way to do that area...if there is, I can wait to hear about it, LOL!!! (Let's just hope a dude doesn't try to answer this thread)

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Sorry... no advice from this peanut gallery!
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Thanks Gals! I still haven't found anything useful on the net yet. I did find some swimsuits that claim that you can tan through the fabric. It'd be my luck that they wouldn't have a bit of support and "they'd" still do the flop!
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Hey, Shell....far be it from me to ask, because I am the exact opposite of a sun-worshipper, but why is it important to have the boobs tanned?
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I got an idea.

Go nekkid in the backyard and bathe sideways.

Sorry, seriously, I dont know what to suggest, I dont really bother with tanning as I do it naturally, its the maori blood in me.
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Oh Lord, my neighbors would be freaked out for sure!
I wish I had the time to go outside and tan naturally, but work plays havoc with my sun time. Plus, tanning is so much easier and quicker & a lot less painful! I never seem to stay out too long and end up with major sunburns. This way, my tanning time is limited and never get burned. Plus, I've read it's safer than the sun's rays...but that's been a huge debate for several years.
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I haven't tanned in a long so I really don't remember the solution to that..I do remember my under arm area never tanned and you could a huge difference where I did tan and what didn't get tanned..I am already dark complected, and when I tan..OMG..I get very very dark...almost leather looking dark..ick..
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I tan fairly easy, but do burn once in a while. My skin gets pretty dark, but not leathery. No offense Kathy, but that sounds gross! The only reason why I tan is that I get so tired of people asking "Don't you feel good? You're so pale!". Plus, I just feel better about myself when I've got some color on me. Some people look great with pale skin, but I think I look ghostly.
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no way Shelle, I am not offended at was gross!! I overdid it when I was a teenager and I worked there for free tanning sessions so I thought I had it all back then..
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I've gone a few times. The booth does turn you darker quicker than the sun. But, there was a statement in the room about how if you didnt use natural sun, the artificial tan would fade quicker.
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Yes it does fade much quicker. After tanning for a solid year and then stopping all of a sudden, my tan was gone with in a month & a half. All that work and money down the drain!
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Hey Shell I am a tanning salon tanner from way back. I have big boobs also and the only thing I can tell you is keep doing the funky laying in the tanning bed thing. That is the only way I can tan those little areas that just don't normally see sunshine anyway.

The only way I have been able to tan the area where backside and leg come together is in the last 2-3 minutes of the session is to actually sit on the tanning bed. It takes a little longer to get that area the same shade as the rest of you but it will work.

Hope this helps a little anyway
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Do you guys have tanning tubes? This is like a small cubible where you stand surrounded by tubes. It you hold your arms in the air, then the sides of your boobies will tan.

It's much more powerful than a bed, so you only need blasts of about 6 minutes instead of a 20 minute session. You don't get all hot and sweaty lying on a plastic bed either!!!
post #16 of 24 you won't have that spot on your rear that never tans!!
post #17 of 24 you won't have that spot on your rear that never tans!!
post #18 of 24 you won't have that spot on your rear that never tans!!
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Helen, did you mean to triple post?

Yeah, I've tried the standup bed before. It was a really weird experience. There are these wrist band type things that you strap your arms into so you won't have to hold them up. At first, I thought I had stepped into some kind of porno site! I strapped my wrists in there only to find that it works for people much shorter than I am. It wasn't bad, but honestly didn't see any results from it. Maybe if I did that once or twice a week, but at 10 bucks a pop that adds up in a hurry! Plus, you still get the boob in the front!
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Hell603: Totally wild! You triple posted and your counter didn't move? Hmmmmm! That's buggy!!

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Personally - I am in the same boat as you. I have not taned for a number of years, I canged jobs and it was just tooo inconvenient. If it bothers you that much why not use a self tanner cream on those spots...
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when I used to go to tanning I would do 20 minutes sessions. The first 10 I would do standard on my back. The next 5 minutes I would roll on my right side, put on leg in front of the other and raise my arms above my head.. The last 5 min I would switch to my left side same position. It worked really good when I did it..

However-----now I use sunless tanners because I'm worried about the damaging effects of beds and the sun. I can get a better color from a bottle than a bed but it requires MUCH more maintenance..
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Have you seen anything about the airbrush tanning method? You get nekkid and they airbrush sunless tannng stuff all over you. I read that it can last about 6-weeks.
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actually the airbrush thing lasts a week at most but i'd give it 4 days. The active ingredient in sunless tanners (airbrush solutions included) is a chemical called DHA which only affects your outermost layer of skin. That skin is shed over the course of 3-7 days and things like exfoliating and taking long baths will accelerate the shedding of skin. Airbrushing is also very expensive, as I almost started an airbrush tanning business, the normal charge is about $25-35 for a full body app which sucks because you have to get it redone once a week at least. Many celebrities and rich people use the airbrush because it provides the best results (like JLo's tan is all airbrush).. A lot of people get airbrushed for special occasions, but unless you're willing to shell out $30 a week for a tan it probably wouldn't be a solution. If I were to recommend anything it would just be a DIY tan from a bottle.. If you want info I recommend
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