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You don't happen to have any stories/pictures of precious little Mae to share do you? She's so heartwarmingly adorable!!
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Bump for Laurie.

Yes, some more pictures of Mae West would just brighten my day!

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LOL! She is turning out to have THE SWEETEST personality!!! She's really getting coordinated now, and she zips around here pouncing on everything. Gary's training her to sit on his shoulder, and he'll put her up on one shoulder... and she'll creep around the back of his neck over to the other side. It is sooooo cute!!! We're training her not to bite our hands or ankles, and of course, like all kittens it is so hard for her to resist! I'm quite sure she knows she's not supposed to, but she tries to sneak up on us....

This morning we woke up early to feed her, and we let her out of the bathroom since we weren't going anywhere. I came out to the living room to get working (even though it was only about 6:00)...and Gary fell back asleep. (Poor guy, he's had so many trips into the city that start early and end late recently). I heard a yelp - and went running. But it wasn't MaeMae - it was Gary! She'd climbed up onto the bed (which is getting easier and easier for her to do without getting her little claws caught in the material)...walked up to him and nipped his nose! "Wake up daddy, I want to play!"

We had to go schmooze customers this past weekend. Gary always puts on a great BBQ.... but we didn't want to leave her alone here all day. So we took her with us. We took along a big dog crate, with her oyster-shell bed, snuggle kitty, water, litterbox... and she was such a trooper! Poor thing did get car sick the first drive of the first day, but she wasn't scared of new people or the children at all. She was romping around in the bedrooms made available to her (we made sure they were kitten proof) - her little tail sticking straight up in the air! She appeared to love exploring each new place.

For all the little girl's been through, we are so thankful that she's so outgoing and peaceful. She has every reason in the world to be terrified of people and new places, and she just so isn't. She's sweet and loving and totally trustful. I don't think we can part with her. Unfortunately, we can't afford the rent of a house we'd want to live in around here... and Gary and I are pretty attached to our mobile lifestyle... so I guess we'll be on the market soon for a larger RV!

She loves being cuddled, and she loves lying in the crook of our arms on her back, paddling all of her feet in the air - to play with the straw or mouse or whatever it is. We both totally delight in her antics - but isn't that true of any kitten? LOL!

The fur is starting to grow in on her little nose that was so caked with food and dirt... and she's growing like a weed! I always forget how quickly they grow up.

I've got a few new pics, but I haven't downloaded them to the PC yet. I'll go do that now, although I don't know if I'll be able to post them tonight or if it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Thanks for asking!!!!

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OK! Got some!

Here's little Mae in bed at the end of June...
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Mae lying on Gary....
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Mae close up (Jul 3)
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Mae sitting on Gary's shoulder cleaning herself! She is apparently very comfortable there. (I don't have a better pic of this because this was the last pic when the card got full in the camera )
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...and finally, I think, is dinner time in our home these days! Spooky is up in the treehouse, Tuxedo on the shelf, Laz and Shel eating with Mae.
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Oh THANK YOU Laurie. MaeMae is such a little angel! I absolutely LOOOVE that picture of her touching her nose to Gary's. She seems like a daddy's baby!!

I'm so in love with that little girl, and she sound like she has a ton of character and like she's loads of fun.

What do the rest of the feline family think about her?
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And those PINK PAWS! Sigh, so so so cute!
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Again I am so glad you rescued her! Thank God for this bulletin board. I shudder to think what would of happened to her had I not gotten that email and acted when I did.

If she is biting your fingers, ears or necks, take your bottle of hand lotion and open it up. Squirt in about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, then shake it up really good. Spread this on your hands and arms and neck and she will not bite you.
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Oh that one of her sleeping on Gary is priceless!! I love it
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Laurie, what a precious little baby girl yoy have there! Looks like she's taken a real shine to Gary too.
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LOL! She is SOOO Daddy's girl! Don't get me wrong... she is loving with everyone. But... they do seem to have that certain thang....

Shelly is fascinated with her and they play hide and seek. It's hysterical! Lazlo pretends he's uninterested, but he sneaks up on her from time to time to check her out. Sometime last week he very gently took his paw and touched her on the forehead. Just making sure who's boss...

Tuxedo still actively stalks her sometimes. He also plays with her a little bit - but he always ends up getting mad and we have to break it up. Spooky was really scared of her. Now she's sniffed her and checked her out... she'll get close, but if MaeMae accidentally gets too close, Spook let's her know with a hiss and a hit.

Lazlo and MaeMae:
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Tuxedo... not mad this time.
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Spooky and MaeMae... close, but not TOO close, LOL!
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So cute!!!
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Now for those feathers....
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Laurie, that picture of Mae and Tuxedo cracked me up! It was like a mirror image on MUCH smaller! Too cute! Looks like lil Mae is growing like a weed and is getting spoiled rotten! Hope the others are doing good...haven't heard much about them lately. I'm sure you've got you hands completely full right now!
Take care and can't wait to see more pictures of your crew!
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I'm almost there...gonna get them!
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Shell - we're giving the rest of the gang lots of extra attention. Little by little everybody's becoming OK with this little alien invasion, LOL! We're putting a lot of work into this, but it is SO worth it! (And our customers are getting used to us interjecting conversions about this stock or that stock... "Tuxedo, NO" LOL!

Got 'em - what do ya think of THAT?!!
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Look at how much better her face is!!! The muck is all gone, and her hair is growing back in. Still some work to go on her front paws, but they look soooo much better too!!!!!
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Look Dad! I caught it!
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Of course, her favorite toy is something that used to be garbage before the cats were around.... (The ring that you pull off a gallon of water!)
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What fantastic pictures!!!! Laurie, I lost count a while ago, but there must be at least FIVE cats living in that little RV. If you keep this up, there won't be any room for you and Gary.
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...I think I'll go hide it from the rest of the gang...
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Lorie, LOL! It's 5! I have a very strong feeling we'll be looking for a larger RV by the end of the summer.... the original intent, of course, was just to foster MaeMae. But she's a black & white kitty, which, of course, is Gary's soft spot... and she loves him soooooo much.... I don't think we'd ever find anyone who would be acceptible to adopt her, LOL!

Sammie5 had lots of great suggestions... it's summer, so we can get rid of most of our clothes. That opens the closets and most of the overhead cabinets. If we start eating cat food, that frees up the pantry. Sponge baths open up the shower, of course. In fact, we can just use the tents, and then they'll have the whole house!

This one's for Mary Anne.... MaeMae on the hunt!
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she is so cute,i would love to reach in there and hold her she also looks like she has some pretty nice looking friends there also, i bet you have loads of fun and great moments with them, arent they just the best
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