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Boo Boo is hot

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Zoey is so damn grouchy today.. and yesterday. I think the heat is getting to her. She's been complaining when I try to pet her or cuddle

She looks like a hooker
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Ack! Turn on the a/c! This is Zoey we're talking about! She won't pose for anymore Photoshop sessions!
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I WISH I had a/c I live in a jacked apartment building. I got two fans goin but she just seems so unenergetic and not even interested in her food
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Oh my, it really looks like she is hot!!!
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ugh i hate being hot! I have my ac cranked!! Can you get a window ac unit?
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Poor Zoey! Ivo's been the same way. I've had to leave the AC on for her when I go to work (even though it was only in the 70's today). Her new favorite place to sleep is on the floor right in front of the AC. What I don't understand is that is was even hotter last year. I guess my spoiled girl has gotten used to being cool at all times
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Yay she ate some food and drank some water

Yknow I cant even imagine some of my other neighbors. My unit doesnt get ANY direct sun and I'm on the bottom floor. There's a girl upstairs that has 4 cats.. I cant even imagine how they feel.

I'd get an AC unit but I have nowhere to put it, only have a sliding glass door and a large window in my bedroom.
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what state do you live in if you don't mind me asking

I'm in NJ and it has been soooo HOT here!!! I could not imagine not having AC. I don't think I could sleep at night. I would send all my time in a bath tub with cool water
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I live in California. Its been about 90 - 100 degrees lately
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WOW!! I don't know how ya do it!! Sending you some cool air vibes!! I heard if you put a bucket of ice infront of a fan that really makes it feel alot cooler.
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That's a good idea.

It rarely gets that hot where I live so I dont feel like investing on swamp coolers or ac
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hey sicy have you looked at walmart, im sure there is one around you isnt there? any how they had aircondiotioners that just sit in the room you didnt need a wndow, they were $100 bucks but might be worth looking into, gonna get hotter id say, i live in southeast ohio and its been 90 plus for 3 days stright, pretty warm for this part so early in summer, wipe zoey down with a cool cloth, poor baby, shes to pretty to be hot
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Thanks dougbug.. I might look into that
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omg! I just took a cool washcloth and rubbed it all over Zoey just getting her slightly wet and its like her whole demeaner changed instantly LOL. She started following me around the house and rubbing on my legs.. now she's playing

I have NEVER tried that with any of my cats.. She didnt seem all that excited while I was doing it, but afterwards it was like a new cat
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Sicy, what has the humidity been like out there? If it's high humidity, buying a dehumidifier would make both you and Zoey feel more comfortable.
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She is so cute though and so photogenic!!!
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Sicy--when Toes would travel with me to San Bernadino and back it would get really hot so we'd mist him and it seemed to work really well. We also put ice cubes in his water.
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Aww... Zoey is shootin the breeze. Sorry its soo hot for you and Zoey Sicy. I hope it cools down there soon. I will be thinking cool air vibes for you and zoey.
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OMG! Love the belly!!!!! Too cute!!!
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It looks like her hair where she got spayed hasnt grown back correctly That sucks!

Its not really humid here.. just very very warm. I will try the mister thing, sounds good!
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Sicy, I can sympathize with you, since I'm in Mountain View which as I'm sure you know is about 10 or so miles south of Red Wood City.

We live in a Townhouse and our bedroom and office are upstairs. The cats have been MISERABLE, and so have I. We don't have any air conditioning either (Do you know how hard it is to find an apartment that has air conditioning around here? You'd think this was Alaska.. this is California for crying out loud it gets HOT here.) and so I've been taking showers every 30 minutes or so.. just quick 3 minute showers to let cold water run over me and to wet my hair. It helps me wonders.

I took all of my boys and soaked them down with cold bottled water that I keep in my fridge. They LOOOVED it. They layed there and let me pour it all over them and just purred so loudly. It helps keep them cool, and I am always so paranoid about them getting too hot.
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Yes Cass I know you understand!!!

omg I cant believe they let you pour water over them!
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What great ideas! THANK GOD today wasn't so bad, but the past few days.... it really burns me up (no pun intended!)...our airconditioner went out a few weeks ago. We have ducted air in the motorhome, so it requires special hookup. We're not allowed to have pets in this RV Resort, and we made great arrangements to have the new a/c installed the day after we got back from VA two weeks ago. We had one day without rain, and that was it. We removed all traces of the cats, the people from the RV Resort (who also run the only repair shop they'll allow to work on units here) showed up... AND HAD ORDERED THE WRONG CABLES and assembly system in order to connect the a/c to our systems.

So Sicy, I know that some day I'm looking forward to a/c again, but right at the moment, I can totally relate to your problem! The parts they need should be in in another week or so... I guess we'll have to find a hotel around here that will take cats so I can hang with them somewhere while they do this. But right now our cats are all stretched out - they all seem to prefer the wood floor these days as opposed to the carpet. At least they're all eating! But the level of activity around here has been quite low... I love the washcloth wipedown idea!!!!!
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yea! im glad zoey liked the wet wash cloth,before we got ac i would do that to mine, they loved it, hope you too get cooled off soon
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Hi Zoey's mommy. This is Peaches mommy. It's pretty warm here in Utah today too. I got a couple air conditioners a few years ago at KMart. I've seen them there this year too and they're just under $100. Man, it's freaking worth it!!
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Luckily I live in a basement suite where most of my house is in the shade. I have a fan I just bought for super cheap at cost-co for almost $40 I think. It's REMOTE CONTROL with many different settings!. High, medium, low, wind gust, 1h, 2h, 4h, & 8h timer. It's pretty cool. The wind gust goes slow, then fast, then slow, then fast...just like real wind. The hight is also adjustable.

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I was just in PetsMart the other day, and there was a pad to put on the floor to keep your pet cool. I don't know how it works, but it was right in the dog section. Maybe you could check it out? Or you could get some of those things you freeze to put in lunchboxes and put them between some towels for her to lay on...
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Awwww Poor Babey Zoey!

I hope she's ok now She's such a cutie and I bet that shot will be used for many more creations


BTW. We have a/c and under floor heating and we never use either coz it's never too hot or too cold here in NZ.
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Well its cooling down now finally Zoey is happy again LOL. The washcloth idea works good but only for a few minutes then she's dry again I dont want to completely soak her, I'd be scared for my life
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