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What's your phobia???

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Some people are afraid of the dark...others of strange sounds that 'go bump in the night'. Are these fears normal or products of our imaginations?? Society knows children fear the dark...does this mean children actually do, or does this fear get passed from generation to generation. Lets conduct a scientific test. Answer these four questions in order. Please answer the poll too. Lets have fun with this thread...maybe we can help others with our fears knowing we are not alone.
(1) What is your fear??
(2)Do your parents (or other family members) have it too?
(3)Have you always had it???
(4)what caused it??

(1)My fear is anything that can sting. You know: wasps, bees, hornets, yellow jackets...*shudder* I am so scared I try to stay indoors and only come out around dusk. I have to feed my kitties though..so they get a kick out of watching mother scream and run at every buzzing sound or object (yes sometimes it's just a butterfly )that flys by. People have thought my scream and run method is crazy...I admit I probably look insane (or stupid), but hey..it's kept me from getting stung 11 years.(2)My mother has the same fear.(3) Since I was younger...but maily when I was 8. (4)I had a bumble bee stuck in my hair. Got stung on head. Kept hair reaaaaly short untill a few years ago.
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I have dreams about dogs chasing me and biting me.
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Maybe you're a cat Or maybe Zoey's starting to rub off on you!
Actually....I know alot of people that are just terrified of dogs. I dont even like them too much...I have a scar on my thumb from my mother's toy poodle.
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Snakes. I can't go into the snake houses at zoos. Even though I know that the snakes are safely behind glass, I exhibit symptoms of a panic attack.
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snakes I can not even watch them on TV!
my mom is the same way.
always beeen afarid of them.
I think I got it from my mom!
Cindy I am the same way!
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I think I would jump out of a moving vehicle to avoid being stung by a bee, wasp, or hornet, I have come near it before.
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I have a severe fear of flying -- I expected that to be a choice on the list!
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I voted for worms/other insects because I am scared to death of maggots and earwigs... and then I also voted other because I have a fear of excessive heights... and of getting dental work done!
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I have a fear of closed in spaces or being trapped. I'm ok if it is just for a minute and I feel in control. But close me in a unfamiliar, tiny space without windows and I can't breathe.

This is wierd but I also panic if I have to have an eye exam. I get sick. When I was small (around 6) I had a drunk eye doctor. I could smell alcohol on him. He would yell at me and belittle me because he felt I was saying I couldn't see things and really could. He was very rough with me. LIttle did he, or my parents know at the time, but I was 90% deaf in one ear and 60% in the other. I wasn't hearing commands clearly enough. But I sure heard him yell at me upclose in my face and could see the looks of rage on his face! BTW my mother didn't know he did that to me. She wasn't allowed in the exam room when I was being tested.

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Originally posted by catsplay.com
I have a severe fear of flying -- I expected that to be a choice on the list!
Sorry guys....I know I left out a few on the poll..Only problem is I cant edit the poll. I tried. Only moderators can. Oh well...something I learnt for next time.
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I am very Claustraphobic, and I freak if I am in a small space and feel like I don't have enough oxygen to breathe.I have always been like this too...
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Heights. I am fine going up, but coming down from heights is right out.

Centipedes and other bugs with too many legs. I'm itching just thinking about them.
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1) What is your fear??
(2)Do your parents (or other family members) have it too?
(3)Have you always had it???
(4)what caused it??

1) I am mostly afraid of being stung... By bees and wasps etc. etc. And also I am afraid of heights and my new phobia is I am now afraid of large crowds.

2). No dont think so... Only me.

3). I have always had the sting phobia because of being stung by a bee when I was a kid. The height phobia too..... The crowd phobia is recent though.

