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What the hey??

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Kahu has learned how to turn our bedroom light on and off. I woke up at 5 30am this morning because the light was flashing on and off and I looked, it was Kahu doing the deed.
I almost fell out of bed.
I knew that cat was smart, but playing with the lights?????????????????

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ROFLMAO! That's amazing! My best friend's cat opens every cabinet in the kitchen on a daily basis. He comes home from work and finds all the door open. He also opens the drawers in his under-the-bed dresser and pulls all sorts of clothing out. This is an everyday occurence. I love the idea of the lights being turned on and off!
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Too funny!!!! Kahu must have wanted you to feed him some breakfast!
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LOL! We have a floor lamp which is turned on and off with a disc which lies on the floor. JC used to turn it on and off for several minutes when he was little. Now he waits until one of us is reading a book or newspaper, and switches the light off, squeaks, and runs off.
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That is too cute! I had a mama cat that would turn on the radio. She would have to reach way up to hit the button. Then she would bring her kittens out to the couch and nurse them while listening to the classic rock station.
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We had one of those sensor lights with a plant? If you touched a leaf the light would go on dim, touch another leaf, and the light would get brighter, another still brighter, last one the light goes out. Needless to say with all the active kittens we have in the house, when that light is on the bedstand things get interesting! LOL

Looks like Kahu got your attention!
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It sounds like Kahu decided if he was up you needed to be up to.
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too cute!!
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I have a few of those interactive toys for children that talk or make noises when you press the pads on the front. The cats love it. If it isn't touched for a few seconds it will say bye bye and the are all over it again.
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That's hillarious! I bet at first it starteled you!

Last week I had a similar experience. I woke up because I heard the clock radio/cd player going and I knew I didn't turn it on. I looked up and Peaches was standing on top of it starring at me! Now she's always turning on either a cd or the radio!
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I have a couple of those and it happen's alot here. I think Grayski likes it!
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that is so funny our feline friends are so smart, thats proof of it, so maybe now if you forget to turn the light off she can do it for you
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LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! If you hadn't caught him in the act, you might've thought there was a ghost in you still-pretty-new-to-you home!
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Wonderful! I love when cats do things they allegedly could never do.

My favorite story re American Curls is when friends of mine found that kitties related to mine had erased their phone message and recorded their was a hoot! and I actually had called and gotten to hear the newly recorded cat message <G>.

Pat and Alix P. Curl
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omg that is hilarious!! lmao!!
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LOL! My cat Jake opens cabinets and doors. He actually uses his paws to turn door knobs. Although the knob has to be fairly easy to turn or his paws slip. It's so cute though.

He hasn't learned how to turn lights on and off yet.

Kahu definitely got your attention eh?
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Now if you can just teach Kahu to turn the lights on/off on voice command that would be really cool
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my guys can open some doors. They always open cabnets. They haven't figured put lights yet!
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Patches and Tiger also know how to open up cabinets with their paws.
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I just busted Kahu trying to play with the living room light. Thankfully, he could not reach it.
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That is halarious!!! What a site that would be to see..
Rocky can open doors by the way..he uses his paw and does something from underneath the doors...I swear it! it's unbelieveable what these cats can do I tell ya!
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Alix is known for opening the wooden louver door that leads into our kitchen...she runs her paw, upside down so her toes curl up over the edge of the door and she jiggles it until she finds the center point where the door will bend in half and out towards her....if we let her and watch, you'll see her face pop into view...she peeks in, might come part way, but then will back off, let other cats enter the kitchen, and when they are shooed off, will invariably be looking in as if to say "I told them not to go in!"

It's a hoot and she's done this - set them up after she opens the door - multiple exaggeration.

Pat and the nimble-toed Alix P. Curl
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Trent and Ophelia both knew how to turn on and off the touch lamp we used to have on the headboard when they were kittens. It was so cute to watch them go up and touch the top of the lamp with their nose. They would usually do it either when I was in bed reading and they wanted me to get comfortable to go to sleep, or at about 3:00 in the morning when they wanted us to get up and play with them or pet them.

I knew one cat who could unlock and open his people's front door. We came home one day and FREAKED out because the front door was standing wide open and she knew she had locked the door! We thought it had been broken into, but Dice just wanted to go outside. Needless to say, the furniture was rearranged so Dice couldn't reach the front door anymore.
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This time, every time hubby turned off the light, Kahu turned it back on. This continued for about 5 minutes before Jake picked up Kahu and cuddled him and he took off.

Looks like its going to be the start of more interruptions in our sleep from now on.

I am starting to think that he is turning the light on now because he is deaf and wants to be able to see more in the dark.

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