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The Day of the Orange Cyclone

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Yesterday, a feral that I have been seeing for a very long time, came to visit and feeding time. I was sitting on the stoop and I placed his food within my reach and to my surprise, he dug right in! I noticed when he ducked his head, that he had a wound on his nose and a bite on his leg. Ordinarily, he would run from me, so without hesitation I hissy grabbed him up, and swung him over gently into a cage we have outside, and captured him! He went ballistic inside the cage, and even after it was covered, he was still running across the bars.

I took the cage upstairs to the quarantine room, and opened the door to the cage. He raced out and started bouncing off the tables and counters, the walls. He climbed up the trellis I have over the window and started clawing wildly at the trellis, but it was screwed down firmly in place. He was panting so heavily and so out of control, I was afraid he would stroke out on me. We have a large wire door in front of the quarantine room, and I stepped beyond it, clearing out of the room so he would calm down.

A few hours later, I returned to the room, and he was squashed into a corner. Getting down on my knees, I approached him slowly and his sides were heaving and he was watchful and wary. I stopped right in front of him, and slowly with great care, I reached out and was able to touch the top of his head! I pushed this contact with him for two reasons. One, he is really ill, and two he is wounded. I needed to get medication and water into him quickly.

It took about 3 hours before I was able to scruff him without incident and I syringed water and medication into him, and it all ran out of his mouth. I knew he was in serious trouble then. When I backed off a bit, he once again went ballistic, and ran up the walls and over the top of the wall over the window, clawing madly looking for escape. It broke my heart, he is an old fellow with the scars of the street vividly upon him. His eyes were running yellow drops of pus and again, he was in dire straights.

I went downstairs to call the vet, and we had a conference. He said he would do a farm call first thing in the morning and come out and take blood and run it for me. We both knew that a trip to the vet's office would kill this poor cat. I hung up and then went upstairs to see him, and discovered, that he finally managed to claw his way through the trellis and he pried open the screen, leaped to the roof then to the ground and was nowhere to be found.

He did come back last night about midnight. I opened the door outside and he saw me and fled as if the hounds of hell were at his heels! Now I have a severely diseased feral running around, and if I don't gain his trust and get him looked at, he is slated to die a slow death. I strongly suspect he either has Enteritis for several times I caught him leaning over the water bowl but unable to drink, and after he left I was cleaing up and found small amounts of bile in the corner, or he has something equally as dreadful.

I hope he comes back, I really do. I know sometimes God brings them here just to die, and if that is the case, I will only be able to bring it to him quicker and easier based on what the vet finds.
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Here is Cyclone in a calmer minute between his explosions on our walls:
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OMG that poor poor kitty i sure hope you are able to help him! He is so pretty, just breaks my heart. It is amazing what they will do to escape!
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MA, I am praying that you find him again and catch him. Even if all you can do is make his passing easier.
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That is so sad.

I am sending all of my thoughts his direction. I hope you manage to catch this huge guy.
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Oh poor boy! I hope you'll be able to catch him and get him treated. Good vibes on the way...
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Have you seen Cyclone yet? I thought about him all day yesterday. I'm continuing to send my "come to Hissy" thoughts his way.
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Any sign of him? Still sending prayers...
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Saw him again late last night, but he bolted under the house. I have now stopped all outside feedings in the hopes that hunger will bring him closer to me. I will only not feed for two days, and then when I put food out again, it will be laced with antibiotics to at least give him a chance.
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Sounds like a plan! Keeping the good vibes and prayers going!
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What a way to start my day! From the title of this thread I thought maybe you'd caught Orange Crush! I thought it was going to be a happy thread! UGH! MA - my heart breaks over unwanted kittens, but this is just too sad for words. You said

I know sometimes God brings them here just to die, and if that is the case, I will only be able to bring it to him quicker and easier based on what the vet finds.
You've talked about this before... but not quite in these words. It really hit me.

My heart reaches out to you, and my prayers go out for this orange cyclone. I'm glad he's still visiting. It seems he senses he can get help there, but he just can't overcome his feral instincts. I pray he'll "give it up" for the health and safety of the rest of the gang as well as his own.

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MA- Any further sign of the Big Guy? He is still in my prayers, hope he lets you care for him.
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Sue you must be psychic! I saw him earlier today and was able to feed him a bowl of watery catfood laced with antibiotic. He is a real mess. I am going to have to treat him out of doors as being in captivity really freaks him out. He let me get close enough to shove a bowl to him (he was under the horse trailer) but when I came back later he was gone.
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...and hugs to both of you, even though Orange Cyclone doesn't know he wants them yet....

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Did he eat the spiked food? I hope so!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed!!!
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Good luck hissy.

Sending "Get Well" vibes to the furry guy.
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I am so glad he is back. I sure hope he ate all the laced food and that he gets better soon.
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Looking a darn sight better than before, though I suspect some heavy mouth problems because of how he eats. I still can't get that close to him, but I am working on it.

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Oh MA, I am sooo happy to see he is ok! And that he at least is coming by for food. I have faith in you, you will catch him again. I just pity the poor vet who has to do his dental work!
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He is such a handsome fellow. That is what Fred looked like before he got old and raggedy. I am so glad he came back.
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The poor guy! Our experiences with our ferals is once trapped we never release. We take them straight to the vet and for some odd reason they become very submissive there. Our vet said a lot of times they will do this out of fear and being in a strange environment. Any chance of trapping again and getting him to the vet?I sure hope all works out for you and him!
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I'm so glad he's eating the spiked food. He does look much better - he's really a handsome guy!!!! Continuing to send Get Well vibes to Cyclone!
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Our county animal control lends me live animal traps for these situations. Get him a bit hungry, then put his food in the trap. Most of the wild cats that I bring to the vet will calm down once there - they are absolutely frightened on what is happening and almost go into a frightened stupor. My vet will tranquilize them thru the cage when they are too bad.

I actually have an indoor cat (former feral) that I have to treat this way. I can't close a door to a room with him in it without him going ballistic and climbing walls. Once in a cage he bounces so much he knocks the cage over. At the vet, he is given a mild tranquilizer so that he can be examined.

I wish you luck with your orange cyclone. He is looking OK in the last picture you posted.
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I have 10 traps and I have captured him once, and I will not do that to him again (put him in captivity) I talked to my vet and as soon as the trust issue is there, I will call my vet who will come over and examine cyclone. I saw Cy in captivity one time, and his mannerisms are such that he rates the same treatment as another feral I have name of Cleo. Cleo will be 12 years old soon and he has only been to the vet one time, and he has only been confined 3 times. He eats the wall (literally) trying to escape. I will not put that type of stress on a cat. Some can deal with the confinement fine and others can't. I will continue to medicate him through food and work on the trust issue. He is looking much better and is less stressed than he was originally.
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MA I'm so glad you've been able to medicate him this way and that he's improving. Sending get well vibes from Down Under for him.

Kudos to you cobber.
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WOW Hissy he is very pretty . I can fall in Love with that guy . You doing a great job . I am very impressed
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Mary Anne, Is he still coming around? He looks so much like Caruso. I have a special place in my heart for huge orange males, so I too could fall in love with your wild boy!
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I bet he is just a big teddy bear once he gets used to you, MA. He is such a handsome guy!
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awwww he is so pretty .Who is that little black and white one ? That is a little cutie to
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MA - you really work magic when it comes to kitties. I can't believe you petted him already!!!!!!
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