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Sending a prayer your way for your interview. I hope the motel calls too. Here's hoping for brighter days.
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As my mother would say,"The devil is busy". Went home last night and could not find my books. That's okay. I did enough candle rituals during the bad times that I remember what to do.

This candle ritual is from Sylvia Browne's Book, "The Other Side & Back." Take a white votive candle and a fireproof plate. For nine nights at precisely nine o'clock light the candle and say: "I am a blessed child of God. I am well. I am happy. Great abundance is on its way because, as God's child, I am empowered to create miracles." When I did this ritual I used the same white candle for nine nights, letting it burn for fifteen minutes the first 8 nights, and on the last night letting it burn out all the way.

White is a good all purpose color for candles. Green is for prosperity and employment, and orange is used to attract general good fortune. If you don't have green or orange, white will do.

One employment ritual that I did all the time (still do, as a matter of fact) involves taking a green candle in my dominant hand and mediating about my employment situation while holding the candle. This is called "charging" the candle. I would think about the interview going well, and how happy I would be when I got the call that I got the job. I visualized going to work each day, and being happy when I got my paycheck. I can't tell you how long it would take to meditate on your particular situation--each person is different. When I felt that the candle was charged, I put it on the plate, and as I lit it I said, "Great new job, come to me, as I will, so mote it be."

Sometimes I would also write out a short note describing the kind of job I wanted ---my own office, short commute, my own computer, no phones--fold that note up, and put it under the candle, then light the candle and say the prayer. You are probably not going to believe this, but right now I am working at a job with a short commute, my own office, my own computer, and no phones. I have attracted this type of job to me twice this year. This last one looks like a keeper.

Another thing you could do, if you have herbs in your kitchen, is to wipe any kind of oil--olive, vegetable--on the candle and then roll the candle in the herbs. I used one or two crumbled up bay leaves and pinches of cinnamon and ginger. You charge the herbs the same way you do the candle--hold them in your hand and concentrate on the result you want.

I got the information about the herbs and the candles from a book called "Everyday Magic", by Dorothy Morrison. I made the ritual up myself because I wanted something simple that wouldn't involve at lot of expense.

For Sherral I'm going to light a green candle tonight and visualise her going on the interview and getting the job. I'm going to let the candle burn for fifteen minutes tonight, and then let it burn out all the way tomorrow night. (By the way, it is said that if your candle flame is high and the candle completely burns out in 15 minutes, that your wish is going to come true quick, fast, and in a hurry! I've had that happen to me, too. And no, I don't drink, smoke funny cigarettes, or do drugs!)

Sherral, let us know how it goes. We're pulling for you!
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Oh Sherral, I'm so so sorry!!!! It is so tough out there. You've already gotten such great advice, all I can say is I'm pulling for you!!!! LOTS of vibes coming from NJ, and you'll be in my prayers!

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Sherral! I am sending powerful get a job vibes your way!
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Sherral, just came across this thread - hope the interview goes well! I'm keeping my fingers crossed while typing (that's a good excuse for any spelling mistakes )
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This may sound corny but it really can't hurt.. I totally believe in the power of prayer and positive thoughts. Maybe if you tell us what time your interview is on thursday, we could try and remember and around that time say a little get the job prayer.. I'll probably be somewhere else but I could stick a post it note in my car to remember
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I am in the same fix. I lost my job when the company I worked at closed it's doors in March of 2001. I have one big problem, I was hurt on the job at that place and have lost 65% use of my right arm. (of course I am right handed) And that was after I had to have 4 surgerys to fix it. With 65% loss of use of my arm no one wants to hire me. The workers compensation I received allowed me to live about 3 months without any money coming in. I have gone to school and been retrained, but as soon as a company finds out I have a handicap that is the last I hear from them.

I have to spend about 3 to 4 hundred a month on medication to keep the use of my arm. I also need surgery to fix a severe deviated septum with a bone spur growing in it that causes MAJOR head pain.

I take one day at a time and just keep applying for work. I do not want a handout, I want to work!!!!! I had a excellent employment record before I was injured and lost my job.

I wish I could give some advice, but all I can say is "just keep trying, and try not to get depressed" It is hard, but what else can a person do?

I wish the goverment would quit worrying about wars and FOCUS on the lousy economy in this country. There are so many people out of work and getting desperate for employment.

Sending you "get a good paying job" vibes!!!!!
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Are you aware of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

The ADA prohibits discrimination in all employment practices, including job application procedures, hiring, firing, advancement, compensation, training, and other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment. It applies to recruitment, advertising, tenure, layoff, leave, fringe benefits, and all other employment-related activities.

