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I am posting through clenched teeth!

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This weekend the renters down the road got arrested for a myriad of charges including attempted bank robbery! YIKES! It was in the local paper and on the radio and this morning I go out to start my car and I see a box in the back seat? My car is in the carport.

Inside the box is the cutest little black and white kitty cat I swear she can't be but a year old and 8 kittens probably 6 days old! teach me to not lock my vehicle! This little girl is the sweetest little girl and way to young to be a mamma! GRRRRR Her kittens run the gamat of being pitch black to tortie shell. There was a note in the box that said "You r so gud with catz, I now you will be gud with mine!" I know where these cats came from and I went over to the house but it is locked up and silent with police tape across it. Damn why can't people just pop for the $25.00 that it takes to spay a female? And you know I am going to fall hopelessly in love with this family, the mom has already won my heart. The family is upstairs now all tucked away in the closet and my crew is clustered at the foot of the stairs (blocked by the door) and probably muttering to themselves, "look there are more of us now?"
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Wow, Hissy, I can't believe someone actually left kittens in your car! Maybe I'm naive when it comes to cats, but that just takes the cake. I hope you can find good homes for the babies, unless you're planning on keeping them. I bet they'd love to stay with you. Your neighbors sound like wonderful upstanding members of society. Hopefully they'll be in jail for a while. The kitties are definitely better off at your place. What a mess!

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Your the best - thank god this person was smart enough to bring them to you and not just dump them somewhere to fend for themselves... Huggs and kisses XOXOXOXOXOXO
to your newly aquired furbabies. Hey I think we need a smilie that hugs!!!!!
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Is it possible you can send me one via mail? hahaha! Hissy, you are a great person and thank God they are with you. How many is that now?35?Wow!
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Not sure how many right now, but know it's not 35! At least it better not be. I should probably do a count and find out how many are here. I should also pack my suitcase because when hubby comes home from work he is going to hit the roof and kick me clear to the curb! *G*
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At least the people were intelligent (?) enough to put them where they know they'll be loved and cared for rather than dumping the box in the river or worse. Things definitely happen for a reason. As far as hubby is concerned, it's not YOUR fault that you found them in your car. They were PUT there. Besides, once he sees those precious little faces, his heart will melt just like yours did.

God Bless you!

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i'm so sorry to hear that you were taken advantage like that, but I concur that at least these poor innocent animals have a good home now.
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Boy are those kitties lucky to have you Hissy! Hang in there. I agree that things happen for a reason and at least these people cared for their animals enough to bring them to you. They are better off with you and I know you will find wonderful homes for them.
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I am also glad that they have you to care for them. I know you were taken advantage of but you are the person who will do right by them. It was meant to be.
And it costs only 25.00 to spay a cat there. Here its close to 100.00.
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My vet works a deal with me plus the feral cat coalition rolls its mobile clinic into town several times a year and spays and neuters for a donation only. They do clip the ear a bit of the ones they spay and neuter so when they are rereleased into a colony, they are not accidently scooped up in the next round-up. There are some vets that you can talk to about lowering their prices, one clinic does it for $10.00 but they are about 2 hours from here, and I for one do not want to transport ferals that far in a car. Last time I did, I about passed out with the stench.

Hubby is home and loves mom, is not crazy about the young ones, but at least for now, the family can stay. I will have to buy more film and take a picture of these little wonders.....
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The APA (Animal Protection Association) works with our local shelter and does spay/neuter for $10. If you specify that they are a rescue or are feral, they do it for free. They do clip their ears if they are being re-released also. Maybe if you check around in your area, you might come across some similar types of situation. There are a lot of areas that have S.N.A.P. (Spay/Neuter Action Project). They give you vouchers for a low cost spay/neuter. Right now, through the end of July, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays all spay/neuters are free. It's definitely worth looking into.
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Well, Hissy, these jerks may not be the brightest bulbs in the box, but at least they know and recognize who will take care of their cats and find "gud" homes for them. Gotta give 'em credit for that much.
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Hissy.....I am so glad that those poor babies have found a home with you.....and shame on those people for imposing on you like that without asking!!!!!!!!!!

