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I miss you guys...

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Hey everyone!

Its been two weeks of camp, here in Salem, MA and I hardly have time to sit down and write emails to my friends and family, and I can't seem to have time to just log in and see how all of you are doing!!!
I miss the lounge, and all the other boards...

and you know what? Im having a blast here at camp, but Im going crazy missing my two cats back in Israel!

Im hoping to have more time to chat from now on!
I hope you are all okay!!!
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Glad to hear you're having fun!!! I've been wondering about that! I'm willing to bet your kitties miss you two.

It'll be impossible to catch up after two weeks, so don't even try, LOL! There are so many members now, it's hard to keep up even if you get a chance to log on every day.

We miss you 'round here, and hope you can spend some more time "with us" and STILL have lots of time with the kids at camp.

HAVE FUN! ...and hope you have great weather.

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I am glad you are enjoying yourself! Did you take the little stuffed cat I sent with you? That could remind you of your kitties!
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Hi Nunny!

Miss you too gal, but bet you are having a blast! How are the craft sessions working out?
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Hi, . I'm pleased to see you back Look forward to seeing you around the boards

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thanks guys!

Just came home from camp, and I am RUNNING to the shower! I come home so filthy from the lake... haha..

Hissy - The Arts sessions are going pretty well! Im hoping to get my director to give me a bigger budget. And guess what - next week - Tye Dye week!!!

I hope to see you guys more often...

Oh, and Adrienn - I didn't take the stuffed cat, but thats a great idea! maybe I will get a new one here! I sure do miss those little ones...

See you all soon!
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I'm sorry you miss your cats! I'm glad camp is going well and when you get back BIG BIG hugs for your babeys! I'm glad you are having fun

See Ya Round

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Hi! Glad you're having fun at camp!
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Hi! Glad you are having fun, whatcha think of this weather? Hot enough for you?

If you took my phone number with you, give me a jingle when you want to meet!
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Hey Daniela! I saved your info on my Pm's... I just need to find the time + the way Im gonna get to the cape!!! Thanks!!!

And the answer is - ... YES, its hot enough for me!
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