4). See above answer.
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1) Flying
2) Mom and brother. Dad loves to fly.
3) I've always been nervous about it, but really dislike it now.
4) I was on a plane that had mechanical problems at liftoff. We had to return to the gate. Although nothing happened, it was really scary to get going and then have to turn right back around.
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Hmmmm...Here's a few of mine:
1. Defintely Heights
2. Scarey looking people
3. Hurricanes
4. Dark Alleys
5. Flying
6. Driving in the rain on highways
7. Sharks

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I am deathly scared of Spiders! Even if it's the tiniest little one, I freak out! I tend to hold my breath, my face turns bright red from lack of oxygen and I run away from it. My Boss just laughs at me! Everyone at work thinks it's funny, but I sure don't at that moment!
Last week, there was a HUGE spider crawling up the wall and I did my routine...I ran at least 30 feet away! I didn't even have to say that it was there, Brandon just knew by my actions. He came over to me and said "ok, where's it at?" with a tissue in hand. After he killed it, he made fun of me because I was so far away from it! I told him that I didn't want to take the chance of it getting loose and running at me. He thinks I'm a crazy woman...but I just can't help it!

I'm also scared of heights. I can not get on a rollercoaster, a ferris wheel or even a ladder with more than 3 steps. The weird thing is that I like to fly. At first, I was really scared but now it doesn't bother me at all. I'm more scared of it crashing out of the sky than the actually flying part.
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Well, looks like I'm the real freak here. I don't have irrational fears, swear to god. I don't LIKE worms, but I'm not scared of them they just gross me out. I'm not scared of certainly animals or critters, although every nightmare that I've ever had involves a dog and generally one of my family's dogs (I love dogs, so I don't know where in the heck that comes from!). I love flying and roller coasters and heights. Movies can make me jump but don't scare me after they are over. I'm really not even scared of death.

So yes, I fully admit it. I'm a freak.
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i have several fears but the most has to be fire, i am so afraid that my house will catch fire, i am always checking plugs and light sockets and ect. for getting hot, i guess i cant help it
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(1) What is your fear??

OOOOOhhhhhhhhh I have lots! lol

Where to begin!

I am scared of insects...I don't know why, but I am. Wasps/bees/hornets etc....too much! I'm not the only I know that runs away from them! A few of my friends, plus my brother-in-law always runs the other way.

Snakes: definetly! Not scared of them when I am walking or whatever, but when I'm driving, I can't run over them, even if they're dead, b/c I saw the movie Tremors like twice, and so now I have this irrational fear that if I run over them, they are going to suddently grow huge, and attack me and my car and eat me ....odd little person I am, eh???

I am also scared of heights for some unknown reason.

(2)Do your parents (or other family members) have it too?
Nope just me....not even my brother or sister are like me! lol

(3)Have you always had it???
Hmmmm......as long as I can remember, relaly. Well the tremors thing never really bothered me until I started driving by myself and we lived in the country. There were tons of snakes around (just little garter snakes though)

The bees and wasps, since I was about 6, I think. I was sitting on the step eating watermelon, and a bee lands on my knee. My mom told me to sit still and it would go away. Wrong!! It stung me, and I got really red, and swelled up (my knee), and ever since then I run away. I have also gotten stung on my head, and my shoulders. I get all swelled up, and puffy, so it's not fun!

(4)what caused it??

all of the above! lol
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First thing, What are yellow jackets?

Second. I'm totally clauserophobic(sp?), Scared to death of heighs, fearful of drowing ,[ never go swimming and have shallow baths]. I also hate Planes & Boats, but If I wanna keep chuggin on to cat shows I have to take this risk!

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I am terrified of large cockroaches/waterbugs. For those of you who live in the southern states, you know what I mean. They are so big you can hear them crawling on the walls. *shudder*

No-one else in my family has this fear. It all started when I put on my coat when I was 10 and one ran down the back of my leg. I was wearing a dress so it was on bare skin. I freaked! In camp one flew into my waist length hair as I was bent over brushing it. It landed on the back of my head by my neck. Again I was screaming and unable to articulate what was happening.

