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Kittens eyes? how long?

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Okay, I thought it was 8-10 days on opening their eyes. My two males have opened their little eyes but my little girl has not. They will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. Is this something I need to be concerned about or does it take longer sometimes?

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Normally between the fifth and tenth day of life the kittens' eyes will begin to open and the kittens will begin to see their new world.

Now, on the girl. Could it be that she has goop sealing her eyes shut? If so, try using a like warm face towel to soften the goop so she can open her eyes. If this does not work you need to bring her to the Vet.

If not she might just be running late - but I would still call your vet and ask for advise - they are just so fragile at this age.
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I do not see any goop in her eyes. Can it always be seen?

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Oh yes!!! You would definately be able to see it crust up!!!

Is she the "runt" of the litter??? I would still give your vet a call and see what he/she has to say.

Good Luck
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Is the Mom cat on a good quality kitten food? What do your kittens weigh? Development will be slowed if the mom isn't getting the nutrition she needs. When was the Mom last wormed? Kittens could have too many worms to get the nutrition they need too.
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Okay, Mom is eating Science Diet dry kitten food and I give her a some of a can of food at night. She did have tape worms while pg with them but the vet said not to worry and I just treated her for that.

I did just speak to my son and had him look at the little girl, he said they were "cracked" just a little bit so maybe she is starting to open them now.

I have no idea how much they weigh, they are healthy looking and Angel is a wonderful Momma. They are starting to "try" and get around some and hissing just a little bit (too cute).

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Hissing babies are sooo cute!

Did the vet give you meds for the tapeworms? You can't treat them with over the counter meds and if she has tapeworms she may also have round worms, hook worms, heart worms ect.

I a couple more weeks get stool samples from all the kitties and have them check for parasites just to be safe.

Worms and fleas are scary as both can kill kittens over time.
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Yes, the vet gave me a pill to give her. When I took Angel in (about a week b4 she was due) they didn't do a fecal check, they only saw the tape worms on her, no fleas or anything else.

How do I get poop from them babies when she cleans it up so fast? I have seen one poop in that box yet!!??

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Trust me you will see see very tiny, tiny little poops in the litter box around week 4/5.
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Although the "norm" is 8 to 10 days, they can open a little sooner or later. They don't always open at the same time either.
Usually vets do fecals and deworm at about 6 weeks. All the vets I have worked for or used, will use a general dewormer at about 6 weeks, and then they will do a fecal and another deworm around 9 to 10 weeks.
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