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Family History

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I love finding out new things about my family history. My fathers mothers side has the history traced back to the 1500s.

This photo is of my mothers mothers side of the family. They would do performances for charity!
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This was taken in Swansea, Wales.
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This is my grandmother in her day!
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Very interesting! Your Grandmother was beautiful!
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Thank you. She passed a few years ago, she was ninty.
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Bless her soul! I hope she lived a very fulfilled life with many happy memories!
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Grandma was a party girl. When grandpa died she went out every weekend to the vetrans hall down the street and danced til dawn. She was on every trip to Reno with the church too. Everyone knew her and enjoyed her company. We really miss her on the holidays.
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Wow. Those are amazing photos!!!
Do you have any more?
I adore old photos!!!
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Maybe this'll become a thread where everyone add's their old family photos... All pre-color of course... That'd be fun!! I think I have a couple.
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Here you go!
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This is my grandmothers father!
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Wow wee...
these photos are really old.
Mine aren't that old, they're from the fifties.
When we're they taken?
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these were 1800s to early/mid 1900s
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I love looking at really old pictures!
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Great pic's! I find them fasinating! Keep em' coming if you've got more!
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I hope others can find old family pictures and pass them along here.

Here is some more.
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Very cool. I like old pictures as well.
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Very cool, Teresa.

In doing some family research on the net, I found a site that had the 1881 British census. It had my grandfather's parents listed in their hometown in Wales (Blaenau Ffestiniog). My grandfather wasn't on there as a member of the family because he wasn't born until 1896, but some of his older siblings were. It was such a neat find!
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My mum at ballet lessons in the sixties... (3rd from the left)

My uncle.... on a bike.

Family gathering... my grandma and grandad are in the middle with my mum and her brother on either side of them...
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Interesting pictures, and your mother was a very pretty little girl.
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Yeah... they are a bit different. The sixties/fifties in the East!!
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All of these old photos are really great. Just think of the really interesting stories behind the photo.
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I love these photos! Keep posting new photos. I love these oldies. Anyone else have more?!?!?
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Mum and her brother...

My mum, granma, uncle, and grandad
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Here's one I have I think of my dad when he was little, and his mom and grandma.

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that is so neat!! I don't have any really old pics
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Gee that is so sad that you don't have any old photos. I wish I had a scanner so I could get more on here. The ones Iposted were retouched to fix the damage they had from age.
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Those are really cool pictures! And your grandmother was a doll! She has that little mischievious twinkle in her eye.
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I wish I had the pictures of my mom in the hula skirt! She was 3 or 4 at the time. What a cutie she was then!
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