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What a cutie!
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That is one adorable kitten!
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oh he is so cute!!! more pics if you have!!! one of him climbing perhaps??? soooooooooooo cute!!!
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This one's for you Cookie,

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Love the climbing pic. Bailey is a cutie
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You should call him Tarzan... King of the mini-jungle!!

But bailey works too
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thanx for the climbling pic!!! so cute, what a sweetie!
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I love the new climbing pic too! I hope we get so see updated pictures as he grows! He's such a cutie patootie!
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That picture is soo cute!..
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I wrapped the base of the palm with foil -- about 12 inches up and covering the soil entirely. He hasn't bothered the tree since. His latest escapades include playing in the fireplace. What used to look like this now looks like this . I have cream colored leather furniture which is now upholstered with sooty paw prints everywhere! I just found my old fireplace screen in the basement, so now the fireplace has 2 screens covering it. That outta stop him. Any one got any tips for getting soot off a white cat? A damp towel just spreads it around. He's such a dufus.

I wonder what he'll do next
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He goes look a bit mischeivious... I bet i spelt that wrong...
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I've changed Bailey's name to Duffy. MacDuff seems to stick to him as well. He's gained 1.25 pounds since he's been home with me 2 weeks ago yesterday. He's growing so fast. He's beginning to find his voice, though he sounds squeakish yet. His coat is changing from kitten fuzz to silky fur. He's so soft; softer than any cat I've kept. He keeps himself perfectly groomed. He's quite attracted to gold jewlery, favoring hooped earrings and neck chains. He's also got a thing for my shoes. He's way too cute and I just love him to pieces.
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Awwww!!!! I just want to squish him and hug him really tight!!! He is a cutie pie and lucky to have you as his 'slave' Congratulations on your new addition and enjoy this time when he is young and naughty!
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You know, he reminds me of my little boy boy when I first got him. The innocent look and then all the trouble he created but he looks so sweet that your heart just melt....
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OOOOOH I just wanna eat up that kitten! I love tiny kittens! I love cats too, but sometimes I wish they could stay tiny forever!
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