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my Siamese calico

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She is 6 months old. I found her at animal control and thought she was so cute with big blue eyes and an orange face! Her name is Peaches. I'm starting a blog for her, hopefully it will encourage others to find their new cat at a shelter.
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Wow! What a unique kitty! And those eyes are gorgeous!!!!
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You hit the kitty jackpot with Peaches...
she is a true beauty.
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She looks like a torti point mix. what a knockout!!
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What beautifully unique markings! What a gorgeous kitty! Congrats on your new addition
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Awwww, she's absolutely gorgeous, all my kitties apart from one are shelter kitties. xx
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She's got that "I have 'tude" look too. Between the calico and the siamese element I bet she's got a lot of purrr-sonality to go with those great looks.
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she's so pretty
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Cute and interesting face, her eyes were so bright and lovely.
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Peaches is amazing! Great-looking girl.
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She is a beautiful cat & so unique. I don't think I've ever seen one quiet like her. Good for you for adopting her!
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Wow, she is really beautiful.
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What a beautiful cat! She's so pretty!

Welcome to TCS!
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Peaches is just so gorgeous !!!
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