If you are interested here is a very informative website.


Good luck on your job hunt!
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My sister's husband went on strike a few years ago, with minimal strike pay. She did a few things for grocery money.

Have a garage sale. Its amazing what people will buy. She packaged up bundles of used crayons in sandwich bags, and sold them for 25 cents apiece.

One thing she did with a bit of cash was sell food at the garage sale. She figured that people driving around to the sales would appreciate some food, so she got bread dough and made bruschetta - really cheap to make with fresh tomatoes and onions. She made $50 one week selling food, and coffee.

That turned into a little catering business. People paid her to come to their house, help prepare dinner, serve it and then clean up afterwards for parties. You could put a notice up at the local grocery store that you are available for dinner parties at home.

She started baby sitting, put the word out at the local public school, the teachers were happy to have someone responsible looking after kids, and with only one or two, she didn't need a day care license.

I hope that the job interview goes really well, but there are lots of things you can do in the meantime, and also for additional cash, if you are creative and humble.

What about yard work for elderly and shut in people? How about doing grocery shopping for shut ins?

Its hard to see how this will help, but if you add it up, it can make a huge difference.
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I worked for the federal government and in the city government here in St. Louis, and I have seen so much corporate welfare and wasted tax money that I do not have a problem with deserving individuals who receive assistance. I just hate that the economy in this country has gotten so lousy. People are being hurt and the so-called big-wigs don't care!

Here in Missouri a person has to wait a full four weeks before they receive unemployment benefits. Since the state budget went south it has gotten even harder.
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BM and great vibes to you Sherral
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My interview is at 8;30 Thursday morning! I am hanging in there! Thanks
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Dear Sherral:

I lit your candle last night, and the darn thing burned down completely within twenty minutes. The flame was high and bright, and according to all the books I've read on candle rituals that means that your interview is a sure thing. I am going to light another one for you tonight. This doesn't usually happen; these are the same kind of candles that I use for that nine day ritual, and they usually burn slowly.
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Sherral, I wish you the best of luck with your interview tomorrow. We are also in the same rut, two months after my son was born, his company laid him off and closed down, perfect timing for finances and medical bills. I do support the temp agencies also, they are always able to find a job, whether it's for a few days or a few weeks or months even. And with your experience in housekeeping, you should have no problem finding one (all paws crossed).

I agree also, someone should be addressing the overwhelming unemployment rate that is occuring with this administration! Texas is in it's worst ever but no one is doing anything about it.
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Thanks! I will let everyone know after the interview!!Wow sounds like I will get the job!!
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Sherral, I'll be thinking of you during your interview!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!
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Thank you!Will post either way!
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I'll be praying for you.
Have you tried a food shelf?
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Good Luck for Tomorrow(?), I guess it's tomorrow seeing as it's thursday for us now.

Sending good luck! and I'll be keen to see how you get on

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1 hour and 20 minutes and I have my intreview!! keep the finger's crossed!
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Good luck! I really hope you get the job.
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Burned the second green candle last night. This one burned a little more slowly, but it was all gone in twenty five minutes.
Good luck!
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Sherral - you didn't tell us how far away the appointment was, so we don't know if it's going well and you're not back yet, or if it's just far away!!!!

I set the alarm for 8:15am this morning so I could start sending calming vibes your way.

No matter what happens, we're here with smiles or big shoulders.
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Hi! everyone,well I am signed up with a temp.employment office,I do not have work right now,all postion's were filled! But at least I am on their list.That does not help me right now I am not giving up, I just mailed 2 resume's out ).Ted has a interview tommorrow.Please cross your finger's for him!
Thanks everyone.you are all
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I'm sorry you didn't find one today, Sherral. But if you're on their list, they should call you soon!

We're praying for you, and for Ted!
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Continuing sending good thoughts your way! I have a good feeling something positive will happen for you soon!
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One good thing about not eating! I have lost 5 pound's!
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One thing I like about temp agencies--things can change for the best in a hurry. Some other long term assignment could come in, or one of the agency's employees could screw up royally and you'll get the call to replace them.

If you can, try to sign on with more than one. At one time I was juggling seven temp agencies. Some kept me busy, some of them I never heard from them again after the first interview.

It could be that your husband is meant to get his job first. I still feel good about this and I'm praying for you and everyone else out there who needs help.
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I hope Ted gets the job. Will be sending good vibes and prayers your way.
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I'm sorry Sherral - I'm glad you are on there list and Good Luck for Ted.

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