I love slow moving beetles, snakes, mice, rats, most other creepy crawlers and I'm fine. One cockroach and I'm freaked for hours. I've literally had them follow me across the room as proof that they are out to get me. Friends and family find it amusing. Just can't get over that crawling feeling down the back of my leg.
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Seriously I wonder if there is a name for it? anyway, one of my parents MAY have it since they haven't had *any* FOREVER!!! again LOL!
I have always had this fear and trying it once actually caused the fear to increase! (sorry guys!) LOLOLOLOL!!!

I am am afraid of being burned or sufficated but don't have what you actually call a "phobia" though.
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(1) What is your fear??
(2)Do your parents (or other family members) have it too?
(3)Have you always had it???
(4)what caused it??

1 - I fear: Wasps/bees/hornets/yellow jackets, along with other insects (worms,beetles,etc). Especially spiders and house centipedes. I'm also not fond of snakes, rats or mice, but I haven't really run into any of them so it hasn't been an issue. Fire also scares me... especially the thought of my home going up in flames and having Spike inside.

2 - Some of my family has a fear of insects and other creepy crawlies, but not a lot of them.

3 - I've had all my fears as long as I can remember. The fire one became more terrifying once I got Spike.

4 - I have no idea.
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I thought of another fear.....

Anything moving in the water beside me!

When I was little, I remember wading in a lake and I stepped on a creature! I don't know what it was....a catfish...a water mocassin...a gator. I just know that when it squirmed out from under my foot, I SPRUNG out of that lake in an INSTANT—I probably looked like one of the MATRIX characters!! The thought still creeps me out!! LOL!

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I'm pretty Ok with most things mentioned. The one exception is rats/mice. I cannot even watch them on TV.
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I am afraid of heights and spiders.
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I am claustrophobic. I have had it since I was little when I had a re-occuring nightmare that I was kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a car. No one else in my family has it.
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(1) What is your fear??
(2)Do your parents (or other family members) have it too?
(3)Have you always had it???
(4)what caused it??

1. My most irrational fear is of long legged insects, especially hornets, wasps, and spiders. Bees and bugs don't bother me. I'm not scared of getting stung (after tattoo and body piercings I really don't mind pain at all), just the thought of those legs on my skin makes me want to puke. One time I slept in my car because there was a fist sized spider on my door and I was terrified. Just the other day I was cleaning out the shed and a hornet flew in and I sat there for 2 hours before I got up the nerve to walk under it to leave. And this is improvement!

I used to be terrified of water but I'm getting over that. I can now do pools and am learning to swim. I still can't go in the ocean and if I stay at a hotel with an ocean view, I always think I'm gonna wake up drowning for some reason and I can't enjoy myself. Currents do not work well with me so boating is out, and I would die before I went on a cruise. I think the fear of water came from when I was a kid I had really bad ear problems, so every time I went in water I would end up at the doctors, then I was commanded by dr not to swim, so I developed a bad association with it.

I'm also scared to death that my car will catch on fire even tho it's a 2002.. A couple years ago me and ex were trying to fix his car at 3am and I guess we didn't but he tried to start it and it caught on fire.. All the windows blew out and he fought it with a garden hose until the fire dept came because there were 3 cars within a foot of it--one he was actually getting a jump from. Ever since then when i smell smoke in my car i FREAK out--even if I just passed a bonfire lol!

I will not drive in the snow even if i lose my job (and I have before!). I just can't do it. When I was a teenager I would sneak out and drive in the snow because it was fun to me. Now I can't do it. I don't know why. I'm more scared of wrecking my car than dying. I'm terrified of raised insurance premiums.

I am a big wussy, so I am also moderately scared of snakes, bats, gas/propane lanterns, roller coaters, and those girls that work at perfume counters.

2. No one in my family is as wussy as me or even close. None of us swim tho, but I don't think they are necessarly scared.

3. & 4. I think I answered mostly above
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I have a bunch of phobias, my biggest one being closed spaces but my most irrational fear is of clowns, I can't stand them. I will walk away if we are at a carnival or something and one is near me! HOw stupid is that! lol.
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My biggest fear is losing a family member. I am also afraid of cockroaches and snakes.
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