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How do you tell if you're feeding enough?

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Our cat is somewhere between the ages of 8-10 months, she was spayed about a month ago soon after we brought her home from the shelter. This is why I'm not sure exactly how old she is, but do know for sure that she's no older than 10 months.

She has grown a bit since we got her, I can see a difference in her head size. When she had her operation, she was 6.8 lbs, I know she's a bit bigger than that now. But is this growth or her being a bit on the piggy side?

She gets Nutro Max Cat dry, approximately 3/4 a cup per day, fed half in the morning and half at night. She was getting 1/2 cup per day before her surgery, but as I stated, she has grown a bit since then. She empties her dish every day/night and would eat more if I gave it to her. Even the vet commented on how she ate, despite just being operated on. She doesn't look like she's getting fat, but I certainly don't want her to become that way. She doesn't cry for food, but is very impatient in the morning for her breakfast. I just don't know if I'm over feeding her or under feeding her or even how to tell one way or the other. Like I said, I think she'd empty a whole bag of the stuff if I sat it in front of her and still look for more.

This is all kind of new to me. My old fellow, who died in the spring, was a chronic vomiter due to an illness. As a result he never became overweight and I never really worried about how much he ate, as long as it was his prescription food. This girl is healthy and active, and I want her to remain that way. I appreciate any comments on this. Thanks.
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Has your kitty been wormed? I would go to the vet for a full check up. Bring in a stool sample to be tested and have her weighed. The food bag should give you a table of how much food to feed. See if the vet wants to increase her food intake.
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I would start with the recommendations on the back of the bag and see how she does from there. If she seems to be gaining weight, reduce the amount slightly and vice versa. In my experience I have found that the recommendations on the bags of most of the foods I've fed are too high for mine.
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My cats will alwyas tell you that they are starving! But they do not gain and they do not lose weight, so I know they are getting the correct amount. And the guide on the bag is a good place to start for the recommended amount. And, as nere's cats, Mine also eat slightly less than recommended.
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