Elinor.....I know what you mean.....it costs ALOT to have a cat spayed or neautered here, about 75 dollars, and I have so many cats, I just can not afford to have them all fixed...is there some way that we can get some help with this cost? I mean as in shelters or pounds that would volunteer to help?(fix them, not take them, that is...they are after all, still my babies. )

I love all my babies....I have 14 cats....I would get every single one of them spayed/neutered if I had the money...but at that cost...who could afford it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am sure you have thought of this but I would at least get all the girls fixed. Where in Iowa are you and I will get in contact with some people and find out if we can find a place near you. You too Elinor. I don't know about Canada but I can try!
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i agree, that is a horrible thing to just bestow upon someone.

to just expect that of someone you dont even know

sheesh, a spay isnt that costly, i dont understand that way of thinking among people,
you are right, no way a kitten should be having kittens, and as far as i'm concerned,
at 1 years old, you're still a kitten. poor mom is going to have a rough time dealing with that.

i agree though that you are the most compassionate and generous soul.

those kittens and their mother are in good hands. finally.
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Okay, here you go....this is only the beginning Debby but if any of these people can't do it, let me know and I will get more for you. I don't know what area you are in so I didn't know exactly where to research so here goes.....

Animal Protection Association of Iowa-Contact Person: Nelda Knapp
Phone number-515-266-2005

The Humane Society of Rock Island County-309-787-6830

The Humane Society of Scott County-319-324-3960

Noah's Ark-515-472-6080

And for everyone to find a low cost spay/neuter vet near you.... Call Spay USA at 1-800-248-spay (7729)

Sometimes you have to specify that the cat is a rescue but that doesn't mean you can't keep him!!!!!!!!!!!
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may not always work. I can't call it from my area. Contact the local vet near you and see if you can exchange labor (garden work) housework whatever you are really good at in exchange for spays. I agree with getting the females done first.

I just went upstairs to check on family and I have to give this young mom credit, she is good mother. We had one female a long time ago that dropped kittens in my sock drawer and when the last one was delivered, she ran into the bedroom closet to hide from them. She was really young, and hadn't a clue what to do. Dang, I love this little female. Her nose is so black it looks encrusted but when I check, it is just color and not sediment. She is just so skinny though and is eating everything offered to her. What a sweetie! (slapping hand) "Stop it MA! You are falling in love!" LOL
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I'm so happy you've saved the lives of that cat family! I don't know what else to say, believe it or not. You're a wonder! (Just ask the cats.)

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Hissy - How could you not fall in love with her? She sounds just adorable, especially that black, black nose!
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Steph....Thank you!!! I have copied those numbers down, and will call them all as soon as I get the chance, to see what I can find out!!!
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I just can't figure out those people! Is it just ignorance or what? It's a good thing you found them early too. Cats that are locked up in cars can get a heat stroke very quickly!

Where I now live, there are almost no cats. It's not a very populated area and almpost everyone has dogs rather than cats. There is one more female a couple of houses down the road, but she's spayed and there's another semi-feral cat that we had neutered. It's the first kitten season in a while that I don't find abandoned kittens.

Dogs are another story... People don't spay their dogs so unwanted puppies are a problem. Last week, while I was a way from the site and in bed, someone dumped a mamma dog and 5 puppies in our street! They ended up in our backyard (people said they must have been told where to go ) They were almost stray dogs - wouldn't let people near them and they were loud little pups (about 2 months old). Well, we gave them food and water for 3 days, trying to tame them a little bit, but as I had to stay in bed and hubby was working long hours we simply couldn't do it.

We ended up calling the local dog catcher that took them away to the pound There was nothing else to do and he assured me that they don't kill them. They wait for 10 days to see if anyone is looking for them and then they give them to a local animal shelter. He was a real animal lover and said that he's dying to put his hands on someone while they're dumping animals so that he can persecute them!
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