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Some things in life are priceless for everything else there is master card (pic!!)

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Vet bills ~ too high to think about
Kitty condo with shipping 300.00
kitty food ~ 14.95 a bag

three kitties snoozing happily together.... PRICELESS!!
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So darling!
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Val is that Sebastian on the left? He looks like he is fitting in quite well with your gang, and that picture IS priceless!
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Great Commercial!! Cats look so comfy snoozeing up there on the cat tree.
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Is that Neo on top? I love his stretched out arm! Great photo!
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yep neo is on top, moe is to the right and sebastion is on the left
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LOL I love that commercial, pretty kitties sleeping

Give them a

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Cute kitties!
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funny pic
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that is a priceless picture, thats for sure, cute kitties.
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Perfect picture!!! curious Do Moe and Neo like Bast? do they like white three kittens? do they like two grey kitten? umm who else> you have so many cats.. ha

YOu makes me so tempted to adopt more cats.. But i ll have to wait till Logan arrives, then everything is cool off then we can add one more cat.. We all will see!
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Moe and Neo LOVE sebastion. I didn't think they would because they didn't like the other cats at first but they really really love them. I think you should get another kitty. Hopefully the three babies i'm taking care of now will make it, then I will have some kittens up for adoption early september if you are interested :-) Also the mommy bonnie with be up for adoption. She is really pretty. They will all have there first set of shots and be tested for felv/fiv. You know where to find me if you are interested.
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How Sweet.
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I love those pictures!!!!
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Awww. That's so intersting! I forget what happened with bast's past? something going on with him like tramutic?

Thats soo cute!
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bast was at a kill shelter and my vet saved him he told me and rich abotu him and we adopted him!
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Lucky Bast that he has a great mamma.

Jude was almost put in a "kill" shelter too due to overcrowded with cats and dogs. The animal control officer (she) who found Jude and checked out the kill shelter. She decided not to put Jude there. She took Jude home with her for the night and the next day, she had been searching for another shelter where it will not hurt jude and others. Lucky Jude that Jude was put in a SAFE shelter where it is homeless kittens and cats by Virginia B who runs the shelter. Then one week later,I adopted jude. I still keep in touch wtih Virginia via email. She lives in Virigina.
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